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  • MAY
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    The knots in her stomach tightened. She groaned, pressing her side but she still managed to talk. "If my father had promised you-a mere gateman's son-a scholarship to study abroad, means I, as his biological daughter, had a better chance to study in one of the best colleges abroad but you ruined it. You ruined it with...

  • Boys over Books✔️
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    ~✨A Wattpad featured story✨~ "My momma always told me that boys and books don't mix. I believed her but I still wanted both. I wanted boys and I wanted to keep my books." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Find out if she gets both in this thrilling story. Let's follow every step of the life of a Nigerian girl who wants it all... ⇥VfH...

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    [COMPLETED] "I don't know how you feel now,but I want to be there when you cry and laugh, when you are crazy and sane, when you are lonely and want someone, just let me" "Be my Queen"

  • Our School: Last Virgin Standing (#PROJECTNIGERIA)
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    All their lives they've been kept away from the opposite sex. All they want is to fulfill the ultimate goal. She wants to remain chaste and holy He wants to fulfill their one goal. To take away the Last Virgin standing. What happens when king high merges with Dorcas high school? With the V-destroyers on patrol. ++++...

  • Maya's Diary [CLOSED FOR EDITING] √
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    [#1st in the Everlast Awards 3/12/2019] [#3rd in Beliefs 5/12/2019] [#5th in Beliefs 28/12/2018] [#13th in the Wattys2019 12/12/2019] This is an intriguing story of Maya Anderson, a teenager with a peculiar eye defect the often heard about Dyslexia. Her Medical Condition often got her rejected by a lot of schools, unt...