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  • Our missing friend
    77K 3.4K 74

    My name is Hazel growing up I had 4 best friends Felix, Trevor, Ruby, and Daisy. I never thought a day would come that we would all stop being friends, but as soon as we started high school we all drifted apart and became different people, you probably would of never guess we were all best friends. All that changes wh...

  • I Got You |✔
    7.7M 260K 73

    Wrong Place. Wrong Time. Right Guy. ◇Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction, #1 in New Girl, #2 in Thriller, #5 in Featured, #5 in Bad Boy◇ (TwistClichè) ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ And before I could even begin to process what emotions I saw in him, he had stepped closer, pulling my face to his. At...

  • Loving My Best friend
    2.8M 74.6K 58

    Amanda Jones and Christian Matthews, the two best friends that everyone thought was a couple. The were the closest pair of friends you would ever meet. They did everything together. They were two peas in a pod, inseperable. Until that was all thrown away when a misundersranding occured causing them to part ways. Now...

  • Asterism
    113K 5.9K 29

    This is a SEQUEL!!! 1) 'Camp Where The Hell Are We?' 2) 'Cabin Fever' 3) 'Asterism' It's HIGHLY recommended to read in order so that you understand what's going on in this story! ☆ as·ter·ism /ˈastəˌrizəm/: a prominent pattern or group of stars, typically having a popular name but smaller than a constellation ☆ Pra...

  • Bad Boy Xavier | ✓
    8.2M 227K 35

    "He's staring at you," my sister whispered, wide-eyed. Now that I realised, I could feel someone's eyes burning the back of my head and as I turned around to see what my sister was talking about and my jaw immediately dropped whilst a cold shiver ran up my spine at the sight of the school's dangerous, certified bad bo...

  • The Bad Boy Knows How to Love (#1)
    3.8M 116K 38

    [ C O M P L E T E D ] With one finally breath, I raise my hand up and slap him across the cheek. I would've bitch slapped him but I only met him today and his face is too pretty for me to mess up. The whole crowd gasp at what I just did. Even I'm surprise at what I just did. Good...

  • Stroke
    93.9K 3.7K 30

    Previously known as "Mental Love." 17 years old Violet Cavalli considers herself an outcast for lack of better words, but in her defence most of the people who meet her think so, being unfortunately stuck with Asperger's, she was prevented from doing a lot of the things children her age could do in a heart beat, but...

  • I love HER ✔️ (COMPLETED)
    85.9K 3.1K 39

    COMPLETED • ADDICTIVE ROMANCE • ACTION • UNASHAMEDLY CLICHÉ • TEEN FIC • *** The forest grows darker as a silence falls over us. I remember the haunting words, "Bring the girl or consider her life always at risk." The phrase bounces in my head and I glance towards Zeke. He is already looking at me, watching my face. ...

  • Nerdy Girl Is Not So Nerdy [EDITING]
    1.4M 47.6K 39

    "Kiss me" I casually say, "What?" she exclaims back in shock, her eyes opened wide. "Kiss me" I repeat myself, "I can't" she says in a lower tone, not taking her eyes off of me. "Okay, then I'll just do it myself" I say as I lean down to place my lips over her mouth, tasting the chocolate ice cream on her lips. Me...

  • ✔◆ kill Or Be Killed ◆✔ (Completed)
    2.5K 1K 22

    She was an outcast from birth. Trained to be the ultimate killing weapon by her parents who ended up being killed. This fearsome fighter gets adopted by a lady that teaches her how to love and care for others, further on she realizes she's getting a bother. But there's something about this mysterious boy... Cover mad...

  • Awakened
    9.6K 717 44

    *Book One* Every bad boy wants a good girl that can be bad only for him... And every good girl wants a bad boy who will be good only for her. Katherine Wilder is innocent and unsure of herself, and is hoping that a summer under the sun with her free-spirited Aunt Shelly will help her figure out who she really is. The...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty Dumb
    94.9K 2.2K 29

    Lilah Green. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that she is the cliche gorgeous popular dumb airhead bitch. Dylan Mitchell. Ask anyone, and they will tell you that he is the cliche hot douchebag player. But what if they were both more than their stereotypes? What if Lilah is more than just Pretty Dumb? warning: i wro...

  • In Love with the Quarterback
    105K 1.9K 26

    Evelyn is just your average girl who's also shy. She prefers hanging out with her two best friends and reading to parties and large crowds. Mark is the exact opposite of Evelyn. He's the quarterback of the football team and also the most popular guy at Kennedy High School and has girls throwing themselves at him l...

  • Not Mine
    11.8M 107K 9

    "I'm in love with a guy I can't have and he doesn't even know it." [Complete story can be read on Dreame app. Search this title to get it. This is just a sample.]

