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  • sanders sides oneshots
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    i take requests for this book ! i don't write smut tho sorry :( i love thomas a lot and i love writing these characters so enjoy !

  • Sanders Sides One Shots: Volume 1 [COMPLETED]
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    This book of one shots has reached its limit with the number of parts it can have, so there will be no new updates to this book, but I have a second one shots book that is currently ongoing! Enjoy anyway!

  • Thomas Sanders Sides OneShots 2
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    Woaaaaaahhhh a second book? WOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHH A book about Thomas and his sides! Enjoy! (╹◡╹)♡ (Some of the characters I write about - Thomas and his 'sides' - are not mine! They were created by Thomas Sanders who is a YouTuber. If you didn't know that already, I'd suggest you check him out before reading my stuff!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Prinxiety/Logicality One Shots
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    All prompts by BBCanimefangirl.

  • Our Family
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    Patton and Logan are a newly married couple. They both have good jobs, just bought a house in a good neighborhood and feel ready to start their family. Adopting will have its ups and downs but it'll be worth it in the end. ------------------------ New book!! I hope everyone likes it! I'm also looking for a new cover s...

  • Sander Sides Oneshots
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    From bubbly Patton to Brainy Logan. To Self absorbed Roman and Gloomy (but beautiful in his own way,) Virgil. They may be very different from each other, but that doesn't mean they cant be together.

  • Sander Sides One-shots
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    Give me request of shipping of sides!! No ThomasxSides, RemRom, Smut, side or thomas x reader Stuff I'll write: Aus Prompt Fluff Angst

  • Do I Love Them? (LAMP/Polysanders High School AU)
    43.9K 1.1K 9

    BOOK UNDER RENOVATIONS! PLEASE STAND BY! If you want to read the rewrite, please go to my page and you'll find it! I promise it is more well written. Virgil, known by the particularly uncreative bullies as Anxiety. He has major anxiety, along with a long list of other mental illnesses, and is new in at Sanders High...

  • Tally Marks (Thomas Sanders PolySanders/LAMP fanfiction)
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    The tallies appear only when you fall in love. A red tally mark means your love is not returned; these are the most common. Having a black tally mark means that it is. Everyone who fell in love hoped their tally mark would be black. No one ever expected to have three black marks appear all at the same time. Book war...

  • The Chaser and the Artist - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    196K 11.7K 32

    Roman is a chaser on the Gryffindor quidditch team. He's outgoing, confident, and a true Gryffindor. Virgil, more commonly known as Anxiety, is simply a Metamorphmagus Slytherin artist. He's shy, self conscious, and some might say is a true Slytherin. When the two of them meet and a grow feelings for each other, their...

  • After Graduation {Sequel to Wheelchair} (polysanders)
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    What happens when Logan, Roman, Virgil, and Patton grow up? sequel to Wheelchair, you have to read it first

  • Wheelchair (polysanders)
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    The new boy, Logan, is in a wheelchair. The always helpful Patton gladly volunteers to help him. Somehow, Logan is dragged into Patton's friend group that may or may not become a little bit more than friends. Inspired by: Disney World **I'm rewriting this so if you read this before it's going to be really different**

    Completed   Mature
  • Wilted Flower (LAMP\poly sanders)
    38.3K 2K 29

    I'm a Peculiar. I have abilities, so what? I guess I should introduce myself, huh? The name's Virgil. You must be wondering why Peculiars' are treated like trash in this world. It's because we're different. Our soulmate flower, our flower that's on our soulmate, will differ from other flowers. It will not look norma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Logicality: As long as we have each other
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    *High school au human au * Logan doesn't believe he can love someone he's afraid. Patton wants to be loved he's hopeful Art is not mine

  • Scoundrel - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
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    Prince Roman is a prestigious young royal, who's as wealthy as he is fair. However, he has access to something Captain Virgil Black has been after his entire life, putting a target on his head that ends up getting him captured by pirates. This book is completed.

  • The Boy In The Hoodie [Moxiety]
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    The Boy In The Hoodie sits under the overhang of the closed down cinema. One day, Patton drives by and simply can't help but stop for him. The plan is simply to help the boy, but what becomes is so much more. COVER ART IS NOT MINE Idea came from a comment by @angstwithanP Patton x Virgil Sanders fan fiction. Angst an...

