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  • Unbirth clinic rp
    8.6K 37 6

    an unbirthing rp

  • Jane's Lab
    826 8 1

    Janes Lab! What goes down in there? No one knows! But maybe... someone will find out? Anna wants to find out though. If she can find out, can she join along with it?

  • A Wild Ride
    6.4K 23 5

    Who would've thought Megan would witness age regression and a hyper pregnancy in the same day?

  • The Bimbo's Choker, A Bimbofication Story, Part 1
    29.9K 53 1

    A velvet choker turns a regular girlfriend into a cock-hungry bimbo.

  • A Growing Nuisance
    12.6K 61 6

    Felicia is your typical introvert. Spending all her time indoors and drinking unholy amounts of energy drink.However, when she takes a drink of the the new Alien Energy Drink, she finds herself experience a bit of a lift up...of the inflation kind. Contains: Hip Inflation, Butt Inflation, Slight Bimbofication Cover Im...

    Completed   Mature
  • Liquid Assets
    18.4K 59 6

    Rachel has the worst luck when it comes to water. After her apartment floods (again) the incompetent janitors install a new tubing system called B.I.G, but after a botched attempt to fix it herself, Rachel soon finds she has her hands full with something unexpected. Contains: Water based Inflation, Breast Inflation, P...

    Completed   Mature
    67.6K 265 6

    It should have been a routine flight to Sydney. But Captain Reynolds has a secret curse, and strange things start happening to all of the boobs onboard. They start to grow!! Follow @sandra_COMA on Twitter! x, Sandy

  • Test Subject
    1.8K 6 3

    Peyton has lived under the examination of scientists her whole life. Fear is an emotion she feels daily, and pain is something she has learned to live with. Her biologist father learned that she was extremely fertile from a young age. Anytime she participates in sexual inter course she will end up pregnant. But then...

  • Kate and Jenny
    2.8K 4 1

    A story about two sisters going through some changes. The story contains weight gain, some expansion, stuffing, so if it isn't your cup of tea...

  • The Wheel of Misfortune. (Won't Complete)
    41.2K 265 16

    Just so you know I abandoned this story and can't bring myself to compleate it ill leave it up to eveyone else to do that for me sorry... A small group of friends break in to a old building and find a strange remote. Taking it home and pushing the button it changed in to a huge wheel that could be spun. All the areas...

    Completed   Mature
  • The fanmily transformations
    9.1K 39 9

    after 4 friends find a weird drink and figures out that if can change them but what happens when it eventually runs low

  • The Bimbovirus
    336 0 1

    A virus starting in New York spreads through the world, will your favorite character survive? Find out in The Bimbovirus!

  • Marissa's Growth Spurt.
    88.4K 73 6

    Marissa is a small girl, usually messed with by the bigger girls. Once she sneaks into her friends alchemy set, the tables will turn.

  • Rejuvenate
    52.6K 163 9

    Narrated account, by the main character, of his discovery of a special ability: His sperm has the ability to rejuvenate his sex partners. With this newfound knowledge, he believes he can cure his Alzheimer's mother.

  • The Punishment
    870 6 2

    A boy decided he'd had enough of this world but people aren't really a fan of that What must this boy do to get away

    9.8K 135 12

  • Help!
    2.5K 8 16

    Male wakes one morning to find he is now a woman.

    Completed   Mature
  • My gender change
    454 2 2

    A gender change story that happened to me

  • The Candidate - A tale of sci-fi sex-change
    906 8 1

    The female population only makes up 1% of the world, resulting in a very low birthing rate that could lead to the end of the human race. A surgery however converts the beta-males (the young men with the littlest packages) into females who are to be breeded with in order to maintain the survival of the population. Thi...

  • Diapering The Babysitter
    70K 438 12

    David Appleton is applying for a babysitting job just across the street for a little money while the parents are out of the house but the kids have a trick up their sleeve to make David stay forever

    Completed   Mature