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  • The White Dragon [Yuri on Ice, Viktuuri]
    77.2K 2.4K 21

    During his pilgrimage to another town, Yuuri Katsuki discovered a huge white dragon wounded in the woods. Despite the fear, he decided that the right thing to do is help him, not knowing that they will form a strong human-dragon bond between them. Medieval AU. Viktuuri, Otaturio (background) Fluff, Hurt/Confort, Menti...

  • Sudden Love Story [Yurio On Ice, Viktuuri] (Eng)
    27K 776 14

    *Yuuri was 13 years old the day he met the boy who in 10 years would be his husband. But he didn't know that. *Viktor was 17 years old the day he met the boy who in 10 years would be his husband. And if anyone had told him that, he wouldn't have doubted it. NOT SHOTA. Viktor and Yuuri will fall in love over the years...

  • Can I be your boyfriend? [YOI, Viktuuri] (English version)
    18.2K 646 10

    Yuuri Katsuki couldn't believe what was happening. Viktor Nikiforov, the most popular boy in the university, was talking to him. Not only that, but... he had just confessed his love for him. A joke. Yes, that must be a joke. Spoilers: It wasn't a joke.

  • The Steadfast Tin Soldier [Viktuuri, YOI]
    403 25 1

    The Steadfast Tin Soldier AU where Yuuri is a soldier who falls in love with a dancer and looking him dance every night without knowing that the dancer had already noticed him. Viktuuri. No angst. Fluff.

  • Just another night [Yuri on ice, Viktuuri]
    6.2K 250 6

    Yuri thought he would have a quiet night at his night job when a silver-haired man appeared. AKA Viktor is a living legend of ice skating who falls in love with the cashier of a convenience store. Viktuuri. AU. Fluff.

  • A way to fall down [Pyramid HeadXJames] (ENG)
    357 6 1

    James was in the wrong place at the wrong time ... or maybe not? Pyramid HeadXJames. Rapefic. Accidental Voyeurism.

    Completed   Mature
  • My lovely Alpha [Viktuuri, omegaverse Au] (Yuri on ice)
    292 20 3

    Katsuki Yuuri was an alpha without much expectations in romance, so he was greatly surprised when he realize that the model and omega Viktor Nikiforov was interested in him. [Spanish version available on my profile]