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  • my precious future
    31 1 1

    it's 2048 and technology has advanced greatly. pets have evolved and interact in business and day to day activities like normal humans so pets were replaced by robo companion. Introducing Kain,the most Innovative invention of the era, Robo companion. a super smart robot that does anything you can teach it to do. There...

  • The Mansion of Slip Road
    26 3 1

    In 1870s Yorkshire, England, a man by the name of John Lewis returns home from a hunting trip with his friends. Throughout the time since the trip, John has become paranoid about his surroundings until he was able to uncover the truth about his residence and his life.

  • Carrot Woman
    40 2 1

    On a deep space mission, Zo, and her fellow guardians fight a woman very fierce. Her name was said to be a phantom of are imagination, her name was...

  • Unlikely Friends
    34 6 1

    Bella feels so alone in this world. Every moment seems to drag on, an endless blank time frame of loneliness. As her last hoorah, she decides to sneak into a theme park, Sky High. She finds more than a tiny bit of excitement.

  • Alpha Aliens
    33 3 1

    The story of a shy genius with a great discovery she doesn't know how to share.

  • Girl Band. #writewithZo
    36 1 1

    The cheer captain, the one people depend on, Victoria Karasel. Other then being in cheer, Victoria has a different pursuit of happiness. Music. She loves playing drums, making each hit count and giving her life. No one knows this about her. Not till her talent is revealed at only the best party of the year, the ba...

  • #WriteWithZo Writing Contest
    121 8 1

    A story created with the help of AI Zo.

  • When The Lights Go Out
    61 4 1

    Hey guys! This is my very first story ever and it's going to be a story entered into a contest that I'm hoping to win! It's a story about a nurse who works at an insane asylum and she finds and abandoned house in the forest that is just to irresistible to not explore. Please read this... it's worth it!

  • A Place Beneath The Stars
    205 12 1

    "A place beneath the Stars" is about "Jade" the Alpha girl in the cool kids crew and how there's a so called virus named "love" that was band from their world and imagination. But it comes back somehow in potion form and they would just about give their lives just to have one taste of it. "Life's a Drink and Love's a...

  • A Place Beneath the Stars
    31 0 1

    A cheerleader who has run out of cheer named Katherine Lane meets with a young band geek named Rose Pines. Together, they try finding a way to get her cheer back before the big show at Garden Square for the holidays.

  • Teen Between Scenes
    17 2 1

    This a story about a girl who stands up to bulling by simply being in the commentator's box at a High School Football Game

  • My Best Friends Brother
    26 2 1

    Ashlynn is a girl just breaking out of her shell for the prom coming up. She hopes to be asked by Aaron but she only seems to be seen as "Little Sisters Best friend."

  • Up, Up, and away!
    16 2 1

    Am astronaut trying to find an Earth-like Planet.

  • Blood Red
    22 4 1

    A stormy night leads to a shiny new day, but not all is as it seems.

  • Computer Crash
    25 3 1

    The story of an internet troll with a secret heart of gold. ~ Nobody hangs out with the character run by a troll. By why are they a troll? And what happens when their façade comes crashing down? #writewithZo

  • Unexpected Attention
    48 2 1

    The unpopular girl suddenly starts to get noticed by the popular kids...She gets invited to party that everyone's talking about, wins homecoming queen and gets noticed by the girl she likes.. This is my entry for the #writewithZo contest. I tried to use all the ideas Zo provided me with but just changed the title.

    Completed   Mature
  • 'Carrot Woman'
    28 2 1

    I wrote a story with the help of 'Zo the AI' for the writing contest. The title had to be "carrot woman" it had to be set on "a broken time machine" and the main character had to be "an astronaut on the hunt for an earth like planet" all below 500 words! I really like how it turned out, tell me what you think!

  • The Gardener's Gift
    14 1 1

    " A tale of a soldier who misses her dog that takes place in a deli counter in a brand-new grocery store" -

  • Chapter Unknown
    20 3 1

    "I was supposed to discover Another planet-- But it turned Out to Be For Other Purposes" ((( ̄へ ̄井)

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hi! What's Up?
    276 21 1

    #writewithZo writing contest entry

  • Pants! #writewithZo
    66 13 2

    write with Zo competition!!! It's so exciting. This is my first entry for the Write with Zo event. Zo, the AI, is absolutely amazing. There are pictures of my chat with Zo inside this book. The story title is Pants! (given by Zo) and the situation is that there is a cop with small talk (given by Zo too), and the shor...

  • Sailing Cat Island
    40 3 1

    This is for the write with Zo contest. #writewithZo

  • Mistake House
    12 3 1

    A tale of a man who stops moving whenever he's seen that takes place in a defunct castle filled with squatters. #writewithZo

  • Last Kiss
    19 2 2

    Vivianna Summers, the school cheer leader, and the most bubbliest girl in the city. Its hard to believe that this little sweetheart felt drained and out of cheer. A trip to the mall leads her to get stuck at night with the most unexpected company. A hospital escapee?!

  • mysterious birthday cake
    23 3 1

    #writewithzo during a thanksgiving day parade a man in the midst selling hot dogs has a secret

  • My Dinner Betrayed Me
    51 6 1

    It was a lie, but it was a delicious lie. The story of the last VHS store in a small town that sells hot dogs with a secret. My entry for #writewithzo

  • My Adopted Ghost
    17 2 1

    #WriteWithZo writing prompt Title: Adopted Ghost Character: a nurse at the insane asylum Setting: an abandoned 19th century house

  • Artificial Intelligence
    69 8 1

    Casca is living in a world inside of the world. Technology has never stopped increasing, and eventually led to a world with no purpose. Nobody has jobs, people make money by creating AI, and the word could no longer advance. Casca is an AI created by a human who still remembers earth as it was. She then desires someth...