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  • Lonely Monsters
    15 0 1

    During an almost routine cat search, a young woman with an anxiety problem gets swallowed into a world she never knew existed.

  • Serenitatem
    392 22 12

    Tal loves the sea. It is his home, his playground, his life. After growing up in a tiny lagoon, he wants to see more. He longs to explore the vastness of his world with the older mermen of his colony, but he is too young. In a burst of rebellious behavior, he sneaks out at night to travel on his own. Unfortunately, hi...

  • Anomalous: The Seven Deadly Sins [Drafting And Editing]
    31.4K 2.7K 54

    [Featured on Wattpad Paranormal and Supernatural profile, Adventure profile, and High Fantasy profile] (Editing) Downbeat Airdromeda leaves Greece in the middle of the night with a cocky teenager named Isaac who claims to know where her twin brother is. She survives the night and finds her brother but also finds out...

  • Book of Panacea
    1.1K 101 23

    Never having met any other Gods then her parents and her Aunt, Panacea is like a fish out of water when they dump her butt on 'The' training island. She never expected to end up there, but the environment is safer for others to practice any new powers coming her way. However, is it safer for her? This is the Book of...

  • Not Your Average Faerie Tale {Coming Soon}
    52 4 1

    A retelling of all the classic fairy tales Cover credits @xcoffebooksx

  • Half-Blooded | The Dark Child Prophecy Series [✔️]
    14.6K 1K 93

    I opened my mouth, feeling saliva fill around my tongue and I sunk my fangs in. His pulse hammered against my teeth and tongue and I bit down. Doctor Nelson screamed, trying to shove me off of him to get away. I could taste his fear and I reveled in it. Hot, thick blood massaged my throat as it slid down and I took it...

  • Demons Do Love: BOOK 1 [THE LOST DAGGERS]
    914 132 62

    Demons are all around us. Tempting us, taunting us. What if a Demon fell in love with you? How far would you go for love? How long would you wait? How much would you endure? A thousand years ago, a prophecy was said that a mortal would have a second chance at life. And with that second rebirth, a dark power will grow...

    Completed   Mature
  • The King's Cursed Bride
    3.1M 228K 249

    Betrothed to the King. Cursed since birth. All her life, Carissa's been betrothed to a man she's never met and inflicted with a curse she's never seen. Tired of waiting for her betrothed at 18, she flees to forge her own destiny and discover love, but she soon discovers the curse is indeed real and its effects dangero...

  • In The Dead Of Night
    878 110 14

    NEW VERSION IS GOING UP ON MY PAGE!!! "That is strange," Tony muttered, now standing at the small glass medicine cabinet, "I could have sworn I counted eight syringes in here yesterday." I froze, my eyes quickly darting from my uncle to Jayce, who had stopped chugging his smoothie long enough to shoot me another dark...

  • Land of the Destined
    912 76 42

    In a land where everything is structured on destiny and fate, destiny may cause its bane. The Larkspear kingdom was a region of prosperity, magic and destiny. People were peaceful and happy despite the lore and the truth of the Larkspear rule and its foretold downfall. But things changed after the birth of Prince Jay...

  • The Copy in the Stars
    55.3K 1 2

    Open to learn about the BIG UPDATE!

  • The Scarlet Blade
    1K 161 12

    ~Her hand felt like lead as she lifted it to his cheek and brushed a tear from his soft skin. "What are you waiting for? I'm already dying."~ Celeste Moyer has a trick up her sleeve. She can hear people's heartbeats, see their lifelines, and manipulate them at will. This makes her especially good at her job: assassin...

  • Soul of Ice
    11.6K 1.4K 38

    Soulless, heartless, selfish. She's heard it all before. Sometimes, you must take matters into your own hands to forge your freedom. Astra knows this. She's known for seventeen years. Still, it's not an easy feat for her to successfully escape Varaly, decide to seek passage through Auxerre, and leave behind everything...

  • The Night Rider
    78.3K 6.1K 45

    The world of Para Dormus is a complicated place full of dragons, demons, magic and mystery. No one knows that more than Nivara Cross. Burdened with a grimoire too powerful to hide with mist magic alone, Nivara longs to help her fellow Traited who struggle with the same fate. But she is powerless to help. Tasked inste...

  • Chasing Skylark [UNEDITED]
    667 115 31

    It has been one week since Meralyn Skylark, aged 15, was reported missing. Meralyn was last seen on October 11, walking to the public library at 8:10 as she has been reported to do every morning before school. She was wearing a white polo shirt with a green and blue tie. Her blazer was black and she wore denim trouser...

  • Rivers of Reverie
    1.8K 211 13

    Young nymph Liryl is soon to become a priestess of water. Lately though, strange visions of winged creatures soaring in the sky have been tormenting her sleep. The girl seeks the advice of Eris, her head priestess, only to discover that many other nymphs have been experiencing her same dreams. Only a person can help...

