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  • Trash Dump: Shigadabi One Shots
    84.9K 1.9K 7

    A collection of all of my Shigadabi One Shots. A mixture of fluff and other trash related shit aha Cover art by: lahteh on tumblr

  • Idiot. - ShigaDabi
    51.8K 1.2K 6

    Tomura Shigaraki is a student at U.A, it's gone without being said that he'll become a villian, no doubt about it. But then Dabi came along.

  • Not So Lonely [Christmas Dabi x Shigaraki]
    4.5K 174 1

    This is not a complete ship fanfic, but more of just Dabi and Shigaraki getting along... Sort of! It's a one shot, and I originally wrote this for a challenge on another website. I wrote this for specifically a Secret Santa that wasn't so secret, so I decided to post it here a bit late. Hope you all enjoy!

  • Side Story: Dabi
    3.8K 144 3

    This is a side story of TodoBaku - Dragon's Riches but can be read separately, though you may be confused about a few things. This takes place before Dragon's Riches and follows Dabi and how he got involved with the Villain Kingdom, mainly Shigaraki. There will be some disturbing themes, as this is about villain's, an...

  • Villainous Love
    42.5K 1K 12

    Dabi suddenly becomes touchy and flirty and Shigaraki had enough of does he just want him. Of course this is a smut fanfic. This is my first lemon (that I'm publishing.) Some scenes are based on pictures I've seen. If you guys are into kpop, go check out my friend @679andpromise

    Completed   Mature
  • Helping Out A Villain Dabi x Tomura
    161K 5K 35

    when Tomura refuses to get out of bed one morning, Kurogiri asks Dabi to look after him since he doesn't seem to good, when Kurogiri and Himiko go out. Dabi learns about Tomuras depression and try's his best to help him. Au ish, I'm this book they can control when they use their quirks.. TRIGGER WARNINGS -depression...