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  • This is not a Rant
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    My reactions to life, and perhaps the challenge that a young woman threw out to the world, that inside of us all there is a rant waiting to escape. I understand her completely, and since I came from a time when although we didn't use or really see soapboxes we knew their intended purposes.

  • Butthurt 101: A Lesson In Cliche
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    A crudely detailed and self explanatory justification of why exactly I'm going straight to hell. Most likely overly offensive and full of disgusting language that unfortunately I constantly spew. It will include all of the cliches I despise on Wattpad alongside all of the things that the writers and readers do that tr...

  • Watt in the World
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    View the world through my eyes as I discuss, rant and write. Beware-be aware and enter at your own risk...

  • Guilty's Thoughts Are Not So Innocent
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    The following posts are inspired by my personal thoughts, feelings and experiences - on and off Wattpad. If you are in any way offended or angered by anything I have/will post here - such is life. I can't help that. It's a dog eat dog world out there, we as humans can't afford to show any signs of weakness. Just pleas...