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  • real steel enemy of atom
    61 5 1

    here a brave charlie kenton has a robot atom,they thought he's unbeatable.wheel roun is the new champion were any robot who tried to fight him got broken,lets see who will atom beat.not all, but the last champion zues got fixed,see what happend

  • Cambiando el pasado, presente y futuro
    1.7K 67 6

    Que ocurriría si nuestra querida Miko supiera que se comprometió hace más de 1000 años? Esto cambiaría algo en su vida?, Seguiría sintiendo algo por Inuyasha o acaso lo olvidaría y seguiría su compromiso.

  • "ms. police"
    21.3K 989 8

    Yandere!Hawks x Reader (Name) was smart. Deadly smart. Smart to the point that no one could defeat her when it comes to being outsmarted. Though- This power, she knew, was made for being a police officer, but not just any police officer. A detective. And, well, Hawks just so happens to take notice of her immediately.

  • we're all crazy for you (bhna assylum x reader story)
    18.9K 481 5

    you just got your new job at ojima isane assylum you have four different patients shoto todoroki izuku midoriya ejiro kirishima katsuki bakugo you try to be nice to them but mabye you being nice isn't the best option

  • Pajaro soñador
    6.4K 89 4

    HOLA?! bueno esta es la historia ¡ANTES! De que Sanem y Can empezarán a tontear tanto como en el episodio antes del beso

  • Amor entre dos jinchuriki
    41.9K 2.4K 12

    Eres una chica normal ecepto por una cosa ella no creen en cosas de confiar en mas personas que no sea su familia hasta que lo encontró a el

  • Pink Fantasy || Ayato Yuri
    9.2K 967 11

    "No sé qué llamó su atención. Pudo ser mi forma de vestir, mi forma de expresarme... O quizá mi forma de besarle. No sé qué llamó su atención, pero decidió aceptarme completamente. Abrazó todo lo que otros habían rechazado... Y nos sometimos a una espiral de lujuria y amor."

  • Male Mikasa x Male Oc x Male Annie (Book 1) (Completed)
    4.2K 55 3

    I know I know I have't finish the other YAOI stories please forgive me anyway back to the story. This stories about two guys finding Hikari which you guys know is my male Oc from the other story and telling him that his there mate.Ok I guess that's just what I want to say now enjoy^^.

  • 𝑴𝒆𝒓𝒖𝒆𝒎 ˣᴼᶜ
    16.8K 1.9K 23

    Misaki est une jeune fermière de dix-sept ans vivant seule avec son oncle du nom de Yuï. Cette jeune protagoniste semble heureuse bien qu'elle ne connaît point ses parents... mais un événement horrible brûle son quotidien plaisant et son avenir. Deux fourmis-chimères parviennent jusqu'à leur domicile et laisse notre j...

  • Iguro x Reader Lemon
    11K 269 1

    A nice little smutty lemon about everyones favorite serpent pillar

  • La hija perdida de Ariel
    87.8K 4.1K 56

    Todos conocemos a Morgana la hermana de Ursula pero no todos conocen el por qué siempre está oculta o el por qué siempre tiene que llevar comida que no está hecha de pescado. Fácil ella robo la hija menor de Ariel

  • The Mate Of Katakuri (One Piece Fanfiction)
    1.5K 31 3

    A young princess of the Wolftopiea Kingdom where she was going to be forced to marry a tall young man called Katakuri but her parent's thought that it was a good idea so that she can save her Kingdom. Yuki is the princess of the Wolftopiea Kingdom. Katakuri and Yuki talked about their pasts while they were smiling and...

  • Jurassic World Reader Insert || Gray's Twin
    41.3K 768 18

    You are the 13 year old twin sister of Gray Mitchell. You, Gray, and your 16 year old brother Zach are going to Jurassic World. What will happen? Will you make it out alive? •• » I do not own Jurassic World

  • New Love (Azami Nakiri X Reader)
    4.7K 121 3

    I do not own anything to Shokugeki No Soma. All rights belong to their persons and all that good stuff. During Azami's banishment, he was pulled away from his wife the woman he married to gain the Nakiri name and his Daughter. What if during that time after he lost his way he soon found someone who worth his time wh...

  • El vacío de Pitch Black
    262 37 2

    Todos conocemos a Pitch Black, un ser que se alimenta del miedo de los demás, lo pintamos como el malvado que nuestros "héroes" derrotarán, pero...las preguntas son... ¿alguna vez alguien le ha preguntado el ¿por qué él simplemente quiere reinar sin importar quién sufra?.. no será.. ¿Que se siente vacío?.. ¿Que no a p...

