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  • Affair Of The Heart
    11.4K 2.5K 65

    Description " Why me ? People staring at me as if I'm an alien ! They are even gossiping about my spectacles ! It's Vintage,what's so amusing in it ? " " Stop giving ears to them Mr.Lovely " -------------------- " I love you " " Nah, I hate you " -------------------- " This cannot be " " Yeah, we should do something...

    183K 11.4K 94

    SEASON 2.... Murder..... Suspect.... Criminal.... Presenting you with the ultimate crime thriller ENTWINED BY FAITH.... SEASON 2..... CROSS ROAD OF VENGEANCE AND FAITH..... By @ShivikaKapoor.... SEASON 1... 15 YEARS DOWN THE LANE. LIFE CHANGES IN FLICK OF A SECOND BUT ONLY WHEN WE LET IT TO CHANGE... © ShivikaKapoor C...

  • Rescued by the husband
    9.4K 1.6K 11

    Sometimes your kindness makes peoples think that you r a fool. Don't be too sweet or this cruel world will eat. What happens when ur biggest support push u in hell. What happens when your dreams broke by the one who is the only one who rules your heart. Anika's life was the biggest punishment of her. But she smiles...

  • My Soul
    3.5K 583 5

    Read the book and find out ;) It's a story dealing with the emotions and actions of characters! How do they realize their their true feelings for each other and how it grows inside them without even knowing about it! I have republished this book with a fresh story and drastic please do take an experien...

  • That Unravelled Affair | Completed
    5.1K 956 6

    Shivaay singh oberoi, a well settled and rich interior designer comes from Florida to his homecity Mumbai. He meets his college bestfriend Om who is now a father of two children and the husband of his lovely girlfriend cum wife Gauri. He invites Shivaay in his housewarming party. He tells him that Shivaay's college c...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Life With Mr.Imperfect Sadu Singh Oberoi
    1.4K 303 2

    Book 2 in the Imperfect Series. After #TheGreatGrandShivikaWedding, it wasn't a happily ever after. At least Annika believed so. Living together, being married was completely different from how it used to be. As she learns how to cope with him, with an addition to their small family, a trouble too comes by. Peep in t...

  • The Dating Charade ✔️
    455K 50.6K 91

    Shivaay and Annika start dating, but only in pretense. Slowly, the drama becomes a little all too real. Will they ever realize their true feelings? (Cover by ImLilMissComplicated)

  • Falling For The Planner [Completed]✔
    85.8K 12.1K 30

    Having a destination wedding, shivaay Singh Oberoi was going to get married with Tia Kapoor. His mind was still stuck between her thoughts, his planner - Annika. Being jealous of the way Annika interacted with his friend, Daksh, he couldn't help but suppress it deep down! What will happen when he would realise his fee...

  • | The Winsome Tootle |
    76.3K 12.4K 62

    cover by @ImLilMissComplicated ~Tootle refers to a journey ~ you might have read many stories on journeys , isn't it ? here I am presenting you a very beautiful tootle of our most beloved couple's baby. this baby has a special power granted by God you know ! he/she can see , hear and understand everything happening...

  • Love finds a way!!
    101K 13K 65

    The story of a Multi Millionaire Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. and the Beautiful Annika.. It's the journey that they embark on as two strangers.. how their fates get interlinked and love paves way for their hearts to connect ... and a happily ever after (hopefully)!!

  • ELITE SERIES 1 : SHIVIKA - Tempting Mr Oberoi
    64.3K 7.9K 43

    #2 in Annika as on 20-02-2019 #14 in shivaay as on 20-02-2019 #214 in shivika Thanks to @BlackManiacx for this wonderful cover :** Annika knows what it means to be Elite. She knows the rules that are there and she's always followed them. This leaves her unsatisfied and so she's vowed to break the rules and live the...

  • Taken💍{ShivIka}OnHold
    4.9K 204 5

    RomCom story 🔥 peep into it to know more .... *Warning* [You will get addicted to it ]😛

    129K 15.4K 45

    *COMPLETED*☑ Highest rankings- #1- Ishqbaaz (5.1.19) #1 - Ishq (28.12.18, 28.02.19, 02.05.19) #1- narbhi (26.09.19) #2 - Anika( 12.11.18) #5 - Indian (4.12.18) #14- Rich girl (28.10.19) A beautiful cover by @ImLilMissComplicated, @GraphicAssemblers ❤️ What happens when a rich girl who seems to be very happy with...

