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  • Just my words
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    Random quotes of mine

  • Whispers (Wattys #2019)
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    ι ѕ¢яєαм вυт αℓℓ уσυ нєαя ιѕ ωнιѕρєяѕ >>>> ι wrιтe тнe world ғroм мy eyeѕ. alwayѕ wrιттen, never ѕpoĸen. R͟͟A͟͟N͟͟K͟͟S͟͟ #3 ιn ѕonneт #7 ιn мeтapнor #31 ιn poeмcollecтιon #29 ιn poeмвooĸ #27 ιn poeѕιa #217 ιn poeм 3rd Place in the Summer Zodiac Awards

  • True Quotes
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    All about Quotes....... This are quotes I have learnt and discovered from people... So enjoy the quotes..💛💛💜💜💙💙

  • The Aging of Fine Wine
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    accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. all wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle. -Paulo Coelho a poetry book filled of tales of heartbreak, self-love, and everything in between. published - March 30th, 2019 awards: won 3rd place in Fuz...

  • Coffee for Thought// spilled thoughts with creamer
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    (3am thoughts that end up scribbled onto the back of an English assignment) cover credits// @-sageheart

  • Kpop Quotes
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    Here are some famous quote from kpop/song/person. Thank you for reading Kpop Quote I Hope you vote on your favorite Quote!