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  • I'll Be There For You
    179K 4.7K 42

    Peter Parker has been surrounded by death his whole life, and he now considers it to be apart of him. Peter started to hide his emotions and became more independent after the death of his Uncle. After Aunt May suddenly disowns him, will someone be able to bring the happy Peter back? Or will he stay closed off forever...

  • Always By My Side
    48.8K 1.2K 26

    My story is different from everyone. I'm not ordinary, I would say I'm unordinary. My name is Peter Parker and I'll tell you about the time, I survived one of the deadliest wars ever to happen on earth. I already know that I wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for Tony Stark, whose my all time hero/mentor. We been th...

  • Wrong Number, Kid
    202K 8.5K 35

    With Peter's tendancy of getting into all sorts of trouble and odd situations, he ends up texting the wrong number. Besides the stranger on the other end receiving the biggest apology of a lifetime, the two become good friends. Then it just goes all down to shit. Highest Rankings(that I personally find amazing): #3 in...

  • Born From Chaos
    5.3M 344K 145

    2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER || PART OF THE EBONY SERIES || COMPLETED || EDITING || In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers. Perfect opposites. Perfect enemies. One, a race that ripped the earth apart, giving life back to the rotten remnants beneath it-- raising whole undead armies. The other...

  • Beating Pulses [Peter Parker] {2}
    11.4K 366 12

    "The static pulse of a heart is how everything begins and ends." After meeting Peter Parker, Thea is now on a path she never thought she would be on. However, she will soon realize that there is more to that path than she originally knew. Book Two in the Pulses Series Extended Summary inside [peter parker/oc] [spider...

  • Wrong number kid
    765K 32.8K 77

    Peter Parker accidentally gets Tony Starks number and they start texting. What will happen? We'll see

  • Everything's Fine
    168K 5.3K 25

    Peter isn't the same after the events of homecoming. He covers this up very well however, he does it so well that not even Tony Stark himself can see how broken the kid is. That is until another disaster strikes, and Peter shows his true colors. The colors he tried so hard to cover up and hide. !!TRIGGER WARNING!! -Pa...

  • Spy School Erica's Peril [Completed]
    7.3K 201 20

    Ben Ripley, second year Spy School student, is only days away from his 14th birthday when he is yet again called upon to combat SPYDER. The mission might turn out to be more dangerous then he could ever imagined. HIGHEST RANKING: 14 in Spy School

  • You're The Reason I'm Living ( Irondad & Spiderson )
    23.8K 902 8

    Tony was giving up on life. He was ready to die after being dumped on the bunker in Siberia by Rogers. Nobody cared about him. But he didn't die. He woke up three days later to a crying Peter. Maybe somebody actually cared about him he thought, and slowly he realised how important Peter was and promised to not give up...

  • Peter Parker Oneshots
    285K 8.7K 61

    The title is pretty self-explanatory, I think. Perhaps you are just very lazy. Read it, you odd couch potato.

  • The Mute Avenger || Peter Parker
    632K 15.5K 64

    "You should talk more" "You shouldn't" cover by @ nocturnallamp

  • Revenge.
    303K 6.4K 35

    Percy Jackson was finally able to lay low and have a peaceful life for once. The war with Gaea and the Giants was over, and Percy was looking forwards to spending time with his beautiful girlfriend. Karma's a bitch, that's not going to last long. A new kid comes stumbling into Camp-Half-Blood, and the moment he lays...

  • Collision (PJO/HP Crossover)
    289K 11K 38

    ~Completed~ All is as it should be. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase can finally relax after Gaea has returned to her slumber. Both are alive and excited for their future. But what will happen to their plan of college in New Rome when two meddling goddesses interfere once again? This time it's only a job for the Dynam...

  • Heroes of olympus- After the war
    458K 7.4K 52

    ****UNDER RECONSTRUCTION**** Our band of heroes are sent to go back to the mortal side of the world to take a break form camp and relax for awhile. Though what lies ahead of them is all but relaxing. During their time back in the mortal world, relationships will be tested, some even broken, with new ones found on the...

  • Mortals meet Demigods
    394K 6.3K 42

    The Gods are cruel and decided to send their children to- wait for it- mortal school. There, they will be faced with jealous, deceitful, and imbecilic mortals. Suggestions are now closed! All rights go to Rick Riordan!! I do not own anything! [CURRENTLY EDITING]

  • The Angels of Harmony (Sequel to "The Army of Chaos")
    85.6K 2.6K 13

    "They say the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. But what they never tell you is that sometimes people prefer to keep that window closed." Sequel to "The Army of Chaos"

  • The Army of Chaos
    709K 17.5K 32

    Percy Jackson has been betrayed by every one he cares about and loves, even Annabeth. So what happens when he starts a new life, with a new girlfriend and some of his dead friends? What happens when he moves on and starts a new life in the army of Chaos? And what happens when he has to go back and help everyone that b...

