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  • abstraction|h.s.
    11.3K 395 3

    [second book after 'quondam'] i didn't embrace my love for you until it was too late. + lowercase intended. alternate universe. emotional.

  • quondam √ h.s.
    68.2K 2.8K 17

    that once was; former. do you remember the first time you said you loved me, harry? |The Kiwi Styles Awards 2018; Harry Styles A.U. [5th place]| + lowercase intended. alternate universe. short chapters and story. completed & edited.

  • with every beat of my heart √ h.s.
    35.8K 1.6K 12

    "what would distinguish a nightmare from a dream? within the former, there is fear, anxiety, sadness. you are not able to find enjoyment from a nightmare, but rather your own personal hell. your mind knows what lies in its darkest corner, and seemingly uses it against you when you close your eyes. a dream dangles a fa...

  • cherry wine √ h.s.
    40.3K 1.9K 15

    and with the deafening mind of hers came a sorrow she submitted to. it was as if she was submerged underwater for years of her life, solely being focused on how everything was amplified beneath the surface. it was all very loud, similar to the volume of river rapids, and maybe the only way for her to subdue it was to...

  • within the meadow √ h.s.
    101K 4.5K 47

    within the meadow where the birds chirped and flowers bloomed, the two souls collided like summer and autumn and the changes of the season brought them closer than ever. it was the meadow where magic happened and life blew by giving no time to realize that they too blew away with the wind of winter leaving a chilling...

  • tesoro|h.s.
    64.9K 2K 14

    her lip was between his teeth and her heart between his fingers. set in italy in the 1950s. + lowercase intended. alternate universe. sweet. mature content.

  • Best Harry Styles Fanfictions
    57.9K 97 18

    Harry Styles Fanfictions which are seriously worth a read. P.S. It is my opinion do share your opinions.

  • bedfellow | harry styles au
    370K 11.8K 41

    bedfellow; a person who shares a bed with another in which a sad girl and a troubled boy share a bed, nothing else.

  • Optimism//h.s
    370K 8.8K 52

    "If I ever win you," He said anger bright in his pale green eyes, " It will be because you wanted me more." He knew for certain that she belonged forever in his arms, just as he knew she didn't realize it yet. THIS BOOK WILL CONTAIN MATURE MATERIAL

  • The Doctor (Harry Styles AU)
    177K 4.2K 58

    Highest ranking - #1 in #harrystyles,#harrystylesau and #psychiatrist "You saved my life doctor...thank you so much" she smiled. "No, that's what you did" Harry said, smiling. 24 year old, Dr.Harry Styles is a rich and successful psychiatrist in London. Left heart broken by his ex girlfriend, all his focus is on his...

  • Adore [H.S.]
    21.7M 519K 79

    Isabella Maxwell: a girl that craved adventure. Harry Styles: a guy that fights to give her one. Harry Styles AU // This story has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Styles. His physical traits are used but nothing more. This is fiction. // Includes mature scenes without warning. All Rights Reserved © jhildey 2014 *...

  • If I could fly {h.s} -
    2.1M 47.8K 37

    When Lola gets chased through one of New York's finest real estates , she finally reaches safety. However, the door in which she stumbled through happened to belong to one of the richest men in New York. In return for hiding her from the Police, the Billionaire composes a deal, a deal that changed lolas life forever...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wish You Were Here - Part 3
    1.6M 48K 51

    PART 3: Harry & Olivia's epic love story continues.. What happens when the honeymoon's over?

    Completed   Mature
  • DEAR HARRY, | H.S.
    5.1M 133K 64

    What happens when you email Harry Styles for relationship advice...and he responds? Highest Ranking- #9 in Fanfiction

  • Art | Harry Styles
    564K 19.4K 43

    A shy boy who sees beauty in everything he lays eyes on, and a confident girl who doesn't believe in love, finding common ground in the world of art. tw.

    6K 227 2

    "W-what are you?" "I've waited centuries for you, my love."

  • Rosier Manoir ❧ H.S.
    8K 131 1

    ❧ COMING SOON ❧ When Tallis is sent to live in Rosier Manoir after the invasion of France during World War II in 1940, she never expected the man whom was to watch over her would be so keen of whips and ropes, and she never thought he would have such an urge to use them on her.

  • Home (H.S)
    693K 19.6K 51

    Eleanor has everything she wants. Mysterious, yet aloof Harry cant quite figure out what that is for him yet. Though two very different people, their circumstances force them together and make them realize that sometimes all you need is someone who you can call home. "I think some people are just inexplicably bonded...

  • artist (harry styles au)
    232K 7.2K 27

    I ignored his cute chestnut curls and his plump lips, along with his green eyes. I also attempted to ignore his accent. Do you know how hard it is to try to ignore your teacher completely?

  • Broken Glass [h.s.]
    266K 11.5K 22

    When Dove promises Mr Styles she'll make sure his son gets out of the town safely in exchange of him freeing her parents, she doesn't think anything could go wrong. Unfortunately, things don't quite go as planned as she finds herself stuck with the stubborn and overall just plain annoying Harry Styles, who doesn't was...

  • Rejected
    233K 4.6K 41

    Love. Tattoos. Drugs. Fights. Pain. Heartbreak. Suspense. Agony. Mystery. Him. **Note: This book is not edited. This is the first book I have completed years ago as an inexperienced author; therefore the work is not my best. The chapters are also very short and rough in the beginning, because this was originally a sho...

  • Bathroom {h;s}
    128K 2.8K 32

    Isabelle didn't know it was the men's restroom and not the women's...

  • the favor (a Harry Styles fanfic)
    222K 5.9K 48

    all good stories start off in closets. and so does this one.

  • the writer // harry styles au
    226K 7.5K 45

    In which Harry Styles, a young, successful writer, falls in love with Alexis Russel, but does it the wrong way.

    Completed   Mature
    212K 5.4K 36

    “This was for me?” I whisper looking around the candle lit room. “Only you. This will always be yours. All of me". * This book contains sex, swearing, humour and a whole lot of unrequited, misguided love. ALL ©Copyrights to @crazenation 2014

  • Diner | Harry Styles
    321K 8.3K 46

    Avery Martin is a smart 18-year-old with a boyfriend of one year, two rich parents, and goes to an Ivy League school. As disaster strikes between her and her boyfriend, Avery finds herself visiting a 24-hour diner late at night to forget about him. She meets an employee named Harry Styles and befriends him.

    Completed   Mature