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  • Naughty Squids 2 (splatoon Lemons/Love story) RATED FOR AGES 18+ ONLY!!!
    42.9K 514 7

    Two best friends, Liam and Alex fell in love under questionable circumstances. From that day on naughtiness had ensued. The only difference is that now they're married...(almost) This story will contain explicit content meant for those who are aged 18 and up ONLY. If you're under the age of 18 please don't read. Thank...

  • ♥➳Yaoi ♂Agent 3 Ⓧ ♂Agent 8 Pictures ➳♥
    443K 6.8K 203

    ❦✰Just a bunch of cute pics from the Splatoon ship Agent 3 x Agent 8, since I have a lot on my phone and computer. Your daily dose of mlm Agent 3 x 8. Yaoi ⚣ (BxB)✰❦ ♔All pictures belong to their artists/rightful owners, I do not own anything♔

  • Splatoon 2 Oneshots
    13.7K 116 10

    Short sploon stories. Will update weekly hopefully.

  • ✮Two Breaths Walking | Agent 3 x͓̽ 8 |Yaoi✮
    24.2K 477 11

    !OCTO EXPANSION SPOLIERS! (Male Agent 3 x Male Agent 8-Yaoi⚣) Octolings have arrived and have been welcomed into Inkopolis, almost all of them owning a place of their own that they can call home. 8 however was staying at Marina and Pearl's mansion, but he couldn't be dependent on the two forever. A certain Inkling 8 b...