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  • What if BTS got Wattpad accounts?
    829 81 6

    In which BTS members read some Wattpad fanfictions then decide to write one themselves. - All the fanfictions they read are made up by myself, except for few references. - Contains swearing. - This book is not directed to any author/fanfiction in particular, if you feel called out then please don't mind me lol. - This...

  • Η Κατάρα του Ορφανού : Η Άνοδος του Κέναρντ (Βιβλίο 2)
    5K 1.5K 65

    Τα χρόνια περνούν, μα ο μαγικός κόσμος βυθίζεται, ολοένα και περισσότερο στο σκοτάδι. Οι ρούνοι, έχουν ξυπνήσει και παίζουν τα δικά τους παιχνίδια, παλεύοντας να αποκτήσουν τον έλεγχο της Σχολής μαγείας της Επινουά. Ο Άϊνταν, έχοντας το τιμόνι της νέας Σχολής Σάμχαϊαν και έδρα του την απόκοσμη πόλη της Ένταρταουν, συν...

  • •UNDER THE MASK• [j.j.k]
    1.2M 71.1K 42

    ·My back hit the wall as he got closer till I could feel his breath on my lips. His wet hair was dripping on my white shirt making the fabric see-through. My breath got heavy as he placed his left hand on my waist pulling me and making my stomach rub against his clothed manhood. His right hand lifted my chin making m...

  • My ArtBook!!!!
    8.4K 1K 42

    Μερικα απο τα σχεδια μου! Τα περισσοτερα (δλδ ολα :Ρ) ειναι anime. Enjoy! Δεχομαι και requests! (Μονο να μην ειναι κανενα Yaoi ή Yuri ή hentai ή δεν ξερω κι εγω τι αλλο γιατι δν προκειται να ζωγραφισω κατι τετοιο :Ρ ) ................................................................ Hope ya like it!

  • Paranoid (Andy B.)
    2.7K 325 19

    Greek Fanfiction. Andy Biersack (Black Veil Brides) © Paranoid "paranoid ˈparənɔɪd/ adjective characterized by or suffering from the mental condition of paranoia. "paranoid schizophrenia" unreasonably or obsessively anxious, suspicious, or mistrustful. synonyms: irrationally anxious, over-suspicious, paranoiac, suspic...

  • The Art Teacher
    81.6K 2.7K 15

    Aurora had a pretty normal life. That is until she met Bangtan High's newest art teacher, Park Jimin.

  • After Heaven (Heaven 2) (On Hold)
    3.3K 653 26

    Τα πράγματα στη ζωή δεν έρχονται πάντα έτσι όπως τα θέλουμε εμείς. Η Anastasia το ξέρει αυτό καλύτερα απο τον καθένα. Πάνω που νόμιζε πως είχε βρει την ευτυχία, όλα έχουν πάρει ξανά τον κατήφορο. Ο πατέρας της παντρεύεται μια άγνωστη, ο Jungkook είναι σε κώμα και τέλος ο Taehyung βρίσκεται στη φυλακή, για μια δολοφον...

  • Creepypasta(Greek Version)
    3.8K 364 29

    Γεια σας παιδια!!! Καλως ηρθατε στο κοσμο του τρομου! Εδω θα μπορειτε να διαβαζετε τρομαχτικες ιστοριες μικρου μηκους. Κρατηθητε γερα και φυγαμε για το ταξιδι μας στο κοσμο του τρομου!👻 (Το συγκεκριμένο έχει διαφορετικές ιστορίες από το αγγλικό) #2 23/11/17 #5 6/11/17 #6 11/07/19 Θεση:#6Τρομου😊 Παμε να το ανεβάσουμ...

  • Το Κτήνος
    14K 2K 49

    Η Άντριαν Βάλενταϊν είναι πεπεισμένη ότι τίποτα στην ζωή της δεν μπορεί να πάει χειρότερα. Ανέκαθεν ήταν η δεύτερη επιλογή, η εναλλακτική που κρυβόταν στην σκιά των άλλων. Καθώς όμως φαίνεται η ζωή της μπορεί να πιάσει πάτο, όταν βρίσκεται υπόλογη για τον θάνατο της δίδυμης αδερφής της, Μία. Οι γονείς της τρομαγμένοι...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anime zodiac signs
    42.2K 1K 93

    Exactly as the title says, this story is full of anime zodiac signs👏🏻 *under editing*

  • Random Art!
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    This is a book where I post some of my finished drawings and a lot of unfinished ones~ 「DeviantArt; Djadraws Instagram; DKingJJ」

  • suddenly siblings(readerxyurio)
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    it's a romantic story between the reader(me)and yurio(i can talk greek and maybe in some chapters i will put victoria to speak greek and i will put the english meaning).Yurio is my adopted big brother when i first met him i didn't like him because of his personality but when he talk to me he is like a different person...

  • His ice maid
    154 23 7

    well its a love story between yuri plitesky and otabek altin they love spending their time together sometimes victor and yuuri they are visiting them and they know about their relationship.Victor and yuuri are happy of yurio's choice,but when they met otabek they weren't that happy but something happent and they trust...

  • Trapped
    61 14 5

    A young girl named Ophelia lives with her family and her cat in a small remote neighborhood. Everything was fine until one day she saw a strange dream with her cat and woke up in the hospital. Will she escape from her own imagination? What was it that caused all this annoyance ...? Inspired form the amazing gam...

  • Two Broken Souls| D.T.K
    4.7K 171 25

    Kyou Minoru, a young girl who is recently enrolled in the DWMA Academy, slowly develops a strong relationship with the Principal's son, Death The Kid. {Highest Rankings; #2 in DeathTheKid #3 in souleater #1 in DWMA} *Author's Note; I do n...

  • Crystal Soul
    578 143 19

    A young girl's life takes a huge turn after an encounter with a group of teenagers, who help her fight against dark powers in order to save their academy and friends. What she doesn't know is that some of her new friends are hiding a very dark past. Please don't copy ^_^

  • Bloody Rose| A.T
    242 32 8

    Rose, a peasant girl with no dime to her name, after a deal with a mischievous lord, gradually begins to unfold the mysteries that lie beneath her family's name.