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  • My Rejected Crush//Zeyu ff\\
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    Okay guyysss i have the chapter 2 already....making a story is really hard..but its ok..its also funn...enjoy reading my STORY!!

  • Boystory 7th member (Boystory imagine)
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    I am a BIG BIG fan of Kpop and lately discovered Cpop.. Well I think its normal for us fans to dream to meet our Kpop or Cpop idol right? Well what if I just discovered my talent and decided to show it to the world? This is my story -Kim Y/n

  • [✔] perfect two ✧ he xinlong
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    ♡ after their happy relationship comes a deepest issue "jealousy" Book No. 2 [ 🍡 ] - ❝I'm jealous, okay? I'm jealous because i'm also afraid that one day you're not with me anymore, someone new is already making you happy and i'm not the one you love anymore.❞

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    You just moved to korea with you family minus your brother as he is in america for his collage There you meet a girl called kai and her brothers are there are 5 guys Hanyu Zihao Long Zeyu Mingru Shuyang Who got almost got u into detention on the first day read more to find out

  • Is It Really Love? Boy Story Mingrui ff (on hiatus)
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    This story is dedicated to my friend Meg/Hyun-yoo. It is a love story where you are Shuyang's older sister. You meet Boy Story and start to have feelings for a certain member...

  • Boy Story and X-reader oneshots
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    Boystory oneshots

  • BOYSTORY Imagine
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    It's a BOYSTORY Imagine Request are open!!

  • Crush | jia hanyu
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    where she has a crush on the new boy. "You have to tell him" she blurted out. "Tell him what?" I asked not really knowing where the conversation was going. "That you have a crush on him" #1 on jiahanyu #17 on hanyu #18 on boystory

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    This story is for all of you BOSS out there!!!!! (also others persons who are interested) It will contain all of the members(like ofcourse it will contain all of them 😂) Also sorry if there are any wrong grammars and misspelled words in the story.

  • BoyStory Imagines
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    This is a BOYSTORY imagine book I'm a true "BOSS" and I'm loyal to BOYSTORY. These chapters NEVER alter their ages! ⭕Request please⭕ Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT send hate what so ever. I love boystory and I hope people never sleep on them. So ENJOY THIS BOOK! 「MY ULT IN BOYSTORY IS HANYU... UWU!!!!」 ≈Start: 9•29•18≈ =End:...

  • I'm the babysitter
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    I thought that my cute cousin, Ren Shuyang, was just as nice and cute as he was on the outside. But I guess I was wrong, because these two weeks of babysitting is gonna be one hell of a ride.

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    This is a story about a nerd and a bad boy. Read to find out more.

  • ☎︎boystory gc
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    6 children in a gc. pretty simple.

  • Boy Story Fanfiction
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    Cute love stories of boy story is here! Check it out

  • Young Love |Jia Han Yu|
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    a young love story that goes on a interesting way

  • Six Boys Living With Me ''''BOYSTORY'''' fanfiction
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    Six Boys are gonna live with me in 1 month, not because my mom have a business trip because she have something to do at the paris and i dont know whats that "Why are they giving me butterflies in my stomach one by one?"

  • (Eng Ver) Yu ZeYu [I Love You]
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    English version special for @KpopLifeu1220!! Xinlong Zeyu Is a Delinquint Freya Zihao Sister and Brother They all go to School to Magica School

  • boy story young love story
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    Have you ever love someone but people say it wrong cause he's a boy. Some of this is connected to my guy at the record store fanfic and to my story coffee , guitars and Friday nights. Also added 3 nct members cause of one of my fanfics I added Zeyu to. I'm also adding 2 of stray kids guys . I'm straight but I love wr...

  • [✔] my ideal ✧ jia hanyu
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    ♡ kang y/n finds herself dealing with her feelings and fame contest with jia hanyu ❝It was just a battle, a battle for fame, but why did it turned out to be a falling game? and i think i'm losing❞ ✎My Ideal ♔; 贾涵予;fanfiction ♔;Completed

  • Stepbrothers? WHAT?!- Boystory fanfic
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  • How Old Are You? (Ming Rui x Reader) (BOYSTORY)
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    Hanyu's sister (you) is afraid of the dark. Always has been. I can't promise that this problem will be fixed. But she will find someone to help her through a night of darkness.

  • Zeyu X Reader
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    future crush XD

  • Boystory Snaps
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    fake snaps from boystory that I make hope you like

  • Hybrid ¦ yellowpetals
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    zeyu went to a pet shop to buy a pet cat,once he stepped in..he noticed a beautiful white cat with blue bell eyes.What will happen next ? Will the end be happy or sad???...Will the curse be gone or not?? Will they stay together?

  • BOYSTORY Imagines S1 #xinlong_zeyu
    12.5K 379 23

    A book about Xinlong and Zeyu Imagines...?? Just some typical high school story...NO SMUTS ONLY CUTE HIGH SCHOOLERS LOVE STORY....??

  • "That's Not How She Does It" (Zeyu x Reader) (BOYSTORY )
    3.4K 222 24

    "Y/N doesn't do it that way. "Why does it matter how she does it?" "Becuase she wants you to do it the same way." In which a boy creates an imaginary friend that comes to life.

  • Helping You |Zeyu FF| Boystory
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    I helped you to find Anna but it was a mistake the girl you are finding is.. Genre: Fanfiction, Mystery

  • Third Wheel ||Fanfiction|| Boy Story Mingrui...
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    Your Bestfriend, Erasine, has a crush on Mingrui, The Popular Boy In school like a celebrity You Both Are So Crazy About Him, While Mingrui likes Erasine They Quickly Confessed from what they feel they always invite you from anywhere you regret seeing them sweet and agreeing But Then Mingrui realized something to yo...

  • [✔] mr playboy meets ms feisty ✧ he xinlong
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    ♡ ms feisty having a crush with her most hated playboy Book No. 1 [ 🍡 ] - ❝I'm not one of those girls who's heart is easy to play with. If your goal is to play love as a game, I'm sorry coz you'll lose to me.❞

  • The boy i once knew{♡ZeYu Fanfiction♡}
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    You and ZeYu we best friends before he left to South Korea later you go to South Korea and find out he is in a boy band named Boystory- Will you try and reunite with him or will you ignore your child hood best friend and pursue your dream ~Your name is Kim Nao but people call you Kim Andrea