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  • Parker
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  • life of connor 2
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    heyyy im back

  • Skittles
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    I have no idea what to put

  • changes !
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    the bio book of a lonely sixteen year old.

  • me
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    You're my sunshine in the darkest days

  • My Artbook
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    Just a couple of my drawings, I'm not a pro and most of these are kinda old, but they're still my favorites

  • |Should I |
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    This is a story of a seventeen year old girl named lilimar hernandez who faces her worst fears and tries to make her life better.

  • the evil within her | on hold
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    - "SOMETHING BAD HAS HAPPENED TO ME AND IT CHANGED ME." [ all rights reserved to © jessiexwriter 2018 ]

  • && | Babyboy
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    Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

  • I-A-D-O-R-E-Y-O-U ✦ Grayson Dolan
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    2018 © Sequel to "Bad Love" "But momma I'm in love with a criminal." The love story of Nova and Grayson continues as they struggle through parenthood and marriage. Along with old lovers and the past coming back to haunt them.

  • Jaze🕹
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  • Ivan Martinez
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  • Taking
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    Char , is a teenage werewolf. She has kept her secret, the one person she told abandoned her. She tries to keep her family safe from the things that hunt her. She deals with human hunters trying to kill her, as well as a creature that lurks in the dark. The supernatural creature that is after her, is more sinister, w...

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    I'm Rochelle,an ass jerk.Hate people and that's just me. Rochelle and her family just moved to another city.They had no choice but to move since Rochelle was literally thrown out of every school.She attends this highschool and as usual gets into trouble.But her stay becomes a little longer which results to more chaos...

  • 📽D•A•V•I•D•S V•L•O•G📽
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    Sexy,Gorgeous and Humble

  • B-A-D L-O-V-E ✦ Grayson Dolan
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    2018 © Nova is a bad girl with horrible intentions. She messed up and screwed around many times. She has always been alone. Will that change the day she meets her partner in crime?

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    Character's bio ( currently just boys but girls will be added later ) Single ❀ Talking ✾ Taken ✼

  • Bad Boys, Good Lips (ON HOLD)
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    "Chris!" I called after him as he stopped dead in his tracks without turning around. I slowly walked towards him looking him in the eye. "I'm not someone you want to get to know Nicole." He said softly, walking past me and getting on his bike, quickly driving away. I watched as his bike light got smaller in the dis...

  • Love Hurts [G.B.D]
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    "Will you be my girlfriend Emma?" "Of course Gray!"

  • My Child My Pain
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    Its a good story every young girl should participate in reading... Regina is a good girl and even doing well in her academic work when evil fell upon them.. Though she understand all the situation by that age...

  • My Teenage Mind
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    its a lovely story.. about rose and school. she was so frustrated when she entered ss1 and her bad friends...

  • Trish; biℊ & bℯautiful
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    Completed   Mature
  • Random Stuff
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    Just some random things about my life so, enjoy I guess.