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  • Double Crossbow (Daryl Dixon) [The Walking Dead]
    2.1M 43.3K 64

    { WARNING: This story is under major renovation. You have been warned. } "When it was quiet, I didn't have to worry about a monster trying to make me its lunch. I did, however, have to worry about my wandering thoughts, and I'd have a different monster on my hands if I let them wander too far." A virus has erupted, tu...

  • 18 Miles Out
    2.2K 135 30

    Beth's life has been easy until one day, it isn't. She struggles to cope with the demands of surviving the apocalypse. Everyone has always protected and sheltered Beth, so she expects the same treatment as she finds her feet but one man seems to go out of his way to antagonise her. Beth starts to learn the reality of...

  • Out of the Woods
    417 18 6

    The very last person in the world Rebecca Browning wants to ride out the apocalypse with is her ex-boyfriend, but when he comes charging through the streets with a tank, she has no other choice. After all, when the world crumbled around her, she only had one goal: survive.

  • Long Way 'Round
    38.4K 1.3K 200

    This is a Dixonne fic, but there's whole group involvement. It's the sequel to What Future Is There? Together Daryl and Michonne, along with the rag tag family they've built out of some of the most unlikely people, are trying to build a future for themselves and for those that they love, no matter what the odds are. (...

  • Sweet Damnation (Rick Grimes and Michonne/ The Walking Dead)
    9.8K 444 40

    A series of short stories featuring Rick and Michonne (aka Richonne). Based off the show AMC The Walking Dead...***MATURE*** (BW/WM) (fan fiction) Inspired by this quote: "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." Mya Angelo...

  • The Proposal (The Walking Dead fanfiction Rick and Michonne love story)
    1.1K 39 2

    Rick and Michonne have been together for a couple weeks now, but they both feel that something seems to be missing. Will they find the courage to confront each other and work out exactly what they want from their relationship?

  • So It Goes • Daryl Dixon
    13.2K 671 10

    This wasn't supposed to happen. Save the one you love, you die, they move on, right? Wrong. By a miraculous twist of fate, Harper Minster has survived her seemingly heroic deed only to be cast into the fray once more. She struggles to gain control of her life once more, convince the only man she's loved that she isn'...

  • The World Without Us (The Walking Dead) [Daryl x OC]
    20.5K 997 26

    When there's no more room in hell, the dead will roam the Earth. And that's exactly what happened. You know your life has hit rock bottom when you're living off cooked rats and showering once every few months- if you're lucky. But for twenty-two year old Adelina Francis, things are about to get a whole lot worse when...

  • Cult » Daryl Dixon
    101K 4.9K 71

    ❛ He moved a step forward, scanning me with his eyes, the light finally hitting his face. A weird feeling washed over me. He looked intimidating, but almost intoxicating at the same time. ❜ [ Seasons 3-7 ] [ Daryl Dixon Romance ] [ Featured in the Official Wattpad Fanfic- 'The Walking Dead'- Reading List ] [ © aleighd...

  • Triggerfinger ➳ Daryl Dixon
    71.1K 4K 23

    it's the beginning of a new world [Daryl Dixon] [Sequel to Arrowhead]

  • My Pookie » Daryl Dixon [The Walking Dead]
    342K 11.3K 89

    ❝You could be so much better without me.❞ ❝Yeah, I know, but I won't be happy.❞ [1-6]

  • My Hunter (The Walking Dead Fanfiction/ A Daryl Dixon Fanfiction)
    244K 8.9K 65

    I didn't want her to know about him, to know about the man that had left us behind. But now that he was back, how could I hide it? How could I hide the fact that the redneck is her father? Hayley Bennett had never been more in love in her entire life, loving the mysterious redneck from across the creek. And what baffl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Casualties ➝ Daryl Dixon (Firecracker sequel)
    36.6K 1.8K 10

    Book Two. With the separation from Daryl and death of her brother Arden came to realize that she was never a survivor, a fighter, or a Firecracker. She was nothing more than a casualty of this cruel world and it would take a miracle to bring her back to life.

  • Arrowhead ➳ Daryl Dixon
    712K 26.9K 58

    The end of one world is only the beginning of a new one. [Daryl Dixon]

  • Daryl's Angel (Book One in the Apocalypse Angel Trilogy)
    866K 25.9K 77

    "Why're you bein' so nice to me?" "I would want the same if I were you." Hope Starling was alone when the dead started rising. She had always been alone, with parents that had disowned her and no friends to help her. Inside the department store in Atlanta, she was ready to end it. Still, something was stopping her, b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lemonade (The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne)
    801 29 3

    Michonne prepares a special surprise for her two favorite people at the prison. Rick receives some unexpected encouragement.

