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  • Fly con vos (English)
    5.3K 121 83

    This fic started to be written on a flight, so it literally appeared in the clouds. This is a great reminder to never lose hope. As Tamara herself says: If something bad happens, turn it into something good. So, let's dream!

  • If I Can't Have You- Lauren Cimorelli/You- Girl x Girl
    59.1K 2K 38

    everything means nothing if i can't have you

  • High School
    3.6K 146 4

    There is a new girl in town, Addison rae. She starts her first day at her new school and crosses paths with Dixie D'Amelio. Dixie is, as some people would like to call her, the school hoe. Addi suddenly finds herself having confusing feelings for the girl. Will addi confess her feeling for Dixie and they become someth...

  • Dixison - Instagram
    34.5K 881 12

    You've probably seen over 50 stories with the same topic so it basically explains itself.

  • Playlist live
    1K 44 1

    A one shot dixision version of " boyfriend I'm nervous".

  • A little more then FRIENDS
    16.6K 445 13

    When Dixie goes to the Hype House with Charli, she finds the most beautiful person ever. But the problem is its a girl. What would she do?

  • The Golden Couple/////Dixison Oneshots
    22.8K 222 11

    Collection of Dixison oneshots!!!!!

  • Ight bet
    61.9K 1.5K 24

    Dixie and Addison come to terms with their feelings for each other.

  • Love Of My Life ▪︎Dixie & Addison
    39.4K 1K 33

    Dixie is new to the hype House, what happens when she meets Addison, who quickly becomes her friend and she starts catching feelings?

    Completed   Mature
  • This Is A Thing (Right?)
    46.4K 836 15

    Dixie comes in terms that her crush on Addison isn't a small crush. And suddenly Addison is like a smooth criminal, tripping her up from left to right. (Dixison) & (Whatever ships that'll come naturally)

  • Remember me (dixison)
    5.4K 195 3

    Addison and Dixie were engaged before Dixie lost her memory due to an accident. Will they get through it, fall in love again or will they break apart? i suck at descriptions omg sorry 10 in #dixison :)

  • My everything(Dixison)
    72.3K 2K 60

    Everyone knows Addison and Dixie there bestfriends right?Well that's what everyone seems to think but secretly Addison and Dixie are dating

  • Something more - Dixison
    60.9K 1.5K 32

    A Dixison Fanfiction. Dixie and Addison start as best friends, but can they be something more, without the heartbreak and trouble? Also has a bit of Chavani at the end. PLEASE FOLLOW ME FOR UPDATES!

    Completed   Mature
  • Finally
    108K 2.6K 42

    Dixie caught feelings for her best friend, which is already in a relationship. Find out what happeneds next ... New chapters everyday 💜

  • Addison&Dixie ~ dixison
    52K 763 10

    This story is about Dixie and Addison ofc. I am shipping them so if you're looking for a story about there friendship this is not it. They look so good together so I'm writing a story about them. My English maybe isn't the best I'm not English but I will try to fix the mistakes. Give me suggestions on what people I...

  • Please Pick Me - Dixison
    53.4K 908 13

    Liking your Best Friend is one thing. Liking your taken Best Friend is another thing. Liking your Roommate is another thing. But what if they were all combined? Addison & Dixie

    21.4K 517 9

    [ 🐻 ] - " being with you is the sweetest thing. " - addi, a new student who moved into fareview high, met this troublemaker dixie who seemed to hate her when she just got in school. what else could go wrong when these two starts to fall for eachother ?

    15.5K 239 7

    Dixie and Addison the two girls who were made for a certain story. sorry for the english mistakes because i'm french but i try my best😜

  • Dixison
    18K 300 7

    I ship Addison and Dixie so I wanted to do a story about them. This story is about a girl that moved to a new school with her sister and met a girl who changed everything.

  • 🖤 Dixison 🖤
    169K 4.1K 53

    I've fallen down a dixison hole and can't get up hopefully you ship it This is about Dixie and Addison realizing their feelings for each other. Updates are whenever and be warned it is a little mature with swearing and smut at warnings ⚠️🔥 And yes it has a fuck ton of parts I know I'm insane

    Completed   Mature
  • dixison~-addisonre and dixiedamelio.
    23.9K 534 12

    You move in to the hype house then fall in love with a girl but the problem is your a girl too....

  • infinite promise (dixison)
    32.2K 803 27

    - in a world where our ship has sailed - herro i'm very bad at description but i hope you guys enjoy ! this story is all about dixison's love story (lower case intended) - became #1 in #dixiedamelio

    Completed   Mature
  • dixison
    313K 5.4K 189

    Real life update of Dixison (Dixie D'amelio❤Addison Rae) ship. NOT IN ORDER

    38.3K 834 36

    ꒰˚ ༘ * 𝐃𝐈𝐗𝐈𝐒𝐎𝐍 ! ↵ ⌇ ꒰ ✎ ━━━━ ❝Bryce and Addison are the lovest couple at the hype house, until she meets dixie. First they are just friends and Bryce believe Addison when she says that she don't have feelings for dixie but who knows right? But there is a problem, dixie is dating this guys named Tayler and, app...

    Completed   Mature