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  • The Rulebook (Ouran Highschool Host Club ff)
    216K 7K 33

    16-year old Izumi Yokisha is a sassy bad girl filled with Big Apple style and attitude. She's now transferred from her school in New York to Ouran Academy in Japan. The elite Ouran Academy is where the filthy rich families send their children to have a fine education. There, the Ouran High School Host Club exists...

  • The flirty type ( an ohshc story)
    234K 11.2K 33

    Kei Koizumi is a new student at Ouran, and, after being kidnapped, winds up at the host club! Watch the flirty type make friends, and maybe fall in love! The real question is, will he be to much for the club to handle? I'm not sure where I am headed with this story, so ratings and categories may change as the story pr...

  • Intimate Refraction [Ouran Host Club Kyoya]
    94.3K 4.1K 71

    Akari Sakahashi goes by Crystal to those she is close with... which is essentially no one. The young heiress transferred into Ouran during middle school from St.Marie's Academy and has been there for three years, despite that she hasn't really made one close friend just many acquaintances. The seventeen year old does...

  • His Hostess (Kyoya x Reader) OHSHC
    190K 6.2K 43

    Before joining Ouran you somewhat had a "good" career. Being on cheesy magazines that no one read and everyone said the magazines were BULLSHIT. You were recognizable because of the crappy magazines which eventually you regretted, but you made money from it. Joining Ouran academy was a different journey than you were...

  • It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic)
    221K 8.3K 53

    Years ago, there was a scandal in the Haninozuka family. One of the family members was disowned for abusing the Haninozuka style and taking training to dangerous extremes. He swore to get his revenge on the family before leaving. It has been fourteen years since then and the scandal has been forgotten. Even by Mitsuk...

  • ᎪᎡᎡᎪNᏩᎬᎠ ᎢᎾ ᏴᎬ ᏔᏆᎢᎻ YᎾᏌ ❚Kyoya Ootori❚
    258K 7.9K 57

    [SLOW UPDATES] Emiko Uehara the diamond of her family, the perfect little princess, and every perfect little highness needs a prince. Last born in the Ootori family Kyoya knew that he will never be able to be worthy of taking his father's side with his brothers. But Mr. Ootori had a plan for Kyoya, which will...

  • Wicked Into Grace |Kyoya Ootori|
    107K 3.4K 43

    [highest rank: #5 in manga; #1 in Kyoya] » When Hinami Renji lost her mother a few years back, her emotions had switched off just like that. She was once a princess among her peers, now she turned into the wicked girl that everybody fears. She silent, cautious, and too kept to herself. When she's picked to show Haruhi...

  • Big Sister Fujioka
    397K 12.9K 69

    3rd place winner of the 2017-18 Writer of the Year Award! The Host Club was entertaining with just ONE Fujioka girl... but what would've happened if there had been TWO? Meet Jin Fujioka, Haruhi's older sister, who's about to give the host club a brand new twist! Cover drawing was created by the amazing Thedrawingpiano...

  • Emotionless (Ouran Highschool Host Club Fanfic)
    161K 5.4K 18

    Yuki Fujisaki. On the inside she's sweet, loyal, protective, a tomboy, and an otaku. But what she shows on the outside is that she is emotionless, cold, cool, calm, quiet, and sporty. Yuki is Haruhi Fujioka's long time best friend and adopted sister, they know each other inside out. Haruhi and her dad are the only peo...

  • Abuse Woven (OHSHC Ouran Fanfic)(Kyoya Ootori) [ Completed ]
    91.2K 2.3K 33

    Delphie Hontozuru is the daughter of Alexandra Freedom and Edri Hontozuru. Her family owning Hope Enterprise. A company that's goal is to make people hope for good things. Her photographic memory constantly helping her study? Lines in her skin leave a trail of abuse to be seen. Woven into her skin. Her life is at risk...

  • A Dead Host... Not! (Ouran High School Host Club FanFic)
    416K 15.7K 36

    Have you ever thought of faking your death? Faking amnesia? Being adopted by a rich family? Changing your name? Crossdressing? Becoming a host?! Well, that's exactly what Mika Haninozuka did. After faking her death during a mission with her older brother, Mitsukuni Haninozuka, her life took a large turn. What will hap...

  • Butterfly Suoh (OHSHC)
    152K 3.9K 61

    Tomoki Rune Suoh, yes I said Suoh, she is the daughter and younger sister of Tamaki Suoh. Both of them have similiar names since that's what their mother wanted to be. Tomoki, or goes by Tomo, is going Ouran Academy for the first time since being homeschooled by Shizuye Suoh, their Grandmother on their father's side...

  • To The Moon & Back (OHSHC Kaoru Love Story)
    211K 8.9K 39

    "I WILL love you to the moon and back... to infinity and beyond." There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. A two faced commoner, poorer than most, with long rainbow hair and a big dream...

  • Benefits || Kyoya Ootori x Reader
    752K 24.1K 29

    In a school like Ouran Academy, the strange and peculiar is relatively normal. (Y/N) (L/N) knew this fact the first day she walked in. On an academic and musical scholarship, she is not someone who has much free time on her hands, but for the Host Club, she does. Living with the Fujioka family after being adopted by t...

  • Why Me? (Tamaki X Reader)
    335K 10.4K 45

    Your best friend drags you to her favorite club and the second you step inside Music Room 3, you hate it. But you find yourself in a situation that you cannot get out of easily. See what happens when you are forced to spend almost every day with The Host Club. No Haruhi in this story (you'll see why) but I hope you en...

