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  • King Micajah
    2.4M 107K 57

    Years before his birth, it was prophesised that his soul would never be whole, that his heart would never beat in rhythm to his other half. Micajah was born with a dark soul, a soul that was corrupt. A soul that was more wolf than human. A soul incomplete. Nothing but an imperfect creation that walks earth. He will n...

  • Ruthless | 16+
    2.6M 69.8K 35

    ❝Tell me your fucking name or I'll fuck it out of you and tear that pretty pussy of yours.❞ ---- In a world where females are rare, Rain has succeeded in surviving on her own. She blocked out all interactions with males, wanting nothing to do with them. She knew if she was to come across one there was preferable no w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's rejected mate
    1.3M 29.5K 35

    Alexandra, a human living in a pack of werewolves. When she turns 18, she is rejected by her mate for her sister. The pain was unbearable so, she ran away from the pack as she can't see her mate and her sister love each other. Then she meets her biological family and shifts into her wolf. She was having a wonderful ti...

  • Already Mated
    1.2M 33.2K 31

    He was meant to choose me. He was meant to love me. He was meant to mark me. He was meant to be mine. My other half. My soul mate. My mate... But fate had different plans for me because my mate is... Already Mated. • • •

  • His Mate | ✔️
    1.4M 52.5K 37

    [HIGHEST RANKING #1 IN WOLVES] For as long as Kara has been alive, she's avoided being claimed. Kara Masters is not one to be tied down to her mate or believe in that happily ever after. Outsmarting the mating competition and her future mate has been everything she's trained for in the past decade. After seeing her fa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Last Chance✔ (Completed)
    4.8M 119K 27

    When I found out he was my mate I knew he wouldn't leave her for me...I just hoped. She was beautiful and sweet and not in the fake kind of way either. He was the future alpha and she was the best fit for his future Luna. They looked and worked perfect together. He said the words that hurt me the most, "I can't be wit...

    Completed   Mature
  • Another Forever (Completed) [Wattys 2018]
    971K 46.7K 29

    *Sequel to The Unnoticed Mate* *Can be read as a stand alone* ©MadnessReverie Highest Ranking #31 in Werewolf Hailey is a daughter of an Alpha and a Human. All she wants is a love like her parents and to lead her pack as a strong leader like her dad. but there is one problem - At almost 18, Hailey hasn't shifted yet...

  • The Unnoticed mate **SAMPLE**
    5.1M 34.9K 5

  • My Twin Mates and I
    4.4M 126K 40

    "You're ours, forever, until the day we leave this earth." ****** Started on 7/25/2016 Highest Rank- #15 on 8/15/2017

  • The Alpha's Huntress | ✔️
    40.9K 1.4K 45

    **Its here! ** "I know you're incapable of love," Dimitri laughed darkly. "But you're my Luna, my half, my life source, and you'll respect me, even if I have to break you apart." "Shut up," I said, for like what sounded like the tenth time. "Oh I'll shut up," he chuckled, grabbing the back of my head and cupping my c...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha Twins
    494K 14.8K 23

    First story taken down!! Mia is a normal werewolf. Or so she thinks. She is wild and out going. She doesn't take crap from anyone. Not even her mates. Xavier and Alex are twins. They are both the alpha of the biggest pack in the world. Alex and Xavier don't like to be disrespected not even by their mate. When Mia fi...