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  • 50 Thoughts That Scare Me [Frerard]
    300K 17K 25

    50 Thoughts That Scare Me. What are they?

  • Something Wonderful- Brallon/Multiship
    38.2K 2.2K 75

    Brendon Urie moved to The Other Side Of The World to take up an art school offer he just couldn't refuse. He left behind his friends and nothing else. (groupchat fanfic) AN: I don't own any of these people they're all famous and have LIVES and are HAPPILY MARRIED this is just for entertainment purposes idk??

  • Fleurs Captives (Joshler)
    263K 18.7K 72

    "Did you know me? Have you seen me on your TV? They're still looking." -Nicole Dollanganger (Have You Seen Me?) ***Trigger warnings for abuse, kidnapping, blood, gore, violence, brutality, and probably a lot more.*** DISCONTINUED

  • tried to | joshler
    332K 6.1K 104

    tried to but it wasn't meant to be story contains trigger subjects (suicide, depression, self harm, homophobia etc read at your own risk pls) no. 5 in #vessel no. 13 in #blurryface no. 316 in #twentyonepilots no. 110 in #tøp

  • Youth || Joshler
    50K 2.1K 29

    In which Tyler Joseph is a seventeen year old basketball player who has an innocent, hopeless crush on his math teacher, Mr. Dun. [To read the rewritten and edited version please go to @Omitity, where there will be gradual updates.] [Trigger Warning: Underage, cussing, mature themes and in some cases NSFW content.] [S...

  • Conspiracy Theories
    313K 13.5K 38

    Conspiracy theories that might change your views on things. Note: You will need some internet connection, because there are a lot of videos and images which will be included, to provide evidence

  • daddy's boy || joshler. ( completed)
    56K 1.2K 9

    " maybe I'll be perfect in a new dimension " fem!tyler dom!josh daddy is always protective of what's his and he's just lost it . Trigger Warnings : mentions of abuse and rape .

  • Truth on the Airwaves | Frerard AU
    47.9K 4.2K 19

    "Look, okay." Gerard rubbed the back of his hand over his mouth, trying to collect his thoughts into something coherent. "I know that music is illegal. I know that Mikey and I are asking you to risk it all. But every day, we're losing more of what makes life worth living because of PMURT. The world has never needed a...

    143K 6.3K 27

    Their relationship was anything but 🌺 Fem!Tyler & Jock!Josh High-School AU 🌺 ©dandeliondun [hit 100k february 10, 2019] [highest rank: #903 in fanfiction; june 20, 2017] [highest rank: #2 in joshler; october 3, 2018] [highest rank: #64 in twentyonepilots; september 10, 2018]

  • i killed her ; joshler
    79.7K 4.6K 50

    he killed her

  • sleep tight {frerard}
    21.3K 1.5K 7

    Gerard Way is an infamous criminal with one thing on his mind. Kill. Especially when he finds the little shitbag that decided to turn his life story into a horror one online. There's only one thing Gerard loves more than murdering senselessly, and that's revenge. ++WARNING++ BLOOD, GORE, VIOLENCE, SWEARING...

  • Vampires Will Never Hurt You (Frerard)
    222K 11.3K 54

    ~>Fully Edited<~ Frank never acknowledged his neighbour. His depression and drinking problem were far too important to him. Whilst drunk and vulnerable, he gets attacked in a deserted alley. What Frank didn't know, was that his neighbour wanted to be closer than he thought. He followed him. He couldn't stop hims...

  • NERDS - Brallon
    20.5K 1K 13

    "I know it's bad kid, I got your back kid." - Dallon's smart and he knows it. He's the captain of the academic team, a straight A student, and even a nice guy. So when loud, popular, basketball player Brendon Urie joins his beloved academic team, his quiet, peaceful world is shaken.

