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  • island » harry styles
    54.3K 3.3K 8

    she dreamed of the island, and he, freedom. cover credits; @sweaterlou © reliefs

  • target ϟ 5sos
    2.2M 99K 30

    "thank you for choosing target, we'll see you tomorrow."

  • Hex [h.s]
    3.3M 135K 84

    "To break the curse is to kill the one who casted it upon you." Book #1 Trailer is made by: @BoundToLove Highest rank: #51 in Fanfiction

  • goodnight kisses » h.s.
    1M 29.1K 10

    [short story: ✔] ❝sometimes i wish you were awake when i do this❞ every night he'd put her to bed and kiss her lips, just wondering how it would feel if she returned them. | lowercase intended | ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved cover by: vanja p.s. i wrote this a while back and i'm aware that it's a tad creep...

  • Half Bad // Harry Styles
    3.6M 123K 40

    He was destined to be evil; it was in his blood. He was destined to kill; it was in his blood. But destiny takes a turn when he does the unexpected, unacceptable, and downright insane thing no other creature of his species has dared to do... He falls in love. [Highest Ranking: #15 in Paranormal] -Please note that thi...

  • disorder » styles
    171K 10K 17

    I am not defined by my disorders or flaws, but how I have survived and conquered.

  • outsider [h.s]
    7.1M 203K 45

    Imagine a society where everything is absolutely perfect, or at least that's what they make it out to be.

  • mirror game
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    "you stand in front of a mirror." she said. "and you call his name 4 times." germanyharry © 2014 // completed: 30.12.2014

  • The Parent Plan » Harry Styles
    1.5M 65.9K 43

    [completed] Two five year olds, two single parents - one plan. ©2014 TypicalFangirlx all rights reserved.

  • Unpredictable
    4K 110 5

    "YEAH?" "YEAH."

  • 7 Sins
    289K 12.2K 58

    "We are punished by our sins, not for them"

    Completed   Mature