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  • Truth of dare ~ Riddle Mansion
    26.4K 568 12

    The golden trio + Ginny and Snape are going to the Riddle manor. What if they are stuck there with Voldemort, Lucius and Draco? Will they survive?

    Completed   Mature
  • Schemas
    78.1K 3.1K 15

    This is a Snape/Granger love story. Hope you enjoy. This is a fanfiction...I do not own anything contributed to Harry Potter...just for fun!

    Completed   Mature
  • Mischief UnManaged
    36.8K 928 20

    *Haven Award 2018 Runner up for Best Family!* Our heroes found that the scars of war never truly fade. Hermione Granger was one that never seemed to let go of those who she lost and it's who she became from that. Through a serendipitous lonely night, one of the many she had lost shows up and turns our heroes lives ups...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden Fantasies (Darkest Desire Book 2)
    414K 17.3K 42

    Aurora Beauchanan has a secret. As the daughter of the renowned Alchemist Nicholas Flamel, there are things about her life no one should know about. Like the fact that her destiny is intrincately entertwined with that of her Potions Professor, Severus Snape. As the two of them fight the growing attraction between them...

  • Darkest Desire
    527K 18.3K 32

    Aurora Beauchanan is many things, and apparently being a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is about to be added to that list. With quite a few secrets that are better left untold, and befriending not only Harry, but the Weasley's and their friends as well, her whole life is about to be turned upsi...

  • Dramione-Falling Apart
    559K 15.2K 48

    My apologies but this is my first fanfiction and I wrote it when I was 13-please note that the romance moves quickly as I needed to speed up the story to get to the better stuff :)Completed (Also there are 2 blurbs) Draco Malfoy- A boy who wants to move on from his disgraceful past. Hermione Granger- the brightest wi...

  • To Mend The Broken Heart (Snape/Student Love Story)
    516K 11.5K 42

    Sixth year Claudinia Narissa Vitrosis is an outcast. A loner. She lacks the courage to stand up and speak for herself... Well, speak period. She never talks, due to her pureblood wizard fathers abuse. The words 'I Will Not Speak' inscribed into her hand remind her of this every day. But what will happen when she askes...

  • The Potions Teacher
    11.7K 293 16

    Severus Snape x OC Mikaila Orlovskaya is a sixth year transfer student from Durmstrang Institute of Magic, and she doesn't really have any friends, but she does seem to have a crush on a certain Potions teacher . . . The only things I own are my keyboard, my OC, and the plot. The last few chapters of the story contain...

  • Boundaries [Snamione]
    192K 5.1K 28

    Hermione Granger changes her appearance and attitude drastically after the war. She's drifting off from society more and more but no one seems to notice or care. No one except for a snarky potions professor who tries hard to figure out the mystery around her sudden change. But will he be able to suppress the rising...

  • Only Us ✓
    63.7K 1.5K 31

    What if we had to be together? If we had to walk down the aisle pretending to be a happy couple? This is all 'a life for a life'. 'I'm trying to hide these tears behind the closed doors of his chambers' -Hermione 'I'm trying to put on a fake mask to show in front of the people in order to get my past to fade away'...

  • Can You brew a Stopper of Love? Severus Snape {Complete}
    96.7K 3K 19

    Yes, I am quite Happy being alone. My Fifth year at Hogwarts is dreadful. But what can I do? Pretend to Fall in love with a teacher who has an unhealthy eye on me, Like Severus Snape the potions master? That's what I should just do. I'm the only Gryffindor who thinks Harry Potter is a slick git even if we are friends...

  • What Would REALLY Happen in a Lumione Fic
    6.6K 202 4

    This is how a lumione fic should have gone! You're welcome. WARNING: Includes violence, nothing major. Well, also a man pursuing a romantic relationship with someone half his age. [DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY, IT'S A SATIRE]

  • Hermione Riddle... not Granger
    395K 9.1K 36

    "Evil can sometimes be justified by the wrongdoings of others ." Secrets unravel after a disastrous Potions' class and Hermione is left for a difficult choice: Good or Bad? Family or Friends? Love or Friendship? She will decide her path.. and you will see what she will choose.

  • Hermione Granger- Good Girl Gone Bad.
    189K 3.1K 22

    When Hermione's parents are murdered by the order what will Hermione do to get her revenge?

