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  • The Mortician's Daughter (Black Veil Brides) ✓
    1.3M 36.3K 32

    *Black Veil Brides Fan Fiction* Who knew that the worst night of Iris's life would bring the man of her dreams to her? Iris is an outcast amongst her peers, she listens to the wrong music, likes the wrong things and just generally act's herself. One night while making a short cut home she is tackled and comes close to...

  • It's My Life (Black Veil Brides)
    134K 3.6K 41

    Lauren and CC had a kid named Aurelie when they were dating. Aurelie's life is probably going to be FILLED with drama. So this is her life. This is how she dealt with it. This is what happened. ~You might wanna read my one-shot "So Take Your Hand In Mine" before this cause that's the proposal :P ~

  • Hate Filled Heart | Michael Kuza/ Chris Motionless-Chris Cerulli
    59.2K 1.8K 42

    Motionless In White- Kuza story. Unfaithfulness and obsession are a bad combination, yet, so satisfying. Dahlia Rose cant control her feelings for her boyfriend, but she also cant control the desire she has for her boyfriends best friend. She's such a confused lady who cannot choose between the two she has her eyes se...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl That Calls Herself Azura. {marauders fan fiction}
    7.7K 442 9

    She never had a name. Never had a home. She ran away when she was ten from her new foster family, and never looked back. She is now 16 and lives a life of deception and stealing. She never knew anything about her past, who she was or who her parents could be. Now 16 years late she finally gets some answer. Though the...

  • Bring Me The Horizon's Little Monster
    1.9K 73 4

    Sick of being in this weird orphanage, 15 year old Kaya is dying to get out of this place. Even if that means getting adopted. She wants to travel, eat good food, and rock as loud as she wants but she can't. The orphanage has rules. Kaya hates rules. She breaks them on purpose just to make people mad. With a handful o...

  • Just Friends (Bring Me The Horizon Fanfic)
    23.1K 456 20

    Melanie is joining her best friends from Bring Me The Horizon on Warped. She starts falling for Matt Nicholls, but then Oli also grabs her attention. Will she pick Oliver or Matt?

  • It's Just My Job (Bring Me The Horizon/Oli Sykes)
    19.1K 659 12

    Alesana Young, usually called Alice, has an odd job. Her job is to be a cover up. She fake-dates celebrity's when they get new girlfriends. Why? Because their new girl doesn't want to have to deal with the hate that they would get for dating an oh-so- famous guy. So while the real couple live happily ever after, Alice...

  • Good Meets Evil (A Ricky Horror Fan Fiction)
    56.6K 2.6K 36

    When Ricky moves into town everyone finds the new kid suspicious. Raven, understanding being judged understands Ricky and wants to find out all his secrets. Ricky however, won't let Raven know everything about him. Is it for the best or for the worst?

  • All I Wanted was My Husband and I got a Band? That's Awesome! (Sequel)
    6.6K 236 7

    Ashley Holt has now gained the last name Cerulli after marrying the man of her dreams, Chris Cerulli. Four years after their wedding Ashley discovers she's going to have his baby, both are ecstatic and her best friend Aalayah is by her side more than ever. That's when the two girls come up with the idea to start a ban...

  • Is This Fate? (Black Veil Brides Fanfic)
    561K 16.8K 39

    *Disclaimer* This story was written in 2012 when I was 15 years old. It is obviously not perfect. The guys are based on the ages they were in 2012. The opinions expressed in this story are no longer my own, and I apologize if anyone is offended. One day I may go back and edit this. *End Disclaimer* Nearly 18 year old...

  • Forever Indy (The Morticians Daughter Sequel) (DISCONTINUED)
    253K 7K 18

    DISCONTINUED Written 9 years ago so definitely a bit dated! If you feel like going ahead anyway, please enjoy with this in mind x * *Sequel to 'The Morticians Daughter* Look who's back. Iris and the guys have had a very productive time. BVB have released a new album, Iris has set up her own business and Andy and Iris...

  • Oliver Sykes' Sister (A Bring Me The Horizon Story)
    25K 656 23

    Elle Sykes, Oliver Sykes' little sister. Ryan Malia, Lee Malia's little brother. One tour. Two months. And a whole lot of heartache.

  • Love Isn't Always (Andy Biersack) *Book 1*
    2.4K 53 9

    Marilyn is the new girl in from a small town in the U.K who falls for Andy, who also falls for her. She faces rought times, but manages to get through with the help of her new friends she makes along the way. Will Andy leave his girlfriend Scott to be with Marilyn or with he stay?

  • Adopted By Ash Costello
    107K 4.1K 73

    Angel grew up in a foster home. She switched them every year. But one year she moves in with a woman named Amy. The week after she moved in with her, there was a New Years Day concert and a Motionless In White concert in the city. Amy let her go, Angel meets her idols, Ash and Chris. Ash has always had feelings for Ch...