  • Wolf 🐺 Royality 🐺
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    GO ONTO AO3 FOR THIS BOOK! UNDER THE ACCOUNT Concord_Queer! IT WILL BE CALLED "Wolf" OVER THERE! Roman Sanders is a hunter and detective. He heard of some wolf problems in a small town down the coast and the mayor, Logan Sewerd, called him down for some help. When he gets there he meets a man with beautiful blue eyes...

  • Scaredy Cat -Prinxiety **DISCONTINUED**
    44.2K 1.5K 9

    Virgil turns into a Neko only Thomas knows and Virgil wants to keep it that way. Unluckily for him Roman's quite curious in how a cat managed to find its way into the mindscape. **This story has been discontinued**

  • Monster - Prinxiety [COMPLETED]
    181K 10.6K 33

    Being a magic user isn't an abnormal thing, but Prince Virgil has a type of magic only heard about in folk tales and rumors. He tries his best to contain it over the years, but accidentally slips up in front of his and the neighboring kingdoms. As his magic gets out of control and his childhood friend from the neighbo...

  • You've Got To Be Kitten Me - Prinxiety + OC [COMPLETED]
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    What happens when a Side becomes overwhelmed, overworked, or just in overdrive? Why, they turn into a form that won't harm the host of course! What does Virgil turn into? A tiny little black kitten, and boy is he adorable. Such adorable ability might come in handy when dealing with being kidnapped by a dark entity as...

  • Sanders Sides Get Cats - Prinxiety
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    just a lil FanFiction involving the Sanders Sides getting Cats, and a lil Prinxiety too & Logicality and a WARNING!!! gets angsty, I have written 51 pages so far on my A4 Notebook, and OMG, I put myself through the feels ... sorry XD I KNOW that Thomas and ... everyone is allergic to cats but in this story they aint I...

  • A Better Family|| Sanders Sides (Complete)
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    loganxpatton/ virgilxroman sanders sides highschool AU (Daniel, don't read this.)

    Completed   Mature
  • [PRINXIETY] Shine and Be Mine
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    Cover art made for this book by @lunivox ! -- [Prinxiety][Fluff][Angst][Gay] Sanders Sides puts on Phantom of the Opera at their High School. ---- And AU where the Four Sanders Sides Aspects are all physical seniors in High school.

  • Together (Book 1)
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    When Virgil lifted his head from his hands, he locked eyes with Princey. He looked shocked and afraid and a million other emotions that swirled together in a jumble of curiosity and confusion. Virgil calmed the panic in his brain quickly enough to stand. "I-I'm just going to-to go..." he whispered, suddenly more inter...

  • Chemistry - A Sander's Sides Fanfiction
    223K 11.4K 55

    // COMPLETED // Ah-hem . . . Because I'm garbage and bored: An unoriginal and probably predictable/cliché AU where the Sanders Sides all go to high school together! Virgil is the new kid in town, and when the four sides are placed in the same group for chemistry, developing relationships and drama ensues. Roman is for...

  • Lost (Sander Sides fanfiction)
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    Just an ordinary morning. Thomas is getting ready for a video and everything seems just fine? Right? This is what everyone thought...well almost everyone. Someome is waiting in the shadows, ready to attack. What is going to happen when the Sides will have to face their biggest fears and nightmares? How will this effec...

  • Bad Guy | Sanders Sides
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    | Book 1 in the Sanders Series: Anxiety | 'If he was drowning, he'd just have to learn how to swim. Even if he was tempted to let himself go under.' ! PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT DECEIT, THIS WAS BEFORE HIS TIME ! ! PRE-'ACCEPTING ANXIETY' ! || COMPLETED ||

  • No. {Prinxiety}
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    Soulmate week: A special week when you get a tattoo on your wrist, unique only to you and your soulmate. Everyone in the Mind Palace knows about Soulmate week. Well, everyone except for Virgil. Even Decite somehow knew. But the anxious trait doesn't know what to do when he wakes up one morning to discover a strange t...

  • Not Your Average Fairytale - Prinxiety
    98.6K 5K 28

    A Prinxiety Fanfiction. After meeting his opposite, Virgil quickly realizes that he has developed a crush on him, but being the embodiment of Anxiety, he stays quiet, scared of what will happen if he gets hurt. Roman's feelings betray him, when he discovers that he likes a certain "emo nightmare" who goes by Anxiety...

  • Unstable || Prinxiety
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    #1 Thomas Sanders || 8:2:18 Virgil never sleeps. He never eats, never drinks. All he does is work from the comfort of his room, never talking to anyone; never going outside. Without realizing it, he has become famous to all the other sides - "The Drifter," as the youngers' like to call him. Never showing up for meeti...