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  • The Snow Awards •CLOSED•
    4.1K 355 25

    •NO LONGER OPEN FOR ENTRIES• •CLOSED• ( ) OPEN ( ) JUDGING (✘) CLOSED Do you think your story deserves recognition, and you have under 2K reads? You've come to the right place! Read more inside to find out!

  • Spotlight « Season 2 ( C L o S E D )
    17.3K 304 13

    We're back with Season 2. You're a talented author but still undiscovered? Need more confidence? Chase the biggest S P O T L I G H T and get the attention you deserve! • Period • October 18 - February 19 Closed for nominations ❎ 🔘 Score submitting period 🔘 Results are out ✖ No partiality ✖ ♡ Cover made by @sugerquiN

  • the Alicia awards [Judging]
    7.9K 473 21

    Open Judging ||√|| Close All that time you spend writing and all that time you spent thinking what to write all the hard work you've put in your book but still haven't gotten recognised? so this place is just for you. For further information read the chapters inside..