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  • I C U | Pentagon Kino ✔
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    kino was the first person who saw her. ___________________________ Title: I C U Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Fanfiction Written by: Heymello Published: April 02, 2018 End: June 05, 2018 All rights reserved. Text copyright © heymello™ ㅡ 2018

  • Empathy | nct dream
    65.5K 4.1K 17

    7 boys enter a random horror game they find online, will they survive through it or die like the rest? slow updates due to school ✧˖*°࿐ [ DISCLAIMER ] there will be some underage drinking and small romance/smut scenes as well between old...

  • teach me; markhyuck
    639K 28.9K 32

    'can you teach me how to kiss?' ⚠️: cringe ahead. don't read if you can't stand hangul! if not, welcome!

  • my lollipop ⇝ markhyuck [discontinued]
    46.5K 2.1K 39

    It all started at a lollipop that has been covered with two different saliva. 《Oct/??/17》 《??/??/??》

  • Ice Cream -markhyuck {✔}
    49.1K 2.5K 13

    ice mark and creamy chan isn't it ice cream? Even the title is ice cream. It's not that fluff. Or creamy. -kaichan's original 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • The Tease [Yuta]
    770K 37.2K 23

    For some reason he won't leave you alone! It's every class he HAS to bother you in some way. Now you're paired up for a project with him? "Please Yuta LEAVE ME ALONE." Yuta X Reader (ft. Taeyong, Johnny,and Doyoung)