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  • Creepypasta Origins
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    (WARNING: I do NOT claim possession of any of these origin stories, or of any of the Creepypasta characters or places.) This is for those of you who know who Jeff the Killer and the other Creepypastas are, but don't know where they came from. Each chapter will be the origin story of the Creepypastas, and each chapter...

  • Jane the killer Origins with Jeff
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    Jane the killer origins. Quite terrifyingly beautiful.

  • Eyeless Jack origin story
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    So, hello people I am Silvan and this is going to be an origin story for the creepypasta Eyeless Jack I'm hoping for some help with this story. If anyone is interested in helping me write this please message me. The first chapter will probably be ready and posted by tomorrow at the latest. Thank you so much for read...

  • Jeff The Killer - Original Story
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    The story of Jeff the killer Hope you enjoy

  • The Origins Of Slenderman
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    I hope you guys like my work! Honestly, it wasnt a struggle at all! even though i was feeling very feverish. I wanted to dedicate this story to my readers and including Slenderman! A loved and important characater of Creepypasta. I understand the fact is that he dosent have a strong past life that brings him in this k...

  • Homicidal Liu's Origin
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    Wanna know me? Read it out

  • No Longer Dead
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    He was killed for his actions...persecuted, you might say... Killing humans for the fun of it is worth getting rid of the monster who did this...right? Wrong. After Toby was shot, Slender brought him back home where he was healed. Now, 25 year old Toby is keen on getting revenge on the man who attempted to destroy him...

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  • Ticci Toby
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    "What's your name?" "T-Toby." Toby is a boy who isn't exactly right. He can't feel pain and he has uncontrollable twitches and tics. His bullying caused him to be hollow and stiff. After murdering his father and catching his own neighborhood on fire, he fled and was abducted by a mysterious tall creature with a pure w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Summoning Creepypasta
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    (Use this with caution it could be dangerous and who ever made this thing to summon creepypasta thanks to u I made a book kinda of it and don't worry i'm not stealing your work)

    Completed   Mature
  • Creepypasta Origin Stories
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    Just a bunch of creepypasta origin stories. You might even find a new favorite pasta here. Comment requests if I miss any stories. I will also be adding songs for you to listen to while you read that I think fit the characters(theme songs). I suggest you listen to the songs. The theme songs I pick for the characters a...

  • CreepyPasta Character Stories
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    Enjoy the stories of the creepypasta characters. I do not own any of these awesome characters and if they do,it will say (oc) after the name.