  • 4 Letters Long [OHSHC]
    26.5K 725 39

    Kaoru x OC Akane Yukimura and her brother, Yoichirou Yukimura transfer to Ouran Campus upon Shizue Suoh's, Tamaki's grandmother, request in return for Akane who saved her life. Akane and Yoichirou have not led an easy life for their past five years. But when they come across the Ouran High School Host Club, things sta...

  • Honey's Partner (OHSHC fanfic)
    330K 8.1K 34

    A new girl came to Ouran one day. She was getting a lot of attention from other students. She was silently walking in the hallways till she got lost. She was about to cry when she met the host club in a music room. Will new love spark inside the host club? Or is there someone who will get hurt? ■■■I do not own Ouran H...

  • Long Forgotten (OHSHC) - Completed
    272K 8.1K 39

    Won 3rd place twice for OHSHC Watty Awards. Originally known as 'Life In First School' :) Arisa Hitori has never been to a school before since she's always been home-tutored. Now as she enters Ouran Academy, she wonders what will awaits her. New friends? Telling of Secrets? or worst? When her past that she has forgo...

  • Identical Memories (An OHSHC Fanfic) [Completed]
    86.6K 3.5K 43

    They're identical, but only on the surface. Emi is rebellious, outgoing, athletic and has a horrid temper. Eri is quiet, booksmart, and easy-going, if not a little gloomy. The twin sisters have gotten used to depending on only each other. Using the excuse of it being "better" for their studies, they haven't lived in...

  • Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC)
    478K 14.2K 34

    Mori, a host at the elite Ouran Academy, is the strong, silent type. But when Sakura shows up, all hell breaks loose. An old friend of Mori's, all of a sudden she's showing a whole new side to Mr. Morinozuka, which has everyone's heads spinning. Who exactly is this girl? And how close exactly IS she with Mori? PSA: t...

  • Yours to Hold (An OHSHC fanfic) [Completed]
    600K 20K 38

    Morioka Nao is taken in by her uncle when her parents and brother die in a car accident. Closing herself off from her feelings of grief, she throws herself even further into her love of dancing, a hobby her uncle finds useless. Being the owner of a profitable dojo himself, he makes a deal with Nao. If she wins first p...

  • Mommy Dearest (Kyoya x Reader) #wattys2018
    147K 4.5K 34

    For many years your family has been trained to serve the Ootoris', to protect them with your fighting skills. But what will happen when it's your turn to be saved? # 1 : #kyoyaxreader as of July 20th, 2018

  • The Love We Etched (Ohshc)
    429K 13.6K 29

    Rin Fuyu is the new girl at Ouran Academy. She has an amazing talent of sing and playing piano. But, Rin holds a deep sadness in her heart but is good at showing no sign of that sadness. At her time at Ouran she will meet two twins, little does she know that her heart will soon be consumed between the both. Who will w...

  • Sushi and Pocky Sticks (OHSHC)
    1.6M 44.9K 38

    (HEAVY REVAMPING) Searching for a quiet place to contemplate her next design, honor student Hiroshi Katou stumbles upon a flamboyant group of boys who claim to be the school's host club. Upon discovering that her long-time friend Haruhi is part of the group, Hiroshi reluctantly lends her designs to them for one event...

  • The Flirtatious Type~ ( OHSHC Fanfic)
    618K 21.6K 69

    Haruhi Fujioka wasn't the only one that got a scholarship for Ouran Academy from her school. Her best friend Hanako Hinata got a scholarship for boxing. Between the two, Hanako is more of the tomboyish than Haruhi. She gets asked out a lot by both genders hence she found out that her sexuality is bisexual. It also can...

  • Two Souls (OHSHC Hikaru love story)
    326K 13.7K 43

    Two is always better than one. Miya Hatsumi... A pretty red head that's always laughing and smiling... But what is she hiding behind that beautiful smile of hers? Another soul? Maya, is an entity connected to Miya ever since she was born. But... How? Why? Who and what is this Maya? Why can she make Miya do things no...

  • Behind the Door ➳OHSHC [#Wattys2015]
    996K 37.7K 49

    ❝ One, looks that attract the public eye. Two, undaunted wealth. Three, the chivalry that cannot overlook the hideous wickedness of the world. We, the Ouran Host Club, will see you now! ❞ Behind the Door awaits seven attractive students who spend time entertaining customers in an elite academy. When another additon jo...

  • The Past is a Painful Thing [OHSHC]
    114K 4.1K 30

    'Tell me, who are you?' "I am Maximillion Himitsu." 'Would you give up your life when ordered?' "Yes." 'Do you matter?' "No." Max is just a Martial Artist, nothing more. But if that were so, how would Max be able to master multiple ancient techniques and have a great amount of knowledge on technology, And no one knows...

  • Until the End of Forever
    13.7K 778 58

    Eiko Sasaki is completely devoted to Hanako Sasaki, whom she works as a bodyguard for. Eiko would do anything for her, and has proved this multiple times. Eiko and Hanako were removed from their previous high school, where they were known as "the Sheep and the Wolf," due to an incident where Eiko sent a classmate to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Invisible || Kyoya Ootori ||
    979K 23.2K 28

    All of her life, Fumika Fujioka has been invisible. Not literally, but close. Fumika has always been in the background while her sister, Haruhi, was in the spotlight. It's not Haruhi's fault for getting all the spotlight. Fumika's just always been quiet and shy, never drawing any attention to herself. Follow Fumika a...