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  • Fleurs Captives (Joshler)
    263K 18.7K 72

    "Did you know me? Have you seen me on your TV? They're still looking." -Nicole Dollanganger (Have You Seen Me?) ***Trigger warnings for abuse, kidnapping, blood, gore, violence, brutality, and probably a lot more.*** DISCONTINUED

  • The Married Man | joshler
    1.4M 70K 67

    josh is tyler's assistant. tyler is married, but he doesn't see that stopping him from getting what he wants. highest rank ✩#2 on joshler tag✩ ©agonyteen

  • Lockjaw (Joshler)
    139K 12.2K 55

    "This is how it often goes, sold into captivity so long ago. This is how it often goes. God knows I would know." -Mothers (Lockjaw) As awful as it sounded, Josh's favourite letters were the ones that came from people who, for some reason, thought he'd want to be their boyfriend. That didn't make any sense to him. You'...

  • blossom ↣ joshler ✓
    303K 14.5K 62

    "Why in the world do you have a babysitter? You're a teenager." "I have zero idea but my mother is paying you to watch me do my homework so you might as well just deal with it." ©nicosniners

  • band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟
    405K 17.2K 31

    from june to august, a camp was held for teens ages 14 to 17. it was a camp created for aspiring musicians. it was divided into two, vocals and instruments. first fanfiction rip? trigger warnings***

  • Closet Thoughts (a short Joshler story) 🏳️‍🌈 ✔️
    23.7K 1.7K 33

    HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! I wanted to write a one-shot for pride month, but I turned it into a short story because pride month and my gay readers deserve more than just a one-shot. Tyler Joseph is a great high school kid: He's popular, is great at basketball, has great friends and good grades. However, he chooses to live a l...

  • Online Interactions | Joshler
    80.1K 4K 45

    [new joshler fic; they're in high school and start talking over online and find out they're at the same school and all that hoopla] the above is literally the description i made on the doc im using to write this

  • Fall Off The Grid (adopted by twenty one pilots)
    50.8K 1.2K 32

    16 year old Laney Roberts leaves home with nothing after her mom's recent death and her father not caring at all. With only her music and her dark thoughts, she goes somewhere to try to be with her mom again. But, on her way while wandering around Columbus to avoid her fate, she finds two boys of twenty one pilots who...

  • Hello criminal » joshler/tysh
    45.7K 2.4K 11

    {Sequel to » Hello Officer} (Description will come later on, I don't want to give anything away)

  • Creek Blues (Jalsey)
    33.2K 2.7K 21

    Prequel/sequel to Lividity (Joshler) READ LIVIDITY FIRST "You're already dead. You just don't know it yet. You are sick, and I hate you and love you for it. You're a wreck, but I'm always going to want you." -Nicole Dollanganger (Creek Blues) ***Trigger warnings on necessary chapters.*** DISCONTINUED

  • Sacrificial Lamb (Joshler)
    71.9K 4.3K 30

    Tyler doesn't fit in. Josh doesn't fit in. Tyler is afraid to go to school. Josh is afraid to go home. Tyler is in honours classes. Josh is in a satanic cult. Those kinds of parallels don't happen for no reason.

    Completed   Mature
  • Hello officer » Joshler/tysh
    244K 12.3K 32

    Tyler is a police officer. Josh is just a criminal who seems to constantly find himself in front of Tyler's trusty police taser. Just read it, because I know you want to *wiggles eyebrows* Yes I am attempting to seduce you into reading this fic

    Completed   Mature
  • Church Camp Talks (a Joshler fanfic)
    208K 11.1K 108

    Joshua loves his friends and Youth Church more than anything else. That's why he can't wait to go on Church camp again. It's his happiest place and time on earth. Tyler dislikes everything related to Christianity. He's an atheist, though his parents are Christian. Tyler isn't a believer and neither are his friends, w...

  • Video Blog (Joshler) [✓]
    118K 8K 24

    tyler thinks the world is a horrible, ugly place. then he meets josh. ❀ joshler youtube au lowercase intended ❀ completed may 08 2017 ©cutmylip 2017

  • VESSEL [JOSHLER] *completed*
    101K 5.5K 35

    When Tyler's parents send him off to what they believe is a reform camp, he's partnered up with a boy named Josh. The two struggle to escape the institution as they're put through many difficult situations they must overcome. Will they be able to escape with the help of their friends and will Tyler be able to crack Jo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Celebrate [a Joshler story]
    100K 4.7K 60

    Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses his family. His crew tries anything to make it better, but no one can help him. That is until one day, a guy asks him if he's alright, when he finds hi...

  • Basic Human Decency (Ashley/Josh/Tyler)
    49.4K 3.2K 32

    Sequel to Sacrificial Lamb 14 months after DISCONTINUED

  • ∆H.Ø.L.Y∇
    157K 10.3K 49

    "You're the healing hands where it used to hurt, you're my saving grace, you're my kind of church; You're holy." Tyler's a single parent and Josh moves in next door. ©WanderlustJoseph

    Completed   Mature