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  • His Hold On Me
    6.1K 333 21

    "I'm sorry but I don't believe you told me your name" "Oh, my apologies. I'm Gellert. Gellert Grindlewald" *** It's the start of her last year at Hogwarts and with the war over, Hermione finally has to face the loneliness that has been creeping up on her for a while. With all of her friends in relationships, she could...

  • The unintentional Crimes of Grindelwald
    11.1K 410 33

    Gellert Grindelwald. Albus Dumbledore had wished to never hear that name again. The name of someone he had once loved - and still did. Grindelwald is back - out of prison and willing to start a war to make his dream come true - the dream of a 'greater world'. He only needs one person to make that dream come true. And...

  • Lullaby Of Time
    59.2K 1.8K 55

    After the battle of Hogwarts, Hermione gets hit with a spell that sends her back in time to 1927! She wakes up to find a blonde haired man with one blue eye and one brown eye above her. This of course is the infamous Gellert Grindelwald! Will they become good friends or will they hate each other? Will Hermione meet...

  • Hogwarts Houses As...
    177K 14.3K 170

    2nd book of my 'Hogwarts Houses As..'! Descriptions, stereotypes, scenarios, and more! Feel free to request! Hope you enjoy! *Not all are written by me* *credit to original writers*

  • Venomous Ink Poetry Collection
    263 59 14

    A poem collection I've written. It's supposedly Wattpad through my perspective and a few references to my own stories and contest entries

  • Black-Hearted | Gellért Grindelwald
    826 48 1

    Golden-haired Lydia Bethlen expected summer to pass through sleepy little Godric's Hollow without much notice, but it began in a whirlwind with the touchdown of tempest Gellért Grindelwald, the (newly-expelled) Durmstrang student who harbours secrets darker than midnight and seems to rattle her little village to its c...