  • Beauty and The Beast ¦ Harry Hook & Tú
    55.6K 3.9K 13

    No era novedad que la familia real se enamorara de los menos esperados. Bella se enamoro de Bestia, Ben de Mal, y _____, la menor de la familia, se enamoro de ¿un pirata? Inicio: 26 de Julio de 2019 Portada por: -Yellowsmiles Esta historia está inspirada en la película Descendientes de Disney. Todos los créditos a los...

  • please dont go [Ulquiorra x Reader]
    4.1K 97 8

    You're [y/n] a very popular and kind girl at ichigo 's school. But one day you find ichigo in a fight against a hollow and get to know the real Power that you never knew was inside of you ro help him. But what would happen if someone saw your strength and would get interested? Btw. i hope you like my First fanfiction...

  • The odd ones (Ulquiorra x reader)
    1.5K 77 9

    *puts no real description in here and just blabbing about things* So Ulquiorra has been my favorite character in Bleach for a long time so I thought that it would be great to write a story about him. My second piece so still not that great. I don't update often but when I do I'll try to make things good. Read if you...

    403 51 1

    3K 169 20

    eres una chica que sufre belling en la escuela,eres de ese tipo de chica muy inteligente seria fria y digamos que rara te gusta la musica y los espiritos entonses decides invocar a uno y te aparece hades ... y hades a l verte se enamoro de ti y te protejera en su forma humana pero claro no cambiara su actitut hasta qu...

  • Ice Age: The Middle
    95.3K 2K 29

    Yeah I still suck at descriptions but enjoy nonetheless { Ice Age: The Meltdown } { Diego x OC } { Book 2 out of ??? } { First Book - Ice Age: The Beginning } Book Cover by iweasleyspal

  • Ice Age: The Beginning
    208K 4.9K 29

    Two Sabers, a sloth and a mammoth are all what it took to bring a baby human back to his father. Sarabi a sabretooth tiger is the adoptive younger sister to Manny the mammoth after a few complications with her real family. Join Sarabi on her journey, where she encounters another saber and a sloth that joins them on th...

  • Jurassic War. (Sequel)
    6.3K 136 6

    Life in the city was pretty good, But everything changed when the Jurassic Era came to us. But hey I can't complain, because I'm one of them. It's been 1 year since Jurassic World was closed due to.....technical difficulties. Rebecca has been living with Owen and Clair and it's been fantastic. Because o...

  • La hermana de Hidan(Akatsuki Y tu)
    31.4K 1.4K 24

    eres una chica que .... tiene un mal pasado ,feos recuerdos y un chakra alusinante

  • Princesses body guard! Yandere various Seven deadly sins x Holy Knight! reader
    4.2K 168 2

    She Was a Leader, Pure of heart, She was a Warrior. Y/n L/n A True Holy knight looked up by many other Knights, She was there inspiration to keep on moving. Y/n was now assigned as the body guard of the princess. What happens when the Character's fall under an obsession for this True Holy knight?

  • Yandere Jurassic World x reader oc
    3.3K 84 3

    all the dinosaurs are Male so Blue is a male now and so is the Indominus Rex Kiya Johnson is a girl who works at Jurassic World she is the youngest worker there her parents died when she was 5 adopted by Claire and right now she is 17 and she works with a lot of different dinosaurs and the ones she works with only tru...

  • Married to a God (Thor X reader)
    27.5K 692 17

    A/N BOOK IS CLOSED FOR NOW! I won't be updating! She looks up. "A poor girl who is the handmaiden of the royal prince! They fall in love and get married and are crowned king and queen! Then a year goes by and they soon have children! Lots and lots of childre- "Alright Lucy." I chuckle. I went back to cutting my carro...

  • Descontrol [Loki y Tu]
    36.3K 2.1K 19

    "No puedes estar con el enemigo" "¿Acaso quieres que te maten?, eres una Stark, no ensucies nuestro honor" "No puedes dejar el equipo por ese Dios del ENGAÑO, te esta lavando la mente___" Esas palabras rondaban en la mente de la joven, pero, ¿tomaría sus consejos?

  • Cortejo Midgardiano - Thorki [Especial San Valentín.]
    5.7K 673 1

    Thor siente curiosidad por el Día de San Valentín, con los sabios consejos de sus amigos será capaz de darle a Loki el regalo perfecto, bueno, tal vez. -One Shot Thorki. 💕Especial por San Valentín💕 Espero que les guste ❤

  • Soy como tú (Katakuri X OC)
    10.7K 734 29

    ¿Dónde estuviste toda mi vida? Después de la tormenta viene la calma, o quizás... el amor.