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  • Optical Illusion
    8.7K 315 12

    Even naive baby blue eyes can be deceived at times... Her worst nightmares come to life and Maddie must do whatever it takes to face and conquer them. *Second book in series, go check out Warrior if you haven't read it already.

  • Prisoner 198 (The 100 Fanfic)
    215K 6.9K 30

    Confined for being born, for being different. And she's only 12 years old.

  • Hell and Back (The 100)
    414K 13.6K 42

    Having been ripped out of her mother's arms right after being born a minute later than her twin, Wren Jordan was sent to the Sky Box on the Ark. Considered a criminal for the simple act of being born, lonely walls and cell guards are all she has and all she's ever known for the past seventeen years. When forced out...

  • Going To Earth (The 100)
    38.9K 884 30

    Being terrified out of her 13 year old mind, and the one of the youngest criminals on the ark; Apollo gets sent down to Earth with the rest of the 99 teenage Ark criminals and one unexpected passenger.

  • 1 | Only Human ♛ The 100
    377K 9.8K 39

    ❝Yes! I am scared. I am so scared that all I want to do is curl up in a ball and cry. But, you know what? I learned that faking your way into being brave is not the way to gain respect. I know that I hate crying, but showing that I'm scared makes me human. Because, you know what? We are only human.❞ ♛♛♛ BOOK...

  • Leaders ( bellarke ) the 100 fanfic [ book 1]
    785K 19.9K 70

    The 100. The writing is iffy in the beginning. You will see how I grow when the stories grow. It's bellarke. And the ending of every chapter will get you.

  • Becoming Air (The 100)
    104K 3K 22

    Arlean Rhyne was ready to be killed. Actually she was looking forward to it. After all she had nothing left to live for. But instead Arlean finds herself in a drop ship with another 99 teen criminals, heading to Earth for the first time in some 100 years. But when they land ,Arlean and the 100 find that the threats...