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  • Fandom Smuts
    14.2K 66 2

    All da smuts. Shows, Movies, Bands, and Books if I now about them.

  • Is That... Granger?
    176K 3K 15

    Hermione changes herself completely for Draco to finally notice her.. And boy does he notice her. Full disclosure all characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The only thing I own is the plot ❤️

  • Dramione Smut-book
    522K 4.6K 47

    Smut Lemons Fluff Angst WARNING: MATURE CONTENT

  • Mrs Soon-To-Be Malfoy
    34.6K 524 1

    Draco wakes up one fine morning and finds the love of his life sleeping next to him after the erotic session they had last night. What post-sex talks do they have ?! (Dramione ;) )- completed one shot.