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  • Innocence (Sonadow)
    11.3K 619 23

    What if Sonic and Shadow met under different circumstances? Shadow has the mind of an innocent child, and has been held captive by Dr. Eggman for as long as he can remember. Tortured, starved, and experimented on daily. He can't remember anything outside of the cell. He can't remember who he is or what he used to be b...

  • Helping hand:A Luigi X Bowser fanfiction
    7.8K 168 13

    (IM SOrry this is probably so cringy but I'm writing this for me so I dunno...don't read if you don't like) TW: Suicidal thoughts and actions, also contains favored brother/favortism I'm sorry if I get anything wrong (ATLEASTS ITS NOT MARIO X LUIGI WHY DO PEOPLE SHIP THAT)(Ps: not my art in any of this I don't think)

  • Brotherly love (Mario x Luigi)
    22.9K 302 8

    This is a joke fic I'm not a fan of incest

  • My wierd dreams
    53 7 3

    Just my random dreams

  • ×imágenes de shadow×
    4.1K 388 17

    cosas ramdons de shadow ya sean comics o imágenes que lo disfruten

  • Love between two sayians (Goku x Vegeta )
    3.6K 81 8

    Vegeta falls in love with goku

  • (DISCONTINUED) Waiting For Him (Goku x Vegeta)
    1.5K 83 17

    This is the Book 2 to Falling For Him. So before reading this you should probably go read my other story first. It's going to be a long year and a half without his beloved mate. Goku has been working more and he has been spending more time with his friends. Though he comes across two villains he has met before. Though...

  • sonadow: the witch next door
    13 3 1

    Sonic the headghog is a witch and uses slaves to use black magic. black magic gave him anything he wanted exsept love. Shadow the headghog is Just a guy that fucked with the wrong headghog. In story://///// - rape - gore - spells - love - black magic

  • A Vampier's Heart
    35 1 1

    Sonic =seme =vampier Shadow =uke =headghog herm Shadow's pet: werehog pup

  • Between Two Saiyans (Goku x Vegeta. Sequel to A Love Story)
    34.3K 826 14

    Two years. Two years is how long it's been since Goku had moved in with Vegeta and the Saiyans had been in a relationship. But with an unexpected call from Chichi, will the two still be together? Will Goku wish to be with Chichi again? Who knows? You will if you read the sequel to A Love Story, Between Two Saiyans! DI...

  • Vegekaka
    17.1K 761 20

    A Goku x Vegeta yaoi and a Bulma x Chichi yuri fanfiction in one. May include additional ships... Enjoy PS: The chapters are named after whose POV it is. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS