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    This is a story about a different way that Can and Sanem meet. Sanem is a live in nurse taking care of Aziz Divit (Can's father), until Aziz is well enough. Can is a doctor who travels to different countries to provide medical care to the underprivileged. They meet when Sanem begins baring for Aziz and sparks fly betw...

  • My Sweet Trouble (Can and Sanem AU)
    5.1K 464 6

    Sanem is a new detective trying to prove herself to her captain and department. Can is a world traveler and photographer who tries to help his best friend Metin, a lawyer who is working on exposing a major illegal arms deal involving some of Istanbul's highest officials. While trying to expose one of the biggest polit...

  • Disclosure
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    Finally, in a low whisper, he said, "I think I am a terrible person..." For a split second she was insecure and expected the worst, that he was about to declare a break up. Then she realized that everyone thought that they might be terrible people. But we only reveal this before asking someone to love us. It is a ki...

    3.1K 347 4

    This is a collection of one chapter stories about the IT girls who thought that they could steal away Can Divit, Sanems Albatross from right under her nose. They were dubbed 'IN YOUR FACE' by the EK fandom on FB. I often think of them as Sanems Revenge.

  • Aşk Ve Gurur
    3.3K 430 6

    A gender flipped mash up of Erkenci Kus and Pride and Prejudice.

  • HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - a perfect EK ending
    382 49 1

    My perfect EK ending ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crossed life's
    7.2K 923 14

    (AU) Can and Sanem came across each other during a hard time in their life.

  • Short-Shorts (Erkenci Kus)
    2.1K 168 2

    This is a collection of one-offs...just scenes of dialogues, apologies, make ups and wishful thinking. Just pieces of how I wish things would have gone in the Erkenci Kus Series at times. I have/hold no rights to these characters or to Erkenci Kus. For entertainment purposes only.

  • Black Magic Moon
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    Can woke with no memory of the past two years. He has completely forgotten Sanem and their love. Why has he forgotten everything from the moment he met Sanem? Why the past two years and the most important person in his heart and mind, how does that make any sense? Can is drifting in a coma, is he fighting to stay asle...

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    This story begins with an argument but leads on to a series of chapters and mini stories that take place on board the boat...

    5.1K 481 7

    This was written way back in March 19. Before EK finished. Its what we all imagined and knew we'd never see.

  • Tightrope
    9.2K 1K 11

    Sometimes you have to believe that even if you fall, someone will be there to catch you.

  • #CanEm
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    This goes out to our love, a love that will be told for a million years.. #CanEm •One shots and short stories•

  • Basketball Au
    5.7K 786 15

    A basketball player and a cheerleader one shot. Based on;

  • Erkenci Kuş
    19.4K 1.3K 45

    Fan-Fic de la serie «Erkenci Kuş». Algunos son escenas post-episodios desde el 40 y otros ya un desvío con ciertos giros hacia la trama real. A partir del episodio 48 de la serie el desvío ya es continuado hasta retornar de nuevo a una parte del episodio 51 y último de la serie.

  • Our new neighbors, the Divits!
    9K 1K 11

    Did you ever wonder what will happen when Can Divit becomes Sanem Aydin's new neighbor? Can's parents, Aziz and Mihriban, decided to move from Istanbul to a little town just outside the big city. Can is not very happy about this decision but decides to move with them anyway. Will his thoughts change once he gets to kn...

  • Blood Moon Rising
    32.6K 3.1K 39

    Based on the characters from the Turkish rom/com Erkenci-Kus. Can Divit is a handsome, powerful, successful Vampire/Businessman/Boxer with a very rare blood type. Rh Null or Golden Blood. He travels around the world donating his blood and raising funds for his Blood Foundation. On the next Blood Moon he will box in an...

  • Toxic
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    "There's no escape I can't wait I need a hit Baby, give me it You're dangerous I'm lovin' it"

  • The Essence Of Love. Can/Sanem
    9.5K 1K 8

    After her heartbreak Sanem moved away from Istanbul taking a big secret with her. She built a new life for herself....for once everything florished her career as a professional writer her perfume and cream bussiness. While all this was going on she became a mother which was her greatest achievement. Adjusting to life...

  • Short stories of Can & Sanem
    6.3K 720 16

    Hi guys, so was thinking I could also do small stories of Can and Sanem. Hope you guys like it!

  • Rekindled Love - Canem
    1.7K 197 3

    What happens when married life gets too monotonous?

  • "Against the Ropes"
    2.2K 161 5

    Classic rewrite of the boxing ring.

    Completed   Mature
  • Canem Alternative Scenes and Dialogues
    7.4K 507 8

    These are short stories I've written of certain Can and Sanem scenes that I wished had gone differently (from episode 43 and onward). They are written from my point of view, and my ideas of what should have been said between our two lovers when they were in that moment. All situations are entirely fictional and create...

  • "Tip of the Edge"
    834 63 2

    Classic rewrite of the hallway moment.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wings Of Dreams (CAN & SANEM'S LOVE STORY)
    4.8K 477 13

    Can and Sanam's Love Story

  • The kiss
    11.8K 937 14

    What if Can never lost his memory? So, let's start when they kiss one year later.

  • One Night in Paris
    6.7K 852 11

    Reimagining the breakup-Can leaves after Sanem's confession. They reunite in a parallel scene from Can's made up story about their first meeting on a rainy night in Paris. *Thank you everyone for your kind words. I didn't think anyone was going to read this angst fest and your words mean the world to me*

    Completed   Mature
    3.1K 458 11

    ilk hikaye severseniz devamı gelir...♥️

  • What Will Never Be
    2.4K 227 2

    One-shot: My wishful thinking for an end to episode 48 based on the first fragman

  • I can't make you love me
    1.7K 243 4

    August 5/19 Update: I have added Part Two (previously published separately) to this story, and added a new part three from Can's POV. Original: With only two episodes of Erkenci Kuş left, I have no idea how the writers will resolve the amnesia trope - I have even less of an idea why they rolled out the trope in the fi...