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  • Genie in a Bottle
    7.7K 181 8

    What if genies were real? What would be your three wishes? And what if you fell in love with them? Would you risk your last wish to be with a genie? Or, live the life wishing to them for a better future?

  • Genie Come True
    2.1K 57 3

    Grant Gallagher only wanted to get his Mom a present for her birthday,but who would have known that the antique store in the nook of downtown Boston would've had an actual gold lamp with a genie to boot. Three wishes... He gets three wishes and she will make them all happen. But as soon as the last wish is grante...

  • Genie of DEATH.
    2.3K 95 15

    Evangelina Olive Prucio, also known as Violet, an innocent Genie fell for her master the moment she sees him in the eyes. Unfortunately, it was forbidden for Genies to kiss their master, for Violet to take note of the law, she had granted the second wish of her master, was the heart of another girl. Violet's master pr...