  • Chasing Amy (Daryl Dixon/The Walking Dead)
    700K 29.5K 59

    Some people weren't built to be monsters. Amy Wilson was used to relying on her older brother for protection. He was the only reason she was alive when the dead began to rise. She was not a fighter. She couldn't handle a gun, couldn't function around blood and gore, and she certainly couldn't live with herself after k...

  • Young and Young at Heart (A Rewrite of The Walking Dead Game: S2) [TWDG/TWD]
    309K 14.2K 91

    A coming of age story with zombies, in which a girl, teenager, and pregnant woman endure hell on Earth in hope of finding a better life in this epic rewrite made for fans and new readers alike. Orphaned by the horrors of a cruel and grotesque world and still mourning the loss of the people closest to her, a nine year...

  • Stay: A Walking Dead Game Fanfic-Arvo/OC [TWDG]
    506 16 3

    The stranger couldn't have been any older than she was, his hand trembling so fervently she could have mistaken it for her own. It had been the second time someone had pointed a gun at her today, she didn't want to go through this, not again. Arvo/OC.

  • Ephemeral || Glenn Rhee [1] [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]
    206K 7.2K 29

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic The Walking Dead reading list. e•phem•er•al lasting a very short time. synonyms: transient, transitory, fleeting, passing, momentary, brief, impermanent, short-term Delilah Carver has travelled around the US ever since Hell was brought to Earth. Not only was she running away f...

  • Shadows || Rick Grimes [The Walking Dead Fanfiction]
    21K 990 15

    Featured in the official Wattpad @Fanfic The Walking Dead reading list. Wendy Rhee was having a simple vacation from her life when the dead arose and began to terrorize the world. It caused panic, and it caused Wendy to lose people she cared about. In the middle of the breakout she manages to find a quaint little town...

  • 1 | HAZARD ▸ D. DIXON ✓
    427K 20.8K 69

    ❛ sometimes, the world doesn't need another hero. sometimes, what it needs is a monster ❜ [ #67 IN FANFICTION ] [ completed / editing ] BOOK 1 t. walking dead / daryl dixon ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Something Sweet (The Walking Dead: Rick/Michonne)
    679 25 1

    Rick and Michonne share their first kiss!

  • Second Chance (The Walking Dead Rick and Michonne)
    3.5K 139 12

    Will Rick and Michonne overcome their past heartbreaks and get a second chance at love? (no zombie AU, chapters jump around in time) UPDATE: Carol has to rebuild her life and she's decided to start by telling her story.

  • It was an Accident! (The Walking Dead Rick/Michonne)
    975 26 3

    "I'll show ya how it's done," Daryl muttered, brandishing his nun-chucks. Daryl held one rod in his hand and began to spin the weapon. It made a satisfying whir in the thick air. Daryl spun it faster then moved his arm across his chest to let it spin on the other side but his timing was off and the other end smacked...

  • To Be Hungry [Walking Dead Terminus Backstory]
    2.6K 145 17

    In the aftermath of the occupation, Gareth and his people are forced to turn to a new and brutal way of life. Survival takes priority above all else, and growing harder and darker is the price they must pay of it. As they struggle to keep a hold of the humanity that makes life worth living, they walk a thin line bet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fear The Hunters [Gareth Lives: The Walking Dead]
    8.2K 402 78

    Survival comes first and at any price - a lesson Gareth and his remaining people take with them after Terminus is destroyed. They plunge into the wild, burdened by aches of hunger, pain, and fear, along with the basic human need for safety and warmth. Gareth must struggle with being the decisive leader his people need...

  • My Saving Grace • Daryl Dixon
    149K 5.5K 44

    What would you do to save the life of the person you love? Would you take a chance and risk everything you have left? Or would you give up? Harper, a pampered, spoiled survivor must make a choice. Risk her life and fight for Daryl Dixon's, or give up and become a victim to fate -- a victim to the threat of the walkers...

  • Pandemic [TWD and Bethyl Fanfic]
    1.4K 61 5

    **This book is a spin off of Beth's death, making it to where she did not die.** **Contains spoilers.** After a stressful encounter with the Grady Hospital, Daryl Dixon and Maggie Greene are overjoyed to have retrieved their kidnapped Beth and have her in safety. Everything seems well until the group of Rick, Michonne...

  • Firecracker ➝ Daryl Dixon
    286K 11.4K 30

    Book One. Complete. Arden was a fighter, or as Daryl liked to call her- a firecracker. But when Arden's brother goes missing that fire starts to die out and she is faced with a decision: stay with the man who saved her life or leave to find the only family she has left.