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  • Reaching 100: A Sword Art Online Fanfiction
    247K 9K 47

    Haruko Kurosawa is not exactly noticeable. Her father was a drug addict who left Tokyo to deal with his problems, then came back and divorced her mother when she was eight. Her friends at school seem preoccupied, and once people see the real her, it seems like they clear out. Not in this world. Haruko's only escape se...

  • Anohana: The Reincarnated Flower We Saw That Day (ONHOLD)
    4.9K 75 4

    10 years later, after Menma's disappearance. Jintan is in college now, and also had a relationship with Anaru. Anaru is also in college. Yukiatsu and Tsuruko, both graduated and already married to each other, they also had a child named Yutsuro. Yukiatsu has been working now while Tsuruko stays as house-wife to take c...

  • Anohana
    1.1K 19 3

  • AnoHana | Yukiatsu and Tsuruko Oneshots
    2.9K 80 4

    Just some random oneshots, only involves Tsuruko and Yukiatsu though.

  • Spirits (Jinta Yadomi X Reader)(AnoHana)
    26.1K 626 11

    He waves to someone who's only there for him. You sigh, you don't even know if this 'Menma' is real, or if he's just crazy. He turns to you, you stutter, searching for words. Before saying anything he walks off, leaving you staring after him. Note: This book may contain spoilers for those of you who haven't finished/w...

  • Anohana OST
    3.3K 54 4

    All i can say is,...... Ano Hana's soundtrack makes me crie. T^T So, prepare your tissue before continuing. ^^~

  • chat with me | bnha
    291K 9.8K 31

    ❝ ♪ [insert mystic messenger theme here] ♪ ❞ you're a chaotic neutral kid trying to make your way through this wretched world. all your classmates want to strangle you to death yet hug you at the same time. life is good. maybe not. who cares. ☁︎(various bnha x reader) MOSTLY GENDER NEUTRAL (EXCEPT FOR CHAPTER 5) - ★d...

  • The Guarded Princess
    347K 11.7K 94

    Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerful and bright look laid something horrifying. Their willingness to readily throw someone away if they felt like it and such was the case of Lucy Heartf...