  • The Wildcat & The Wedding Planner
    59.2K 6.9K 26

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi is hopelessly lost in the maze named Annika. He doesn't know anything about her, her past, people close to her, her dreams. He wants to know everything, every damn detail about her. But he cannot do anything. Because he is not sure about his feelings for her. He doesn't want to. Because she...

  • Our Ch!ld
    358K 35.2K 85

    She is widow and mother of a baby girl .. He is handsome hunk and man of evey girl dream ... She lost her chirping cute innocent nature after her husband death ... He is rude arrogant .. Fate make both of them marry each other .. he start change himself for them for their daughter .. she just can't get over from her h...

  • His Queen Of Hearts (On Hiatus)
    80.9K 11K 44

    Annika Advani tried and kept men away from her life for a promise that was made before she was born. Shivaay Singh Oberoi failed finding the right woman, and finally abides to the promise made before he was born. Will this marriage be worthwhile for all the years she had waited? Will this marriage be his final quest t...

  • Can They Become Shivika?
    49.8K 2.5K 21

    As plotted by Roop, Annika left Shivaay and disappeared. Now she is happy with her twins and successful fashion house. She doesn't want Shivaay back in her life, but what if they have to be together for the sake of their children? Amidst all this, the ultimate question, can they become Shivika?

  • Unknown ✔️
    72.3K 11.7K 78

    "Who's talking?" She type in hurry. "Unkown!!" Her heart sink. What happened when you text someone whom you don't know? Plus going your number in someone's phone what could bring? Let's peak into story. Important: it's only messages story. STORY STARTED: 17 September 2018 STORY ENDED: 4-March-2019

  • Where My Heart Belongs
    181K 24.7K 101

    Shivaay lost his childhood love when he was just of 9 yrs old and for 13 years , he is punishing life that took from him his 5 year old best friend (Surbhi) the oberoi's gardener's daughter ,leaving him with her tiny dress covered in blood and the grief of her loss , if only the 22 years old man know that his belov...

  • Jaadui wala love
    1K 125 4

    This will be the journey of Shivika but with a Magical twist. If you haven't read Mistakes(the first one) you might want to because you will get to know the characters better. Sorry can't say anything else or it will reveal too much! The beautiful cover was done by Amyracreations from Cover Gallery

  • MINE (Completed)
    161K 14.6K 34

    "Me and billuji?have you lost it Sahil?There's nothing between us,stop assuming things and get back to your homework",said Annika. ●●● "Me and Annika?We are poles apart!",said Shivaay to OmRu! ●●● Little...

  • Kya Pyaar Karoge Mujhse....
    133K 13.1K 89

    Shivaay Shakti Singh Oberoi married Annika. He was a man who believed that having a famous surname, blue blood and a huge rich background makes you a worthwhile person. She was an orphan with no surname, no blue blood and no family except a little stepbrother, whom she loved more than anything. When he found out, he...

  • Unwanted love.. ( Completed ✔️ )
    455K 52.7K 98

    Hii frnds.... This is my first fan fiction in wattapad plz keep supporting me.. We all are made for sumone special but sumtimes we did not recognise them when they live infront of our eyes.... Shivaay who is number one businessman in the world who nvr learn to loose anything as well as a playboy who uses gals like a...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Jaan
    13.5K 1.2K 10

    SSO's jaan😍😘

  • Zindagi Milegi Dobaara
    23.7K 459 2

    The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly.....❤❤❤

  • Heal My Wounds
    130K 20.9K 60

    SHIVIKA separation story based on Roop Bua track Cover credit :- @GraphicAssembler

  • Heart's Desire
    49.9K 7.4K 35

    Heart desire is the story of the son of a single mom anika who loves his mom to the core and hates his father without knowing the reason behind their separation. when his mom opened up her love story to him on his 14th birthday he decided to contact him after seeing the love in her mom's eyes. he mailed him as a son o...

    38.7K 2.8K 33

    This is a story of a girl named Shivika She is 13 years old And lives with her Mom ( Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi ) & Dad ( Shivaay Singh Oberoi ) She Always Wants a Big Family But She Don't Have What Happened When She Know That She Has A Big Family Wanna Know Whats Next So Read The Story ❤❤❤

    18.3K 2.3K 27

    Shivaay and anika were happy in their lives untill a storm came and shattered their happiness He thought she betrayed him She came to know he didn't trusted her Everything was SHATTERED Every hope was SHATTERED Will they ever be together again or this is the end of their story?

  • Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai
    60.6K 5.4K 26

    You showed me your scars expecting me to run off but little did you know that I was going to show you mine too. We were closer than we thought. Life isn't a garden of flowers, it's about the thorns. It's how you learn to bloom with the fact that you have thorns around yourself.