  • What the Morning Brings | #NaNoWriMo2018
    2.5K 377 16

    15-year-old Ori is an average small-town boy. Or so he thought, until a strange circus appears in his backyard. Accepting an acrobat's invitation to join the Cirque de Reverie, he is swept up in a whirlwind of wonder. Unbeknownst to him, the circus is not what it seems, and something dark lurks beneath its golden surf...

  • Blade Song
    4.6K 461 31

    Akihiro, a half-demon living in demon world, makes a living working in a mercenary guild. As tensions in the guild run high, Akihiro's world is turned upside down. When a fox demon gets thrown into the mix, things only become more clouded. Every action becomes pivotal when trust in him means a life of total freedom, o...

  • Wolf Child - Lìfa-saga Book 1
    6.4K 1K 18

    When her village gets burnt down to the ground, the young viking warrior Lìfa discovers the dark secrets of her past. To fulfill her fate she sets sail on the whale road with twelve mighty warriors on a quest for revenge, gold... and Midgard's most powerful weapon! Can she accept her legacy and become the leader she n...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Reaper's Curse #1
    72.5K 3.1K 36

    ❝ An exile should remember that they will die in these lands and there is nothing they can do but fight. ❞ [editors' pick | featured in dark fantasy | book 1] The Reaper's Curse has come, the gods have foreseen death and people are helpless to fight it. Those infected lose their minds, feasting on souls and flesh. Tho...

  • Murderborne
    2.5K 260 36

    There are three species in Esternia, and there always will be. All Demons, Angels, and Humans live in their own, segregated kingdoms, and while there is constantly tension in the air, war has been avoided for many years. That is, up until four years ago, when the Holy Wars began. Gavin was born a Devoln. He should hav...

    Completed   Mature
  • After the End: When Death Comes Calling
    13.4K 2.8K 37

    Alex Stones' story begins on the 22nd of March: the day her life ended. Alex wakes up confused and scared in the hallway of a shopping centre. Confused, because she can't remember anything. Scared, because a man with a clipboard tells her she's dead. When the clipboard man reveals that Death, the grim reaper, will co...

  • Rise of a Guardian Angel [Legend of the Five Knights 1] (Completed)
    64K 4.7K 86

    Rosalba Kuroriku has been tasked to deliver Agnes. Agnes being one of five weapons that Zionia's Celestial Queen commissioned in order to save their universe from extra-dimensional invaders foretold in prophecies both ancient and modern. While looking for an old friend who is to make the decision as to who will own Ag...

  • Crimson Qi, Exiled Beautiful Lady Falls in Love with a Shy Demon
    40K 2.7K 99

    An unlucky noblewoman precipitates a civil war and falls for a half-demonic beggar with a self-destructive healing talent. Summary: Tien Lyn was born lucky, but her luck ran out fast. Tossed like a pebble by the currents of politics and magic, she lives in the accursed 'interesting times', on the eve of a civil war. H...

  • Immortally Beloved: A Vampire's Vignettes
    23.7K 2.2K 40

    Born into the lap of luxury and a time of turmoil, Duchesse Eleonore Vigneron experiences her coming of age in the Court of Louis XVI . Embroiled in the chaos that surrounds Versailles, Eleni uses her unique blend of wit, charm, and beauty to ensure her survival. Proud and elegant even in the face of death, she escape...

    Completed   Mature
  • Imperial
    26.1K 2.3K 54

    Shah Jamshid al-Hassan, king of the Sazian Empire, is dead. He is succeeded by three heirs: Esfandar, the crown prince; Soraya, the forgotten daughter; and Roshani- the one who killed him. Roshani felt no remorse shoving her sword through her father's heart. Nor does she have any doubts about imprisoning her cunnin...

  • Crown of Thorns
    18.2K 3K 54

    Atlantis was the first city to sink. Hundreds of cities followed, and millions of people drowned, swallowed by an unforgiving ocean. It seemed as if half the world was underwater. Among the few survivors was Ayesha Akhdir. In a post-apocalyptic world, Ayesha must navigate visions and voices, discovering abilities she...

  • The Greatest Tale (Or: Two Kids on an Epic Quest to Save the World)
    292 57 9

    The title's not permanent, I promise! It'll be much worse. --- Have you ever wondered why cliches are so bad? Want to know why every reviewer out there will call out cliches when they review a book? Step into the world of Klischee and discover what happens when stereotypes and cliches are exposed to their full potent...

  • The Last Stand (The Eleven Years War: Book One) (Wattys 2019)
    881 201 54

    Gishk is a powerful empire on the war path. Ten years after Emperor/General Raul Fleischer declared his intentions of expanding the country's borders, they've methodically invaded every country that has stood in their way. Now, they've set their sights on their next target: the small nation of Caitha. Elise lives in a...

  • Warlock Brethren
    2.7K 339 31

    fantasy of four guardians who protect the forest from dark creatures. They meet dffrent creatures along the way. Their homeland is being attacked by an unknown dark warlock who seeks vengence