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  • Tales of reincarnation: Second life in another world
    61.8K 904 23

    A Youth named Shin Hildemir was branded as a demon for having a black hair. He was imprisoned and was about to be executed in the day of his 14th birthday. On his last days before his execution he was shrouded in light and disappeared from the land of his birth. After he regained his consciousness he remembered his pa...

  • Little Bird (Blackbutler/kuroshitsuji fanfiction)
    43.9K 1.4K 43

    I'm Rei White, I woke up excited for the day and I walked to the school ceremony with my friend Kyle. We were late to it in the end... but that doesn't matter! What does matter is what happened AFTER the ceremony, I fell through a portal left on the ground. Yep... There usually wouldn't be a big fuss about one person...

  • Return of the Hero [Book 1]
    691 31 2

    After the defeat of the of previous Demon King, the hero returned to his original world. But with the start of new massive war against The Seven Demon Kings, a whole class of students including the hero is sent to another world to defeat the enemy. The hero keeps a low profile to prevent an uproar, but will it be a go...

  • Lances & Daggers
    17.2K 1.2K 32

    In order to pay his debts to the Exploration Guild, Lance Ainsworth accepts an anonymous quest and heads out to investigate the recent disappearances that have been happening in the town of Ashenbrook. Soon, however, he realizes that his mission is not as simple as it seems. A fog that does not lift. A monster that lu...

  • When Hell Froze Over
    59.2K 2.2K 15

    When I turned Fourteen my foster parents told me shocking news about my past. I am a nephalem, a being that is half demon and half angel. My mother was an angel that controlled ice, while my father was known as "Hell's Bishonen" (translated: Hell's pretty boy) and was only there to act as a breeder demon. My powers, w...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Demon's Ritual
    12.9K 280 15

    The Order of the Ten Stones caused havoc around the world, but it was stopped by an order whose name remained a secret in the hidden scrolls. Heru was a demon with no last name, and no memories of the distant past before him. He's taught by Senseis whom have some to no authority in their designated clans. What may He...

  • My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World
    254K 11.1K 44

    This is a tale of 4 heroes inadvertently summoned into the world of "Quadra" where the "Gods of the Four Continents" are waging war against each other for the empty throne of the "One True God". Caught up in this battle royale is our unlucky and naive protagonist, Suzuya Junichiro, an average high school student with...

  • In A Parallel World With Random Skills, I Reluctantly Become A Mafia Boss?
    206K 7.8K 30

    I, after playing the new game I had bought, went to sleep. Before I knew it, I was in a cage. With enemies all around me, I used a strange skill and accidentally killed a dark god. This is the story of how I got dragged into becoming an unparalleled existence in a different world with my random power. Disclaimer: I do...

  • Misadventures [Reincarnated To Another World] - No Longer Updated
    41.9K 1.7K 27

    [Note] This is a somewhat practice for mah writing or story writing, mostly action and random stuff so don't bother getting a good story in this. [Synopsis] A teenage boy named Riku was suddenly killed by a lightning but when he was blessed by God, he was reincarnated in a fantasy world with over...

  • Humans and Dragons
    28.5K 1.7K 19

    Kirishima was a half dragon. He was captured, tortured, then stolen. This process repeated multiple times, until someone came along to save him.

  • Summoned Demon King
    22.2K 800 6

    The kingdom has decided to summon heroes from the another world. Five human figure appear before them and ask the heroes to save them from the Demon Queen. What will happen if the Demon Lord was dragged in the Hero summoning ritual? (P.S: This is my First Story, Hope you just Enjoy it.)

  • The Bored Hero
    28.6K 1.2K 7

    'Do you believe in past lives?' As strange as it may seem, somehow I've been born retaining the vague memories from my past life. To others, maybe this would be something to be happy or excited about. But if you asked me, it just all seems like a pain. To me, inexplainable phenomenons like this are plain troublesome t...

  • The Abandoned Hero
    58.6K 2K 14

    Jin Vega, a regular 16 year old boy who has been bullied his whole life and abused by relatives for as long as he can remember and just wanted to disappear from this world and just be forgotten. Suddenly a magic circle appeared below him and he has been summoned to another world. Will this be his dream come true or hi...

  • The Azure Phantom King
    20K 647 6

    A young boy, Eckhardt, was planning to become an Elite, the King's most trusted guards with elemental powers chosen by the element themselves. His father was the King's right hand man and is also the reason why Eckhardt wanted to become an Elite himself. He trained and trained until the day of choosing arrived. During...

  • The Immortal Reaper
    72.5K 2.8K 13

    Kenta dies saving his childhood friend and crush, you would think end of story, next stop heaven. That is what he thought too... Until he was reincarnated into Reygolus, a fantasy world of adventure and death.

  • My Younger Sister is the Heroine
    8.7K 374 2

    I am the eldest daughter of a commoner family and I'm worried about my younger sister who is the "Heroine." First, What is a "Heroine?" Second, What if her suitors start proposing to her?! *Pictures do not belong to me.