  • adopted by pierce the veil***EDITING***
    302K 10.1K 62

    Sequel now up and running:The Promise You Kept Kristel is a young orphaned girl she never expected to be adopted by her favorite band never the less fall in love with one of the members I was 14 when I wrote this story so my writing isn't the best but please note I'm currently in the process of editing this book

  • Behind Closed Doors ( Chris Motionless)
    25.1K 857 49

    Lies. Temptations. Deception. Dark Pasts. Addictions. Things behind closed doors.

  • Pierce The Veil Is My Family (Sequel to Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?!)
    253K 9.5K 43

    **********SEQUEL TO Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?! Please read that before this!************. Blade and Stewart start school, and meet a group of new friends. Even in the new school they still get bullied. Two months after school starts Pierce The Veil and Black Veil Brides have to go on tour together, because...

  • Scaring The Thought of Kissing Razors (Pierce the Veil fanfic)
    60.1K 1.8K 32

    Zoe, Madi, Oli, and Scar have tickets to a Pierce the Veil concert. AND THEY HAVE BACKSTAGE PASSES, TOO. OMFG DIS BE 'MAZIN. Everything seems to be going great until they get to the venue. Shit goes down, people fight, and what the girls get in the end is MUCH, MUCH better than backstage passes. SOMEHOW, the girls e...

  • What... The... Hell... (Jayy Von Monroe fanfic)[ON HOLD]
    8K 131 12

    Micky has a pretty decent life so far. She has a boyfriend that loves her, friends that adore her, and is going on tour with their band. But then Blood On The Dance Floor comes and complicates everything.

  • My Life Is Not For Sale
    6.5K 261 23

    Electra Mirielle Cerulli is the 16 year old daughter of Sin and Chris "Motionless" Cerulli, along with her twin sister Sidra. Electra is perfectly content living life without her mom; in fact, she hates her for abandoning her twelve years earlier. So what happens when Sin comes home? The series goes: Take My Breath, I...

    Completed   Mature
  • Draco Malfoy's Dirty Little Secret
    3.6M 59.7K 50

    "Everybody has a dirty little secret." "Yes, but mine can kill." Courtney Flint has kept her distance from the person she wanted to hate most in the world: Draco Malfoy. She hated the person he had turned into, but when she is paired with him for a school project, she couldn't help but fall for him. He seemed to be...

  • The Crack Inside Your Heart is Me (Marilyn Manson) ON HOLD
    3K 142 6

    Scarlett Allison Hinton is your average bad girl of the 90's and a little too much for most men to handle, but the night she meets Marilyn Manson she thinks she might have met her match. With an attitude and voice just as loud as hers she thinks she knows how to play his game, but she fails to realize what she's reall...

  • I've Been Stung by the Wasp (A Motionless in White Fan Fic) *IN EDITING*
    126K 4.3K 36

    THIS WAS ORIGINALLY NAMED 'MOTIONLESS IN WHITE ADOPTED ME!?' Ash is your average 'emo/gothic' girl and is 17. Ash has black hair and a little on the shy side. One morning when she woke up in the orphanage that she has been in since she was a kid, she gets an unexpected turn of events. When she gets adopted by the pe...

  • Pierce The Veil Adopted Me?!
    463K 13.4K 29

    16 year old Blade Emerson is bullied, and abused but when her dad dies she has to go to the orphanage.. What happens when she gets adopted by PTV and goes on warped tour with them and falls in love with someone from Black Veil Brides?? (In story Black Veil Brides is all 20)

  • I Fell For A Rockstar (Vic Fuentes FanFiction) PTV
    181 5 2

    “Clarisse you need to study hard” “Clarisse you need to get a good nights sleep you have college in the morning” “Clarisse you need to think about your future” “what about my choices, do I not get to make my own choices? I never picked this life, who do they think they are, they are merely my parents this doesn’t give...

  • I didn't know it was you! (Andy sixx story) :FINISHED:
    148K 5K 16

    Olivia Hill is just a normal girl who goes to a normal school, but her life isn't normal. She get's bullied and gets pushed around and is treated like dirt. She has nobody but her music. One day a new student has come to her school and the freaky thing is that he looks exactly like Andy Biersack but he says his name i...

  • Game Over (A BLACK VEIL BRIDES/FALLING IN REVERSE fan fiction)(discontinued)
    4.3K 98 9

    Rose Lee Cambel is a 17 year old girl, who lives with her mom and dad, when she goes out to an everday play and meets some unexpecting people. Can you guess what happens next? Read and find out

  • Die For You (Andy Biersack Love Story) (COMPLETED) {1} [EDITING]
    2M 38.8K 47

    FIRST BOOK IN THE "Die For You" SERIES! Harley Jackson runs away from her abusive father and contacts her friend who she hasn't talked to in 3 years. Her friend is Jinxx from Black Veil Brides. What will happen when she goes to live with The Black Veil Brides and all the guys think shes beautiful. One more then the ot...