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  • That Blonde Bastard
    6K 354 6

    UNDERGOING EDITS Kirishima is UA's transfer student bad boi and only has interests in manly things and becoming the number one hero. He only respects those that are strong like his hardening quirk. His piercings, cocky attitude, and foul mouth repulsed everyone around him except the class social butterfly Bakugou. Bak...

  • Scars of Our Love - TodoDeku (Soulmate AU)
    303K 10.7K 36

    ~c o m p l e t e d ~ Quirk, a word so unique with a different meaning for everyone. Some think it's a use of power, but is much more than that. 80% of people born with a quirk are also born with a scar, indicating their soulmate. To find their soulmate, the two must use their quirks on each other, only to find themsel...

  • Psychopath (Villain!Deku x Todoroki)
    87.8K 2.4K 33

    Deku was born with a villainous quirk named 'Blood Crave', which was made the user crave blood and improve their strength on the blood they get. The doctors decided to keep it a secret from him and his parents, until one day when it starts damaging Deku as mentally in his school year at Yuuei (UA) •the pictures aren'...

    Completed   Mature
  • He's mine (todoroki x midoriya )
    10.8K 297 8

    A world where vampires are ranked as the top And humans are ranked at the bottom Shouto todoroki, born as an immortal vampire, he felt that it was amazing living an infinite life.that all changed when he stumbles upon a cute little human named izuku midoriya