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  • The Land of the Free - Red Dead Redemption
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    I've been so excited about the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and inspired to write this story. ~~~ 1911 - Neoma Elina, is a 20 year old Native woman who lives in a reservation in West Elisabeth, disguised as a man. She is known by everyone as the bounty hunter Jesse Creed, who lives among the Natives. One day she...

  • Avatar: The Earthbending Revolution
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    (Strays from what's cannon) Avatar Korra has been dead for almost 20 years, and people are starting to doubt there will be another avatar. Ever since Raava was ripped out of her, and her connection with the past avatars was lost, Korra always had a tiny doubt there wouldn't be another Avatar. Fortunately, it just took...