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  • Elastic Hearts (LGBT+)
    36.9K 1.2K 30

    [Completed✔] Hearts aren't made of stone. They're elastic and malleable. They don't conform to what a person wants and they also know our soulmates before we do. This is the case with Peyton and Damon. Their relationship is a mystery to many, including themselves. Passion and Love isn't the problem between them. They...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lucky In Love? A Valentine Anthology
    15K 857 22

    Love comes in all forms, and the short story collection from some of our Paid Stories writers covers the full range of what love means. There are new starts, love gone wrong, love lost and everything in between. We'll have new stories added daily as we make our way towards Valentine's Day. Stop by, read the great ne...

  • Reid Cathwell's Splendid Summer Of Crisis ✔
    11.2K 950 10

    #1 in the Splendid Summer Series The Summer of '17 was supposed to be glorious full of pool parties, girls and awesomeness. At least that's what Reid Cathwell envisioned it would be like but just his luck, he's stuck volunteering at pet shop all because of a tiny mistake. Just then, his luck worsens and now he's stuc...

  • Challenging the Goddess of Love
    265K 12.4K 33

    Spencer Evans embarks on a wondrous adventure after challenging the Goddess of love. With the help of her best friend and other acquaintances made along the way, Spencer must navigate her way through the newfound romantic feelings, the same feelings she has always dismissed as something, not for her. She discovers the...

  • Undergrounder
    9.7K 964 62

    One was a Beauty. One was a Beast. That's where the similarities end. Journalist Alexandra Bailey never believed she'd become another tragic statistic ripe for the front pages. Abducted off the street. Beaten bloody. Left for dead in the unforgiving winter. The article wrote itself. And her crime? Not even she knew...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mask of Celibacy
    28.2K 2.8K 38

    High school senior Jess Smith meets Ace of Spades, an online friend who helps her question her mask of celibacy and recognize her true asexuality. ___ It's the last year of high school. Everything's in full swing for academic awards, prom, and graduation. Everyone knows their place. Everyone fits in their neat little...

  • From The Other Side ✓
    421K 21.7K 41

    Isaiah Carr's day-to-day life went like this: wake up, go to school, then eat, sleep, breathe baseball. He didn't have time for relationships or going out over the weekends. His life revolved around keeping his grades up and playing the game, striving for a scholarship to get away from Texas. He never thought he'd fi...

  • En garde, Milady, Saber Dance Series, Book 1
    702K 38.3K 46

    Watty's 2018 short list, #2 highest rank for Historical, 1st Place in the Profound Awards. They clashed more than swords. Gabriella is a swordmaster and a reluctant débutante. The Marquess of Greystone owns a shipping line, has fought pirates in the Caribbean, and tolerates his aunt's meddling desire to see him wed...

  • Holding onto You
    21.7M 943K 47

    Helena Santos hasn't had the easiest life. At twenty-one, she's the legal guardian of her teenage sister, in the final year of her nursing degree, and working night shifts at her small-town's local bar. And things are about to get a whole lot more complicated when she finds a phone on the train and decides to text the...

  • Superman
    704K 34.5K 34

    "superman doesn't always have to be a hero. sometimes, he can just be your cheesy neighbor who runs through the halls with a red blanket tied around his neck. and sometimes - as cheesy as it may be - he's all the superman you need."

  • My Happily Never After
    1.1M 50.4K 38

    "Don't be silly," I said with a wry smile stretched over my lips. "I'm not in love with him." I let out a small huff of air - something half on it's way to becoming a laugh, even though the last thing I felt right then was happy. "I'm in love all on my own." * * * Falling in love is meant to be beautiful. It's meant t...

  • heartbeat ✓
    338K 17.2K 31

    Living the numb aftermath of his brother's death, seventeen-year-old Thomas Hart returns home and tries to build a life for himself after spending six months institutionalized for attempting suicide. _______ °2019 WATTYS WINNER | Literary Fiction °1st Place Winner Story Crafters Awards (General/Teen Fiction) °1st Pla...

    Completed   Mature