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  • A Danisnotonfire Fanfiction [on hold]
    203K 2.3K 17

    Courtney is obsessed with youtubers. When she discovers Danisnotonfire, she never expected to meet him the same day. After setting her best friend Carys up with Dan's best friend, Phil, they all become close. What will happen to their relationship? Will anything mess it up? (I'm sorry the title isn't very original l...

  • Real Life: Deidara and Tobi!? (Naruto Fan Fic ~)
    22.8K 369 22

    Hah, yes another story about the akatsuki coming to life. But this time only Deidara and Tobi. What's there plan on life? Is what little 13 year old Tayla asks herself ! Why her? Why Japan? What's happening ?!?!