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  • N. Flying Imagines
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    Just a bunch of N.Flying oneshots/imagines!

  • dino's twin sister ➳ seventeen
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    ❛ My name is Lee Areum, and I'm the twin sister of Seventeen's maknae, Dino. ❜ { achievements; #63 in fanfiction }

  • My Brother(Exo Luhan Fanfiction)
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    Zimin And Luhan Are Siblings But You Are Not Blood Related Because When Luhan Was 6,His Parents Decided To A Adopt A Daughter,When Zimin Was 8 And Luhan Is 14 Your Parents Got Into A Accident,You Both Lived Together...And Something Grew In To Love...REAL LOVE...

  • Death Threat
    55.9K 4.4K 24

    How much pain could a crumpled piece of paper with tear-smudged ink inflict onto you? "You're worthless." Worthless? "Why are you still alive?" Why..? I don't know. "You don't deserve to live." I really don't. "You should kill yourself." Maybe, I should..? "Or else, I'll kill you myself." Please. This desolation is...

    1.6M 37.2K 78

    What if there was a school for the magicals, in Korea? Park Sarang is suddenly transferring to Park Chan Jae High School, the most famous and rich high school of ALL TIME. But Park Chan Jae High isn't your normal all-rich-kids high school. What if it was more than that? What if it was a school for those wh...

  • gay as in happy. / male idols x male! reader.
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    ❝━because being in love should be possible for everybody.❞ 〉in which i provide you all with the gay shit you all deserve (in the best way possible). [ male kpop idols x male! reader one-shots ] © IG0TLOVE, 2017

  • N.Flying Imagines
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    request box open !! no smuts or spams when requesting. started: 11/27/18 ended: 9/5/20

  • BTS & EXO × Male Reader Smuts [18+]
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    Requests are always open! Comment or PM me your requests :)

  • EXO x Male Reader Oneshots
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    There isn't much Exo x Male Reader, so I decided I make one. Highest Rank. #2 in exo-l #1 in mlm #50 in xmalereader

  • EXO High School (S1)
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    A high school named 'EXO high' where there are this particular 12 boys were in. Many hoped to enter this school but only few could do so.The schools are managed by their parents. This day, a new student of EXO high joined EXO and surprisingly, entered the same class as EXO. Life changes of course because of jealousy.

  • Newbies (NCT ~ Mark ff.)
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    SM Entertainment is training a new group! NCT has to help train them... Some of the new girls are related to EXO! What will happen? Started: 5/11/18

  • our flower | nct female member
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    ❝we've evolved from a football team to an entire army.❞ ❝and i'm their commander!❞ ❝but taeyong hyung's the leader-❞ ⇾ nct female member ⇾ semi-slow updates ): © 2018-2021 kookslace

  • Tell me why (EXO M x Male! Reader)
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    You didn't know why 6 males fell for you. But the important question is, why are idols in love with you anyway?

  • I'm a Wolf, She's a Beauty {Exo Fanfiction}
    149K 4.4K 50

    I'm a wolf, she's a beauty... Read to find out what happens when 12 werewolves meet 12 not-so-human girls...

  • A C I D [EXO Fanfic (Male!Reader)]
    12.7K 537 9

    "When I closed my eyes.... I saw the universe." {DISCONTINUED} Cover by me

    53.1K 839 11

    Simple Smutbook For Each EXO Member. (**I Do Not Own The Cover , It Is Only Edited By Me**)

  • Trainee » Oh Sehun
    73.6K 3K 33

    Oh Sehun × Male Reader In which Zhang M/N auditions to SM just for shits and giggles, but gets accepted to his surprise. Instagram! AU Highest ranking: 17 in #exo NOTE: I have lost this account and won't be able to use it anymore. Please follow my backup @Jeonginsecure for me. Please.

    Completed   Mature
  • Me? A Kpop Idol?[COMPLETE]][BOOK 1][EDITING]
    1.9M 49.5K 68

    A talented young adult girl. But being an idol wasn't her dream due to some reason. But what will she do if the two biggest boy bands fall in love with her? Will they change her world to becoming an idol? NEW EDIT: Started: November 27, 2019 All Rights Reserved. Copyright. 20 December/21 June 2016 © Jihye_1a #Wattys...

  • Live Living With EXO
    83.5K 2K 36

    eunmi is chanyeol and baekhyun sister. she is a caring and loving girl. but her life change when her mom decide for eunmi to leave at her brothers dorm even tough eunmi is an idol too.. what will make eunmi lifes change? is it someone or something?

  • You're a GIRL!? •NCT Dream•
    41.2K 1.6K 10

    Wengie decides to follow her best friend, chenle to Korea to become a Korean idol, but there's something she has got to hide during her training and that is to NOT let the world find out that she's actually a..... GIRL!? What will happen to her?

  • broken |exo x male|
    287K 10.8K 59

    He can sing. He can dance. But he'll never fit in. Especially not with EXO.

  • EXO x Male Reader Smuts
    202K 3.1K 28

    A collection of exo smut oneshot imagines for male readers, you will be a bottom and a top (I'm more of a top myself). [HIATUS ATM] Requests are always open, so comment or message me if you want a specific one shot with any members, it might take a while for me to write and publish it, but I will try to do it!

  • Flower [NCT Mark Lee FF]
    52.7K 964 32

    "Hi! ~ My name is Alyssa Seong. Aka Seong Areum. I'm 16 and I'm from Canada. My parents are from Korea, that's where I get my name (Seong Areum) from. I was born and raised in Canada but when I was 12, I moved to Korea with my parents. I've been a trainee in SM Entertainments in Seoul, Korea, for a two years' now an...

  • NCT Crazy For You
    235K 9.2K 76

    in which a group of boys become attached to a quiet girl and crave her attention. they all like her but she only sees them as friends. will one of them be able to make her feel something different? °lowercase intended° started: 2/20/17 ended: ongoing

  • exo x male reader
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    you were on your way to the place were the auditions are at because you have been chosen to go and your hoping to make it.

  • park | park jisung
    129K 4.4K 49

    Being a new student, in a new environment. Thinking he finally got a new life when dramas started being thrown towards him and he got trapped in a drama cycle where his life just started becoming dramatic from then. Will he break through or stay through? started: 6 march 2017 ended: 25 march 2017

  • Enslaved By A... Monster? (Monsta X fanfic) Book #1 Monster Series
    194K 6.6K 62

    "Two thousand! Going once! Going twice!" "Five thousand!" Another man bid, by this time, only men were bidding, the ladies seem to have given up. "Going once! Going twice!" "Fifty thousand!" Another man said, this time the crowd went silent and chills run through the room. "Oh my. Oh my. Seems like we have a valued...

    Completed   Mature
  • ♥︎Enemies Lust ~ S.coups ff♥︎
    113K 3.6K 50

    {completed} Opposite minds, opposite social status's, opposite lives. But both craving the same love and attention. You'd been competing in all aspects of life for as long as you could remember, despised each other since the beginning. But what happens when you're forced to work with your worst enemy, brothers best...

  • 𝗻𝗰𝘁 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗲𝘀
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    im losing my marbles

  • What Is Love? [SM ROOKIE FanFic]
    44.5K 1.5K 14

    Description: Lee Sunmi became a new trainee at SM. She's now one of the SM ROOKIES. The reason Sunmi is there is because to search for her brother because their parents divorced when she was 5. Her brother went with his omma while Sunmi stayed with her father(When she grew up, she heard from her father that her brothe...