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  • Lemniscate
    229K 7.9K 20

    I'm Harry Potter, and I'm going to change the wizarding world. *Also posted on AO3 under ivoryink123

  • Our Story
    13.4M 477K 64

    I curled under the jungle gym and cried my eyes out. Suddenly a shadow hovered over me. I looked up saw a boy about my age staring at me with a Unknown expression. He bent down and wiped away my tears with the pad of his thumbs. I immediately stopped crying and looked into his bright Emerald eyes. "Why are you crying...

  • [Demigods Quest to Hogwarts] PJO and HP Crossover
    153K 2.4K 23

    Nico, Percy, and Thalia are given a quest that only children of the Big Three can complete... together. They must go, to Hogwarts. (takes place in The Dark Prophecy) I got bored of all of the other nonaccurate Demigods go to Hogwarts and the only good one I found was updated 2 years ago so I figured I'd write my own

  • I Need A Doctor - IRONSTRANGE
    145K 7.5K 21

    Tony Stark, as known as the infamous Iron Man, is constantly getting wounded in fights. Doctor Stephen Strange seems to be the only doctor suited for the job of helping Tony, but may end up helping him not just physically, but emotionally. sequel is Something Has Changed !