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  • MISS COSMIC ϟ The Flash
    92.7K 3K 55

    "The Streak? What does he do? Run around naked to scare the villains away?" Doctor Emily Stone is a young scientific researcher who is desperate to find a cure for her mother's deteriorating condition. But, when Emily's worst fears come true and the particle accelerator explodes, how will she cope when she loses every...

  • DC Legends of Tomorrow: The Glitch: Glitching Through Time
    162K 4.5K 78

    Clarity spring was your average nerdy 22 year old girl. Well at least she was before a crazy scientist named Doctor Wells decided to turn on a particle accelerator that he couldn't control and she got super powers. Her ability is to control anything with technology including lightning. She basically controls electric...

  • The Love That Was Lost / Karamel One Shot
    506 21 2

    He came back. This is a fluffy Christmas one shot. This is the story of Kara and Mon-el's journey through love. Hope you enjoy. There is no Imra in this story. I love her character but I didn't need her for this story. I do not own Any of the characters they are owned by the CW, DCTV and writers of Supergirl. CW Sup...

  • Me and You | CWFanficAward Category Winner
    16K 388 26

    They say that you should never be friends with your ex. But, when Felicity decides to stay and help Oliver be the Green Arrow, both of them realize that things aren't the same. When Oliver decides to say the three words, things get even more complicated, but will the new villain Clark and the new small meta help ease...