  • Little Oneshots (Joshler | DDLB)
    395K 10.6K 168

    Just some little oneshots! (Pun intended)

  • Joshua's Boy
    100K 1.3K 17

    JOSHLER This story includes smut, violent scenes, and just a lot more so maybe read it and yeah ?? Drug dealer Josh Fem!Tyler

  • pass it on - Brallon [✓]
    164K 9.1K 77

    awstentexas: BRALLON WILL BE CANNON PASS IT ON petewentz: @awstentexas said brallon will be cannon

    118K 7.5K 47

    [+JOSHLER] ❝baby i done, done enough talkin', need to know that you're mine.❞ ♡ tyler and josh have lived together since high school and all they ever do is fuck, but tyler wants more and josh isn't willing. ©2017 lottotyler lowercase intended

  • Attitude (joshler)
    416K 9.7K 54

    "Watch that attitude baby." "Make me."

  • 𝙗𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙢𝙚 » 𝙟𝙤𝙨𝙝𝙡𝙚𝙧 ✔️
    43.7K 1.8K 32

    *this is my first book I've written that's gotten a shit ton of reads and it's really bad so read at your own risk* a singer goes missing for 4 months till his body winds up in a ditch 25 miles away from home everybody thought he was dead but boy could they be any more wrong [lowercase intended.] [started April 30...

  • Colors; halsanie
    864 60 3

    A girl with cotton candy hair and heartbreak in her chest meets a girl with sad eyes and ash set on her lips.

  • Precious Rose ✔ [Joshler/Frerard]
    156K 9.6K 57

    Little Josh is always getting picked on by Tyler and his friends. He doesn't mind that tho, at least his crush is paying attention to him. Any kind of attention will do. 🌹 Was #402 in fan fic once...wish we could turn back tiimeee Trigger warning: bullying, homophobia, abuse, self harm, depression.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Broken Hearts Club ✔ [Joshler]
    124K 7.1K 60

    In which Josh is a leader of a youth club and Tyler is a bratty teen who stumbles into the youth club completely by accident.

    Completed   Mature
  • BLACKMAIL || joshler [✓]
    67.2K 4.8K 24

    england 1962. joshua dun is a lawyer, married man, father of two. tyler joseph is an unmarried, working class, factory worker. but the two are closer than it's legal to be, feelings are a crime; they have to keep it a secret. ©faerietyler

    Completed   Mature
  • under the gas station lights ➳ joshler
    238K 6.1K 77

    josh is into sad boys and coffee, and one day, he finds both. (lowercase intended)

    173K 3.5K 74

    all top!tyler/dom!tyler *none of these works are my own unless stated otherwise.*

  • Heavy Hands (frerard)
    98.3K 5.1K 42

    College kid Gerard Way goes on a blind date for the first time in his life. He happens to meet Frank Iero, the rich boy in marketing. The two quickly fall in love, surrounded by nothing but lies and heartbreaks.

    Completed   Mature
  • Perfect Little Accidents
    48.4K 3.3K 42

    Gee and Frank are both juniors in high school. Lovers since freshman year they were practically inseparable. They were even voted cutest couple in the yearbook sophomore year. As soon as Gee finds out she's pregnant while only sixteen, it changes their lives. Fem!gee

    Completed   Mature
  • Psycho Circus (Frerard)
    121K 6.8K 39

    ~•<~ After the bloody murder of those closest too him, Gerard Way found himself in solitary confinement at the only remaining asylum. As the maximum security patient, he was locked away from the world. Until a new arrival, struggling with the deepest, darkest depression, stumbled across the locked door to his separate...

  • I Have Friends in Holy Spaces
    37.9K 2.8K 18

    Belleville's a usually quiet town, so quiet it's almost sketchy. Frank Iero has lived his eighteen years in the quiet and sketchy town of Belleville with nothing but stories to tell. Some of them so outrageous that they must be lies, right? Like the time Brendon Urie ignored Frank and Pete for six months to talk to...

  • Love & Oxygen (COMPLETED)
    8.5K 388 47

    This is a story inspired by The Fault In Our Stars by John Green:) Hope you like it!