  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    28.8M 362K 28

    Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most…her virginity. After that night, Damen constantly begins acceptin...

  • Forever August ✔️
    658K 54K 34

    || a featured story || Aurora never planned on spending her final month alive falling in love. When she meets Gus, a curious boy who is all too eager to waste away the days with her, she finds herself trading in her month of solitude for a month with him instead. Under the summer sun, they promise each other a forever...

  • Not Your Average Football Girl
    1.1M 28.1K 40

    Kaeleah looks like the type of person you would consider a cheerleader. Everyone expects her to be on the cheer-leading squad, or the dance team. So imagine the type of shit she went through when she made the football team three years ago. It's Kaeleah's fourth year at Caramel Heights and almost four years later she i...

  • The Bad Boy Stole My Notebook
    9.2M 372K 25

    Lilah is the plain, simple girl that no one notices. She's just another face in the crowd, nothing more. Her world is very different from the ones of her two best friends, which causes them to rarely see each other. So, they share a notebook. They write their feelings and their secrets in this notebook and it is only...

  • Handcuffed to My Enemy
    2.2M 62.8K 28

    "Three days. You will be handcuffed together for three days. Got it?" ~•~ Cassie Waters and Jake Satak could not be more different. She's got the grades, he's got the girls. Unfortunately for them, however, their parents just happen to be best friends. Regardless, the two despise each other. What will happen when...

  • The French Girl
    32.6K 1.2K 20

    "Blair, I love you more than anyone's ever loved someone. I want to hold you close. I want to wake up next to you at 10am. I want to see our children running around and see you smile. I want to see those grey streaks in your hair when we are growing old. So you would be lying if you didn't say you love me either, caus...

  • Assassins
    2K 61 13

    Alexis and Tom are some of the most dangerous assassins in the world. They are on a mission to find and kill the man who ruined their family and that man is their father. warning- stong language and violence

  • I'm Back Bitches (Do you remember me ? sequel)
    54.1K 1K 15

    Hope returns home after spending two years in Australia. Although she is no longer the shy and innocent girl that she used to be. she is now 18 years old and a total bad-ass, who is back to get revenge on all the people that messed with her. one of them being Logan. however she was suppose to be dead. what happens wh...

  • Do You Remember Me ?
    10.8K 283 13

    Meet Hope a 16 year old girl who may not be the prettiest and smartest girl alive but she has a heart of gold. However like any other teenager she hasn't had an easy life. She suffers from anxiety and depression. Her "friends" use her and she feels like her parents care more about her brother than her.she feels like...

  • Battle of the Captains
    20.4M 403K 33

    It started out as a game. She's everything a girl wants to be. He's everything a girl wants. As head cheerleader and quarterback, Kody Taylor and Austin Collins would normally be expected to be together with them being the schools Mr. and Ms. Perfect. Lucky for all the single boys and girls in their school, it'll neve...

  • The Bro Code
    21.1M 442K 23

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The Bro Code says to leave no bro behind... But what happens when you have to choose between love and friendship? ***** Nick Maguire would never betray his best friends, Carter and Austin, by breaking The Bro Code, and he k...

  • Exchange
    1.2M 46.4K 34

    It was Rose's dream to get chosen for Exchange. She just never planned on it being Mason Tanner's too. With an undeniable dislike for each other, Mason Tanner and Rose Pierce, two polar opposites, have their worlds thrown upside down when chosen to go on the same Exchange programme together. Thrust into a world of...

  • Just Another Cinderella | ✔
    249K 8.8K 30

    | HIGHEST RANKING- #1 DANCE 1 | Ella Pearson thought she along with her mother was bound to a debt which made her life miserable and they wouldn't be able to be free until they clear it. Never in her wildest dream Ella expected to meet her Prince at the school's masquerade party, who would help her slay the demons. O...

  • The Gangleader Girl
    326K 9.5K 30

    Olivia a 18 year old teenager trapped in between the world of love, gangs and possibly more.. It may have a rushed ending do don't complain . It may have a rushed ending do don't complain . It may have a rushed ending do don't complain . It may have a rushed ending do don't complain . IBe warn: There are swear words...

  • One Of A Kind
    167K 5.7K 29

    "Let me convince you that love exists" Benjamin grinned at me. "Love is just some delusion our mind creates to make sure we procreate" I rolled my eyes. "And even if it did exist, wouldn't falling in love with you just hurt me in the end anyway?" "Maybe not" Benjamin shrugged. "If you don't believe in love by graduat...

  • Truth, Dare, or Kiss? -COMPLETED-
    1.3M 47.3K 32

    When Ava and her friends decide to play their own version of "Truth or Dare", Ava winds up kissing someone she never expected... and wanting more? --STORY SAMPLE: When I was closer than a foot from him, I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and smiled. Oh my lord. This guy was even hotter up close. I shoved a...