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  • totally mystery: the mysteryitrix
    231 7 3

    Mystery has fallen over the planet with unknown people who need to be spies on. But the forces of evil of the past have return now it's time for a hero to rise up.

  • Project EDEN vs________
    142 4 3

    A book about Daniel facing various forces in various settings across the multiverse.

  • My Various Male OCs
    3.9K 57 35


  • Kamen Rider Decade: Ryuko's Beginning
    3.9K 49 16

    Completed   Mature
  • Information Multiverse
    281 118 66

    Just a book that'll have info on characters, places, etc from my favorite Games or Anime.

  • The time I got reincarnated As Predaking in the world of Transformers
    3.7K 118 3

    In the city of Detroit, there's peace between humans and robots. However, the Decepticons are here to destroy all life. That is until the Autobots lead by Optimus Prime and his team with there human friend Sari to save the day from the clutches of Megatron. But one cybertronian who's from another universe and once hum...

  • The Strongest Warrior in the Universe
    1.4K 71 6

    (OP OC! Krypton x Anime Harem!) Disclaimer: I don't own any characters in this story. They belong to their respective owners. Rated M for Language and Sexual Content. P.S. All characters are over 18 years old.

    33.3K 1.4K 191

    This will bee my own Idea book and if a story has enough votes I might make it come true I do not own my hero academia

  • The Immortal Phoenix (Phoenix Male Reader x Naruto Harem)
    1.3K 53 4

    There where to god like beast Ninetails and Phoenix as Ninetails was fear the Phoenix was praised. Phoenix and Ninetails already fought and Phoenix has always won.

  • The 10 Hero Ben 10 (Ben 10 Male Reader x MHA Harem)
    3K 59 7

    I will include the Villians and Aliens in MHA Heroes who don't know about the lines due to the secretly government-made Alien Force only Quirkless people can do.

    51 2 2

    I create character orignals ANY PICS ARE NOT MINE

  • The power of Gokai White! (MHA Story)
    257 3 1

    Y/N was Quirkless but was given a morpher by a stranger in a cloak one day and with this morpher, Y/N will be a hero!

  • The Bloody Lightning of DxD!! (DxD Story)
    411 6 1

    Y/N Hyoudou is the brother of Issei but while Issei was a pervert and a disappointment, Y/N was thriving while Iseei was always gone with his friends until Y/N met his sacred gear, The Zinogre Gear!!

  • The Indominus Ninja! (Naruto Story)
    435 6 1

    Y/N Uzumaki found a scroll during the Wave Mission and hid it and when he arrived to his apartment he found it was a summoning scroll...The Indominus Summon in particular....

  • I am Y/N Uzumaki, The Legacy of The Emperor of Mankind!
    253 3 1

    Y/N was born from and Echo of the Emperor who took over Minato's body and impregnated Kushina... Y/N swiftly adjusts to his powers and role, though he gained a group of powerful women called his "Sisters" Just what will he do?

  • The Agent Symbiote of WHOOP! (Totally Spies Story)
    175 4 1

    Y/N Uzumaki is a top elite agent of WHOOP and ye meets four unique women...three of which are feeling upset about their Husbands leaving them and their daughters... It's ok though, because Y/N will shower them with love

  • Y/N the wielder of Biometal XO! (MHA Story)
    161 0 1

    Y/N Hunter, a mysterious boy that joined UA one knows what his Quirk is and that's because...he's Quirkless... However he unfortunately attracts a certain girl....

    261 4 1

    Y/N is a third year student at UA and actually is a graduate and has skipped fourth year and is the chaperone for Class 1-A, I wonder how he'll keep them in check?

  • The amazing Gamer Spider-Man
    511 16 2

    This is a story about Akira Mishima and his adventures as the Gamer spider man

  • Fallen child of the boiling isles
    338 14 2

    This is a magical tale of a magical kid who ends up in the boiling isles and is determined to make his place in the world

  • Oc for hire
    5.6K 178 65

    For more info please read

  • Ninten Law vs massive harem
    2.2K 55 9

    Funny how life plays out sometimes this guys goes to UA and climbed the ranks as one of the students but that's the kicker here this guy has a harem and the girls keep going what's a guy to do and will he be able to support his YouTube channel and rap career

  • Symbiotic Heros
    17.2K 584 7

    One day four friends named Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Tsuyu Asui, and Toga Himiko. They are four friends who do almost everything together. All of them dream of becoming heros when they grow up. But Izuku was diagnosed quirkless so he's regularly bullies for that at school. The three girls don't care about him be...

  • Prince of Heros
    44.8K 973 12

    Izuku Yagi was his name. Well adopted name. He was adopted when he was a baby by the Yagi family. His life was good until he turned four years old and was diagnosed quirkless. His friends and Dad turned their back on him. Only his adopted Mom and Sister cared for him. One day he was out with his Mom and Sister when vi...

  • Dragonslayer Outcast
    141K 2.2K 17

    Izuku has just suffered a beating by his 'friends'. This was like the hundred beating he got from them. (In this one 1a knows about each other since they were kids so a lot bashing) Izuku runs away and gets on a ship bound for Magnolia. A town outside of Japan and another continent. He's discovered but manage to convi...

  • Story Book Idea
    679 14 24

    All my stories and future ideas

  • Tashi Akuma: The Amazing Spider-Man!
    1.6K 27 11

    In an alternate universe, Tashi Akuma is Quirkless. It wouldn't be a problem... Except for the fact that he's tormented by Neito Monoma and (an unwilling) Shoto Todoroki. Tashi was ready to just give up on being a Hero until, Nana Shimura, gifts Tashi with a red and blue super spider. It bites him and granted him amaz...

  • The Rebellious One (Reboot)
    57.7K 1.1K 23

    "Someone like you who let his soul rot can't measure up just by gaining power, compared to someone with a REAL soul" Dante (Devil May Cry Anime)

  • The Champion of Omnitron
    345 5 2

    The tyrannical Lord Valcon and his own Decepticon army have conquered and enslaved the Transformer colony planet, Omnitron. It was then that Aeon and his best friend, Terax, discovered a legendary weapon called The Sword of Justice at the mines before they escaped and met a blind hermit and soothsayer named Genesis Pr...

  • Omni-AlienTrixHero! Story of The Second user!
    64.8K 870 69

    The story is about another superhero character which is you on your story who becomes an omnitrix hero like Ben, but you are known to be the second user. You basically go into an adventure where you meet the DC superhero girls and join on their adventure on fighting evil, entering to different worlds, and including me...