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  • Dauntless High
    470K 13.3K 33

    Tris is the girl with the glasses, four is the most popular kid⭐️I know you'll enjoy this story so please read it!!! Enjoy

  • Looking For You [COMPLETED]
    183K 4.2K 27

    Beatrice Prior also known as Tris, has just moved from Florida to Chicago. She has just started her senior year and there she reunites with some old friends. She makes a few more and among them is probably the love of her life. Who was that mysterious boy that was constantly making her life impossible? But yet causi...

  • Still The One - Sequel (UNDER EDITING)(COMPLETED)
    78.5K 2K 30

    Sequel to Looking For You Tobias and Tris are now living in Boston and starting their lives. Read as both of them step into adulthood with some bumps in the road. literally. - Characters belong to Veronica Roth Previously known as: 'Forever and Always' - 2015 © hakunamatata0723, All rights reserved

  • My Body Guard
    622K 19.8K 48

    Beatrice Prior is a princess. Great, right? Wrong. Of course her parents are nice, the King and queen, but they work all day. Her brother's the same as he is next in line for the throne. Beatrice is alone all day, everyday. All Beatrice has ever wanted was a friend but when she is never allowed to go outside or go to...

  • Play it again: a divergent high school fanfiction
    360K 7.1K 34

    Tris and our other favorite Divergent characters are in high school in our world. The basic plot has been used a lot, I know, but I've made my story as original as possible. I do not own anything from divergent, or any songs ,books, movies, ect. mentioned. Happy Reading- hope you enjoy

  • Divergent: No War
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    Life in Dauntless without the war. Its hard to explain without spoilers, but this has many different things from other fanfics. Including Tris sharing an apartment with Christina, working as a tattoo artist, a new festivity call the 5 Weeks of Factions, a memory loss and lots of FourTris! *I made this in February of 2...