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  • Dear Ryan ➳ Randy [✓]
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    Dear Ryan You mess with my mind. You play with my feelings. You're breaking me as much as you're holding me together Highest Ranking: #9 in roadtrip #9 in roadtriptv Started: 17th May 2018 Finished: 30th August 2018

  • Dear Andy ➳ Randy [✓]
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    Dear Andy, I finally realise what I've done and I hate myself for doing it. But I swear, I'll make it up to you. Because I love you ➳Sequel to: Dear Ryan ➳Started: 1st September 2018 ➳Finished: 31st December 2018 !Please don't steal my ideas. I work really hard on them¡ yes, the chapter titles are in danish. im speci...