  • Percy Jackson, The Missing Hero.
    6.8M 163K 63

    Nathan Burns. I want to kill that boy. For he is the cause for everything in my life to be ruined. Ever since he arrived at camp six long weeks ago I have wanted to rip his head off his shoulders. But sadly he was my brother. He claimed to be 16, two years younger than me, so that meant Poseidon had broken the Oath a...

  • When Myths Meet Magic || 1 || a Harry Potter-Percy Jackson crossover
    548K 19.1K 23

    When Percy, Annabeth, Nico, and Thalia get assigned a quest to protect Harry Potter, they never expected it to be back in time and in a whole different world: a world of magic. In Hogwarts, no one suspects a thing. But what happens when three young wizards find out the truth? Fandom time period: Takes place after the...

  • The Army of Chaos
    183K 3.1K 23

    ~PREVIOUSLY KNOW AS "CHAOS' ARMY"~ He was betrayed. Hated. Cheated on. Shunned. Tortured. Disowned. Framed. Depressed. Who was this man? You may know him. He was Percy Jackson, a certain former son of Poseidon. But now, he's Omega son of Chaos, primordial of betrayal, fallen heroes, sadness, loyalty, swordsman ship...

  • Avengers "meet" Percy
    224K 5.8K 15

    Percy is haunted by the deaths of everyone. Geae went back to sleep. The cost? The death of the seven, except for Percy. Fury is astonished the file of Perseus Achilles Jackson is full, but empty. He assembles the avengers to detain him. I own only the plot.

  • The Forgotten Hero
    47.5K 1.1K 20

    Leo Valdez was one of the seven demigods that helped defeat Gaia before she destroyed the world. However, as time passes, his friends visit him less and less, until they stop seeing him completely unless they want him to build something. Calypso left him for someone else in the end, leaving Leo feeling like the sevent...

  • Slytherin Army
    11K 577 38

    ❝Just accept that you can't be a hero.❞ Drew lands in Slytherin, the House infamous for hating Muggle-borns like her. While The Boy Who Lived does his yearly heroics, she is busy dodging prefects, fighting bigots, and dealing with Malfoy's endless sulk. Needless to say, she has no idea that her actions can have deadly...

  • Repair Queen
    12.7K 299 5

    Jason cheats on Piper McLean with Praetor Reyna. Devastated, Piper turns to a certain repair boy for comfort. Or, an AU where Piper becomes a pop star [DISCONTINUED + UNDER REVISION] • • • COVER INFO Design by me Piper by monkeyscandance Leo by Viria

  • Black and Gray - Nico di Angelo
    8.6K 439 26

    "Idiot." "Annoying." "Insufferable." "Psychopathic person." "Can you just leave me alone?" "You're the one who's in my cabin." ~ ~ ~ I, Diana Hunt, welcome you to a story full of happiness, awkwardness, adventure, pain, love, and a whole lot bickering. Be prepared. ~~~ Credit to @Annabeth_Chase008 for making me this...

  • If Only (Nico di Angelo) {Complete} {#Wattys2015 #Feels}
    126K 5.3K 34

    Erica Chase, daughter of Poseidon, new to Camp Half-Blood, is happier than she has ever been in her life. Sure, Percy and her get into little arguments every once in a while, and sure, people are kind of afraid of her...but she's still happy. Nico di Angelo, son of Hades, makes up for every bad thing that happens. But...

  • Demigods At Hogwarts | ✓
    853K 23.3K 52

    Another prophecy, another quest. Seven demigods enrol as students at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. They're hoping to help the wizards and witches defeat...well, they have no idea. The poor demigods get an overflow of homework and boredom (or not?) as they wait for something to happen. But the Titan...

  • The Warriors of Perseus
    230K 6.1K 25

    Percy finds Annabeth cheating on him. He then goes to Olympus and becomes a god. He decides to make the Warriors of Perseus the male version of the Hunters of Artemis. How will Artemis take the news? They hate each other but will that turn to love?

  • Percy Jackson Guardian Of The Hunt And Artemis
    77.2K 1.1K 12

    Percy is betrayed and heartbroken when the camp betrays him and Annabeth cheats on him. He goes to Olympus to die and instead becomes the fifteenth Olympian and the guardian of the hunt and Artemis. Him and Artemis grow close, what happens when he and Artemis express their feelings to each other. I do not own anythin...

  • Guardian of the Hunt (Don't read this one.. I'm rewriting it)
    62.3K 951 17

    So, uh, hi. This story will be a Pertemis story because I absolutely love Pertemis. Also this is my first ever fanfiction, so please go easy on judging. Thanks for giving this a read. Also, all characters belong to Rick Riordan. Except Percy's brand new half brother, Cyrus. He's my idea.