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  • The Sleepless Night Trilogy: Moss Man (Book Three)
    22 3 1

    (Fictional short story) A young woman recounts the horrors of her childhood, when she dared venture into the dark woods of Louisiana, where an evil and mysterious creature lurked.

  • The Sleepless Night Trilogy: 9:00 Run (Book Two)
    16 4 1

    (Fictional short story) A teenage boy's late night run at his high school's track is interrupted by a mysterious and eery figure in the bleachers. All he wants is to leave, but the shady figure refuses to allow it, and he must find a way to escape the harassment of the strange person.

  • The Sleepless Night Trilogy: Muddy Boots (Book One)
    67 9 2

    Muddy Boots is a fictional, short horror story, which is about an insane home intruder of a young couple's country home. With the husband working the nightshift at his job in the city, the wife is left at home alone, and when she discovers a man hiding in her closet, her once relatively peaceful night is turned into a...