  • Hermione The Deatheater
    1.7M 41.2K 79

    When Hermione is betrayed by the people she trusts the most she is forced to turn to those who she saw as her biggest enemy. But maybe everyone isn't who they seem to be. What would happen if the Order lost the Gryffindor Princess and the smartest witch of her age. What would change? And who would come out victorious...

  • Dramione: Prodigy
    58.1K 1.5K 6

    It's third year and confusion starts to spread through Hermiones mind as kindness does Draco. He makes it seem as if something has occurred. Hermione clueless, starts to get beyond irritated trying to figure it out. Hermione finally stops thinking about the mystery for one night and focuses on another one; Professor L...

  • Dramione: The Tree That Hit
    34.8K 1.4K 3

    Draco struggles to get Hermione to go the Yule Ball Dance with him. [A 3 chapter one shot]

  • Blackwood. (A Severus Snape Love Story)
    275K 8.3K 49

    Lena Blackwood is known for being a powerful witch. Therefore, she stays hidden. That is, until she receives a letter from the Headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. His request is simple: attend the wizarding school, act as a student, and protect at all costs against the potential dark forces to come. Along the wa...

  • [SSHG] Finding Your Voice (Complete)
    589 44 1

    The rain. It always reminded her of a memory she could not forget. However, this evening, would that memory finally come true?

  • Draco's Undying Love - Dramione
    1.6M 37.1K 28

    Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger? Impossible some would say but nothing is impossible. True love always conquers in the end and hopefully it will conquer in this story too. The war is over at long last and with some hard labour, time and a final wave of the wand, Hogwarts is reconstructed to look like its old self...

  • Only For You (Dramione)
    152K 3.6K 10

    Draco Mafloy, Slytherin Prince, pure blood. Hermione Granger, Gryffindor Princess, muggle born. When love strikes, could the prejudice blond Slytherin Prince and the know-it-all Gryffindor Princess get over their past rivalry and create a fairytale of their own?

  • Unforgivable Lies (Remus Lupin)
    156K 5.1K 21

    The story is Post-Marauders, but Pre-Harry. Remus Lupin is a tortured man. A lonely werewolf, he can't stay too long in one place or another. When word reaches him from Dumbledore that his old enemy, Severus Snape, has made a potion that could very well be his salvation, he has to go to Hogwarts. Ashlynn Corvin has h...

  • Fred X Hermione X George: Love Story
    100K 2.3K 24

    This story is set after the war, where Fred survives to final battle at Hogwarts. Hermione broke up with Ron when she returned to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year. She was head girl and passed with Outstanding in everything. Now she is training to be the new Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts. What happens when...

  • Herminny (COMPLETED)
    46.1K 777 19

    JK ROWLING OWNS ALL THE CHARACTERS AND I OWN THE PLOT. I found the cover on google XD Finished-25 September 2017

  • Forever and Always (Severus Snape Love Story)
    227K 5.4K 21

    My heart stopped. Fiery electricity shot through my body. Why was my professor kissing me? More importantly, why was I kissing back? I brought my hands up to his neck.I wrapped my arms around his neck and felt a million emotions run through me. His arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer. I kissed him harde...

  • Ensnaring the Senses
    76.9K 3.2K 24

    Potions disaster, a startling revelation, comedy, romance. ss/hg pairings. PG-13. AU after DH, Dumbledore and Snape don't die and 7th years come back to finish school. Slightly OOC. Please comment/review! *Characters are the work of J.K. Rowling, I do not own anything but the plot*

  • Graduation night
    15.4K 323 5

    Hermione has come back after the war to finish her final year of school when she runs into Professors Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape one night and feelings are discovered. What happens when they act upon those feelings? Will they start a relationship now that she's graduating or are they just going to let it be a one...

  • A New Friend Turned Lover
    120K 4K 19

    This is a Snape/Granger.... Severus and Hermione love story... All for fun. I own none! This story is a continuation of a oneshot I did called "A new friend." I will attach the oneshot as the first chapter for those who did not read....and a tease for those who did! I hope you enjoy! Thanks to all you who have voted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Standing Still
    199K 7K 33

    This is a Snape/Granger.... Severus and Hermione love story... All for fun. I own none!

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Me Like You Do [ Dramione, Blinny] #Wattys2016
    1.4M 41.3K 68

    " I want you now" he said and walked closer towards her. She backed away two steps but met the ice cold wall. " What do you mean?" She said nervously. " I mean...." His lips were millimeters away from hers. " I'm going to kiss you now. Wether you want it or not" Their last year at Hogwarts is coming. It's the year...