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  • !Suprise Mate!
    668 6 5

    An omega with 2 personalities An alpha with anger issues.

  • The gang leader wants me
    11.3M 249K 38

    His name is Sebastian Knight, he is the most dangerous man ever. He is a gang leader of the top feared gang called 'the vipers'. Wherever he goes people bow down with respect, if you ever disrespect him you would have been killed within seconds. Sebastian does have one night stands but never allows those sluts in his...

  • Mermaid facts and spells
    10.1K 178 25

    this book has facts about mermaids plus spells. Being told by a real mermaid

  • Now that your gone
    9 2 1

    this is of a girl 13 year old girl who lost her father she wasn't expecting this she wasn't in the same country as her dad. but will she be able to beat the demons in her head.